Getting over Tony, relationships, and my continuing sexual journey.

I know some of my recent posts may have left you confused. I figure if some of you said it, more of you felt it. This was further compounded by my trying to get up to current date quickly; I didn’t spend as much time writing about my headspace…and taking short cuts usually doesn’t work.

I’ve had enough questions about what I really want, why I’m not just pursuing casual sex, am I ready for a relationship, etcetera, to think I should try to clarify how I feel about all of this.

Here are some of the most common questions:

Shouldn’t I give myself time to heal before dating again?

I honestly do not understand what difference dating or not taking makes to my ability to “get over” Tony. I don’t know why we say that time is what I need before I can date again. Perhaps this is lack of experience or stubbornness on my part.

I do think this is grounded in the fundamental assumption that I will make a bad decision, or do something that is going to hurt me more. Often, yes, I see this behaviour – people who mustย be in a relationship will let the desire for one override other decisions. Or they are fundamentally needy for affection, attention, and the like, which means they will stay with someone who isn’t good for them because they need someone around.

I don’t feel this way. I know my own worth, I know what I bring to a relationship, and I don’t like to waste my time.

I prefer to have someone in my life who is special to me, but I’m not going to settle and I’m not going to knowingly keep someone around to my detriment. Yes, I had trouble breaking up with Tony. No debate. I was also in love with him, which doesn’t happen all that easily with me. I don’t see a Tony situation happening over and over to me, and I absolutely know that emotionally unavailable men are familiar to me. I’m working at not repeating patterns.

Generally speaking once I know someone isn’t a good partner for me, I let them go. Even the ones who are really into me – it feels good, but that isn’t my kryptonite (see: emotionally unavailable).

How can I date others if I’m still in love with Tony?
If anything, I need to keep practicing to make the behavioural changes I need to have healthier relationships and not repeat the past with my ex husband.

Time won’t change my feelings for Tony. I won’t suddenly not be in love with him because time has passed. All that happens is the hurt is less raw. Fewer things on a daily basis remind me of him. Having sex with another guy, or going on a date with another guy, or doing neither of those things, really doesn’t impact how I feel about Tony. It doesn’t change anything, but it does help me move forward.

What I learned in the periods of no-contact that I’ve had is that my feelings for him are real. It wasn’t a matter of getting caught up in the moments and drama. I love him. Period. I know he’s not ready, and he may never be ready.

I also know that waiting for him to be ready is not the best approach. I need to move on with my life and just take it as it comes. I can’t dictate his timeline.

I hoped that by the end of the summer with (relatively) no-contact, three things would happen:

  1. Tony would miss me and realize how important I was to him.
  2. Tony would go on some mediocre dates and realize our chemistry and how well we get along is incredibly rare.
  3. Tony would sort out some of the logistics of his divorce with his ex wife and be able to say he knew he was done with his marriage.

This may never happen. Or it might. I may be in a relationship when it does, or I might not.

Bottom line is, the good stuff we had is like nothing I’ve ever experienced. As you know, I’ve experienced a lot.

Is it fair to the men I’m dating if I still love Tony?

While the good stuff with Tony was incredible, the bad stuff was…bad. I don’t expect perfection. So while I absolutely will make comments on my blog that another guy wasn’t like Tony in one way or another (usually chemistry), it doesn’t mean I’ve written them off because of it.

My internal debate about Fox (which I’ve written about) is because I’m thinking about the combination of things that I need and want. Some of this only comes through experience. My dating guidelines have been refined based on lots of experience, but that just gets me to a place where the men I’m filling my pipeline with have a greater chance of being a good match.

But I’m still working through understanding what combination of characteristics is right for me. It’s always a balance. Let’s take Fox, for example. He’s communicative, open, focussed, dedicated, passionate, super into me. Lots of characteristics that Tony wasn’t able to show me with consistency. On the other hand, we don’t have effortless conversations or laughter.

I am constantly thinking about my past experience and applying it to my current situations. I guess said another way, every man will be compared against every experience I’ve had before. Time won’t make a difference.

Am I actually ready for a relationship? Why don’t I just pursue casual sex? How can I do both?

My sexual exploration is far from over. However, when I’m in an exclusive relationship, I’m willing to put some things on hold until I get to a place with a partner where we can explore them together. So yes, when I started dating Tony I stopped being active on FetLife, for example. But it was always my intention to get to a place with Tony where we could explore – together.

That’s why finding someone sexually open is important to me in a relationship.

It’s also why when things ended with Tony, I restarted my sexual exploration again pretty quickly. Practically speaking, why shouldn’t I?

Someone asked me why I’m not just pursuing casual sex. Here’s how I think about looking for a relationship versus sex club activities:

My time on dating sites is exclusively about the intention to find someone who couldย be a boyfriend / relationship potential. My dating guidelines are all about this. I have learned so much about the signs of someone who says they want one thing but who actually want another. I don’t want to deal with the inevitable BS of people who can’t be straightforward about what they want. My guidelines have actually resulted in a decent pipeline of guys, and I’m sticking to them. Tinder is the opposite of this and I’m staying far away from it.

In contrast, there is remarkably little BS and game playing on FetLife or Adult Friend Finder (AFF). I can say I ultimately want a relationship but in the interim I’m exploring my sexuality. The experiences I’ve had from Fet have been great. My afternoon delight by the pool reaches out to me regularly when he’s coming to the club; neither of us have any hold over the other, there is no possessiveness, it’s just sex, and good sex at that. If the stars align for us to see each other again, we will. So far it hasn’t worked and I’m not hurt or upset by this.

