Cheese, meat, wine, corset, and heels

Part One

Tony picked up the phone and was quite happy to hear from me. When I asked what he was doing that night, he said he had plans to go to a sporting event but asked why I was asking.

“Well…” I said, “I was wondering if you would want to go to a sex club with me tonight. You see, there was a Dom I met a while ago, before I met you, and he wants to meet me to explore some BDSM stuff, and I thought you might be interested in joining me. ” (I worded it a bit better than that, with more context).

There was a pause as he processed my question. Then he said:

“Yes, I’d love to. But can I confirm in a couple of hours? I have to sort some things out first.”

Ah, my friends. We’ve been here before: this was a typical Tony response. I wasn’t going to get sucked in so I said “please let me know before 3pm; can you do that?”

He said yes, he’d even put a timer on his phone and asked me to text him if I hadn’t heard from him. Shortly afterwards he texted me:

“Hey, you really know how to distract me from a crazy day. Maybe we can do dinner or a drink at my place first? It’s a bit of a mess even by my standards.”

I said:

“Of course we can. I’m free anytime after 6pm. Looked up your event and it starts at 8pm; if you decide to come with me we should be there by 9pm…so not sure if that timing works.”

He clarified he would do one or the other. I didn’t respond to that text.  I was excited at the prospect but didn’t want to get ahead of myself. I got back to work and didn’t think much of it.

At 2:57, in the middle of a meeting, my phone pinged. I looked down; it was a text from Tony:

“Hey almost 3pm I know. I will call you in a sec; just need you to talk me through some insecurities.”

First of all, he rarely if ever contacts me when he says he will. I was surprised to receive a proactive email. Secondly – insecurities? How cute.

I was getting ready to leave to go to my tennis lesson so I called him on the way. I asked him what he needed to ask and he was super sweet about it – he stumbled with how to say it and even said “oh I had it perfect in my head”. But he got it out: he had decided to go to the club with me but he wanted instead to go as a couple. He was concerned what he would do when I was with the Dom and wasn’t sure how he would feel if the Dom and I were having sex in front of him. He said he figured he’d be fine if he and another man were both having me at the same time, but he wasn’t sure how he would react if he wasn’t engaged.

I told him he and I were definitely going as a couple. That if he was uncomfortable with anything we wouldn’t proceed. That there was no plan for the Dom and I to have sex. But that he (Tony) was my priority and no one-time event or other person was going to be more important than making sure he and I had a good time together and we were both comfortable.

That made him feel better. He was game to go. We agreed I’d meet him at his place at 8pm.

I had my tennis lesson (apparently I’m a natural, by the way), went home, wrote, texted some friends to confess what I’d done, and got ready. I packed an overnight bag and included two corsets, the string outfit I wore at the other sex club, two pairs of really sexy heels, and my outfit for the next day.

Like any good crazy woman, my plans the next day were a mix of savoury and sweet. I was going from Tony’s place in the morning right to my parents house to spend the afternoon with some family members (and Liam), to a date with another man – Fox.


It was my turn to be late for Tony. I needed to think carefully about what I was going to wear the next day, sort out what to bring, and realized the next time I’d be in my bedroom, Fox would be with me. I ended up hopping into the shower pretty late.


Knowing I was bringing Tony to the club, I wanted to give the Dom a heads up and ask him whether and how he could engage Tony in what he was doing (for example, perhaps he could teach Tony about “proper” spanking, or using a flogger, or maybe how to make me squirt!). I texted the Dom to say I was coming for sure and asked him what time he would be there. I heard nothing back…which started to make me wonder whether something had changed.

I was at Tony’s by 8:30. I wore a very short green sleeveless summer dress and tan Frye boots. I brought some cheese and charcuterie from the party I’d had the week before, as Tony never has food at his place, and a bottle of chilled rose.

He greeted me with a firm hug and deep kiss. We talked drink options (my rose versus an expensive bottle of Chilean red he had which was a gift and he said he’d love to share with me) and we started to talk plans which were interrupted by a work call. He grabbed my hips, turned me around so I wasn’t facing him, put me up against the edge of his couch, and proceeded to kiss the back of my neck and shoulders essentially turning me into a writhing wet mess.

When finished, we got our drinks and snacks and got caught up with work and life. He was very affectionate and told me he was excited to get his face between my legs; he had been looking forward to it for a while. He didn’t wait, and soon I was half-naked on his couch and he expertly brought me to orgasm. He kept my boots on; he thought they were super sexy.

My boots stayed on as we went upstairs to his bedroom; and stayed on while he pulled me into him and I was once again lost in the warmth, tenderness, aggression, passion, and adoration which is Tony.

