Summer to-do list update | Week 3 Update (July 3)

Here’s my update as of today, Thursday July 3. I’m not pleased with my progress. Seems clear in reading these which areas I excel at procrastination!

Lose at least 10 lbs. My real goal is 18 but at the very least I want to fit into a particular suit and dress, and I know 2 lbs a week every week is not going to happen.

CONTINUE TO STRUGGLE. NOW YOU KNOW WHY IT’S #1 | I haven’t lost any weight, as far as I can tell. I’m doing alright with keeping my food intake at a good level, and not drinking as much alcohol. BUT I still have not gotten into the gym (see below). I know, I know.

Sell the pile of Liam’s clothes that have been sitting in my office for months.

DONE!! | I spent many hours this afternoon sorting, photographing, and listing the stuff. Craigslist and eBay are my friends.  Some of the stuff I decided to just donate to charity (which is what I usually do). I decided I will keep the listings up for two weeks and whatever doesn’t sell is going to friends or charity. Enough is enough.

List and sell all of the wedding silver on eBay.

NOT YET | That will be a tomorrow thing as well, at least part of it…because then I’ll be done with all the selling at one time. Makes it WAY easier.

Stop staying up too late during the week.

FAIL | Okay, “fail” may be harsh, although as I write this post it’s pretty late. I took some conference calls from bed this morning. I got some decent sleep last weekend and have some quiet time to myself the next couple of nights, so should be able to get closer to back on track.

Start doing yoga again at home, at least once a week.

FAILNot. at. all.

Go to the gym three times a week.

FAIL | Nope.

Settle on the dates for vacations with certain family friends.

HALF DONE! | I booked one of two trips. Back to one of my favourite cities in the whole world, where a friend has a flat. And even better for my financial goals, I was able to book my flight on points so it barely cost me anything.

I realized where I want to go is actually darn dangerous these days. Some cousins have invited me and Liam to visit them…so I may re-think my plan for the second trip. And incredibly, Will has already started to ask me about school breaks next year – that’s definitely his girlfriends influence!

Buy a bike and ride it with Liam on weekends.

ON TRACK | Found some places that carry the bike I want and I’ve committed to calling them tomorrow. I even have the bike rack on my car to make it easier to find and buy one right away. But can I say “on track” when it’s been two weeks and I still “intend” to call the store? Hmmm…

Have less owing on my line of credit.

ON TRACK  | Still bringing lunches to work. But my trip with Hy hurt my credit card bill. I remain very conscious about what I’m spending and trying to make the fewest exceptions possible. Except that pair of shoes I couldn’t live without.

Book the meeting with the financial planner.

ON TRACK | Still waiting for a date and made no further progress on that damn spreadsheet of expenses. On my list of things to do tomorrow.

Book (and do!) the boudoir photo shoot I just bought on Groupon. Yes, again…I let the last one expire.

DONE – WAITING | I booked it for August 22nd. Gah!

Update: I plan to do another shoot with the FetLife photographer but we haven’t been able to find a date that works yet. I’m okay with that!

Finalize my updated will and powers of attorney.

DONE – WAITING | First draft reviewed and corrections made. Getting close to being 100% done.

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