Summer to-do list update | Week 4 Update (July 9)

Here’s my update as of Thursday July 9.

Lose at least 10 lbs. My real goal is 18 but at the very least I want to fit into a particular suit and dress, and I know 2 lbs a week every week is not going to happen.

CONTINUE TO STRUGGLE. NOW YOU KNOW WHY IT’S #1 | I’m stable and clinging to the reality at least I’m not gaining weight. Ha ha. I feel better, but I’m not losing anything.

List and sell all of the wedding silver on eBay.

NOT YET | I didn’t get to it last weekend as I’d hoped…

Stop staying up too late during the week.

GETTING THERE… | I managed to get some naps in on the weekend, to offset staying up too late. So I’m getting there. It’s a tough one when I love to stay up writing and have no early meetings. Maybe I’ll just wait until my vacation the first two weeks of August to reset my body clock.

Start doing yoga again at home, at least once a week.

FAILNot. at. all.

Go to the gym three times a week.

KINDA SORTA | Not a full fail. I had my first one hour private tennis lesson last Saturday, which was great; he said I’m a natural. I also played catch with my son on Sunday night.  I had my second tennis lesson on Thursday and then walked home. It felt good.

Settle on the dates for vacations with certain family friends.

HALF DONE! | no update since last week…

Buy a bike and ride it with Liam on weekends.

ON TRACK | Going today to test drive the bike I want to buy!

Have less owing on my line of credit.

ON TRACK  | The bike will take a hit…and I really should get the big dent from a year ago fixed in my car (done by my son’s nanny). And the tennis lessons and racket aren’t going to help, either. But I just finished my taxes and found out I’m getting a really big refund, so that will help a ton!

Book the meeting with the financial planner.

ON TRACK | Still waiting for a date and made no further progress on that damn spreadsheet of expenses.

Sell the pile of Liam’s clothes that have been sitting in my office for months.

DONE!! | I didn’t mention it but there were other things I listed. Sold one thing to Jason, funnily enough. Another to a young dude on a bike who I met with a date from last week. So the stuff is going to be gone from my house, finally. And I have a plan for one of the other items gathering dust.

Book (and do!) the boudoir photo shoot I just bought on Groupon. Yes, again…I let the last one expire.

DONE – WAITING | I booked it for August 22nd. Gah!

Update: I plan to do another shoot with the FetLife photographer but we haven’t been able to find a date that works yet. I’m okay with that!

Finalize my updated will and powers of attorney.

DONE – WAITING | First draft reviewed and corrections made. Getting close to being 100% done.

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