My discussions with the Dom are very straighforward. He is polyamorous and while he wants to play with me more, he needs to check with his wife and girlfriend if we are going to have penetrative sex. I don’t have to hide that I’m dating, or any of the other complexities of life. This is a huge contrast to “vanilla” dating where as I’ve written, most people would be loathe to admit they are dating multiple people.


This is where my head is at, and I hope it helps put some context into the decisions I’ve made recently. As always, please let me know what you think, and/or if there’s anything here that doesn’t reconcile for you.

Someone asked recently if I was okay. I feel fantastic, actually. For probably the first time in my personal life, I’ve come to understand the power I have. Making difficult decisions/choices that are the right ones for meย is an amazing experience. It’s not something I’ve been good at historically.

It’s also not easy. It started with Johnny Id, and many of you know how painful that was. Determining how to proceed with Tony was drawn-out and tortuous in some ways. Sticking to my dating guidelines is another example, although a less painful one.

All that to say, it’s been two years since I became single, and I can see the tangible results of the journey I’ve been on. I bought a bikini, for crying out loud – and if that alone doesn’t speak to where I’m at, nothing does ๐Ÿ™‚

32 thoughts on “Getting over Tony, relationships, and my continuing sexual journey.

  1. What ever it is you search for, I hope you find it. Don’t justify yourself Anne, one of the things I love about you is how unapologetic you are. It’s awesome. Do whatever makes you happy, and I will be happy for you.

    • Thank you for that, Caroline. I don’t try to blindly justify (I can sometimes convince myself of anything) but I do try to understand and be honest about why I do what I do and seek what I seek.

  2. Ann we all deal with this in a different manner no one can claim to have an answer. Who are we to judge, how you live your life.

    As you pointed out you are very well aware of yourself I can only praise that.

    Be well and enjoy your exploration.

    • Thanks hon. I don’t feel judged per se, but I have gotten a lot of questions about these things so I thought it was worth me really thinking about it. I know often advice is mired in our own experience, but I still value when people question what I’m doing…as long as it’s framed in what I’m seeking.

      I am definitely enjoying the exploration!

      • judged is a harsh word but to question your motives is not ours. And opinions may help but we cannot regret them after. Neither the one giving nor the one acting on it.
        But a coping mechanism is different in each of us. And it depends a lot on what have happened.
        So I smile.

    • Thanks Hollie – I do feel like I’m in a really good place. It’s nice. It’s not easy, but I’m pretty comfortable with the decisions I’m making at this point. I don’t think I’m fooling myself with anything… I know that can change on a dime but at least today in this moment, it’s good ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I think you’re in a fairly secure state of mind. We all have ups and downs, but you seem to have a good handle on your expectations and emotions. Your readers have come to love you and feel compelled to express concerns; however, that being said, only you know what’s in your head and heart. I think any forward motion is a good direction.

    • I am decent at accepting concerns (receiving criticism gracefully is also a lifelong journey lol) from people, especially because I know it’s sometimes hard to gain perspective when you’re deep into something.

      I also know that when I get comments or feedback that really don’t resonate, it also means I’ve probably not articulated myself all that well – hence taking the time to write a post like this one to give myself another chance.

  4. Continue being yourself and exploring your feelings and sexuality. The big thing is for you to be happy with yourself and what you are doing. There is a big difference between casual sex and a relationship. They can both exist at the same time and compliment each other. I know that you’ll find the right person or persons who will satisfy and make you happy.

    • Thank you Larry! I guess what I’ve ruled out right now is this yucky middle of “friends with benefits” because I don’t think it can really exist if you weren’t actually friends first…the sex club stuff is very straightforward and there’s no BS.

    • Coming from you that means a lot. It’s really important to me that I’m not fooling myself or rationalizing behavior that’s obviously (to others) not good for me. So I’m glad you aren’t picking up on any of that.

  5. It’s late and I don’t have time to read comments right now, but I just wanted to say… I bought a bikini too. Two actually! Thank you for that, in a way ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. I think it’s fantastic that you’re putting your inner-most thoughts down with such clarity. Kudos to you. Years from now you can look back on these and…

    • I’m rather proud of myself, thank you very much. While my diaries of old are embarrassing I also see how far I’ve come. I have no reason to think this will be different.

  7. Thank you for sharing your thinking Anne. It helps me to free up old thoughts and really…I think we learn and make mistakes along the way whether we understand or not, right? Some things just can’t be avoided.

    • You are most welcome Jayne!

      I think we can learn even if we don’t understand, but that doesn’t necessarily translate into action. Changing behaviors is the key and that’s where I’ve been focussed. Same situation but a different and hopefully healthier response. Otherwise it’s just a lot of talk.

  8. I love your attitude on “not settling.” I have had the same talk with my daughter who goes back to her high school boyfriend from time to time because he kind, friendly, and comfortable. He’s a wonderful man who would make anyone a great husband…but, I know my girl.
    You DO sound good – confident and generous and fabulous. I had no idea the Johny was already a year ago. That’s when I first “met” you.
    Keep that gorgeous attitude, Anne. I have no doubt you’re rocking that bikini, too. xo

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