[Part three]

54 thoughts on “Cheese, meat, wine, corset, and heels

  1. What do I think? I think I want part three, stat! :-p
    Seriously, I am happy for you, feeling the love and fuzzy feeling in your writing. It’s beautiful!

    • I haven’t written part three yet…actually had to work at some point 🙂

      Love and fuzzy is absolutely how I feel.

      The aftermath with him has been very interesting!! I promise to try to get it out as soon as possible. I also have my follow up date with Fox to write about. Good thing I’m on vacation starting Saturday for two weeks and will have time to write!

  2. It makes sense for you to want to go with Tony to the sex club, and following through with no contact with someone you love and have an amazing chemistry with is so dang hard!

    Of course his answer would be yes! Do guys turn down hot exciting sex??? Lol. My wish is that after this Tony gets his act together and can be the man you need him to be.

    I cannot wait for part 3!!

    • Part three I haven’t written yet but I will do so soon! I also have to write about my date with Fox.

      It’s very hard to have no-contact. I really did look deep inside with this decision and realized I had no hope that anything would change…so I was pretty confident that with minimal expectations it would be hard for me to be hurt.

      • Honestly, “no contact” is not always the best policy. You have to do what feels right for you. If being in contact with him hurts and you need a breather, then you take a break. If you want to talk to him, then you should talk to him. If you need sex and he can provide, go for it! It only gets messy when people try to make something into something it is not. You know Tony, you know what to expect from him. You know to keep your expectations low and that keeps your heart safe. I really can’t wait for you to write part three!! Quick!!!! Lol

        • I do agree that expectations are absolutely a potential issue here. But that aside, I also think I shouldn’t settle than less for what I want… and also, if Tony gets fun Ann every once in a while, where’s his incentive to move things forward to be able to be with me even more?

          It was amazing to see him, though…

          • Well, if he gets to see fun Ann once in a while, it’ll remind him how awesome you are and what he’s missing out on…
            I wouldn’t let my mind worry too much about what ifs. My advice would be: if it feels good, go for it, don’t put ideas or try to ‘raise’ him, ‘teach’ him lessons (if you don’t do this, then you don’t get that) especially if you really want to give him that. He’s a big boy with his own set of emotions.
            You can’t know how he’ll respond to something you did or didn’t do. The only thing you control is yourself and your reactions. So try it. If it feels good then and there is no particular backlash for you, then why not go for it? And if there is a negative consequence for you, well, you’ll know not to try it again, at least not under the same circumstances.
            What I’m trying to say is that, reading your reply, I felt like you were trying to play games with Tony. He doesn’t need an incentive that’s what you give when you try to get someone to buy something. You’re not trying to get him to fall for you, I think it’s pretty much established that he has already. He knows who you are and now also knows what he misses out on.
            I’m not sure I make sense, I’m not even sure my thoughts are clear in my head 😉
            Bottom line is: we all do what we think is best, and that’s all you can do too (so don’t think I’m trying to teach a lesson, I’ve got no fucking clue myself!) 🙂

          • But in this instance, you didn’t call him because you wanted to give him something, you called him because you wanted something from him. And he gave it to you. So you *did* ask for what you needed… and he delivered, didn’t he?
            Just trying to make you aware that you are also asking 😉

          • Hey, no pressure 😉
            I get it! I have finally put up half of the post I wanted to write about last week, and now I have to finish that and write about yesterday… Sigh! I think I’ll take a nap first 😉

  3. Yep, this is getting interesting with the guy you supposedly broke up with. I might add, at this point and pending Part Three, that Tony was being very brave to want to go to the club and watch the Dom work you over; had it been me, you’d have to get me to promise not to put the dom in the hospital… and I would promise… But bring in Part Three ASAP.

          • I’ve very often had the debate with myself…I’m a very very sexual person, and fairly kinky too. I’ve debated time and again if it would be worth being single to follow all my kinky desires and sexual interests, or are those things just base lusts and I am better off where I am an exploring them when I can. So far I’ve always come down on the latter opinion. I never “sewed my oats” before I was married, and lived a very sheltered life. Reading between the lines it seems as though you are having a lot of fun and adventure, but that you ultimately just want to find someone great to settle down with….I’m just jealous of your freedom and exploration.

          • Understood. One route that has been suggested to me are “munches.” It’s like Fetlife in person. They are small local social events where kinky people come together in vanilla circumstances to meet and mingle… Not that you’re looking for a super kinky person, but the last time I went to a BDSM club, someone put it well. In vanilla relationships people want to seem normal so they hide parts of themselves and hope that it works out. In kink based relationships you put everything out there, and then spend your time looking normal to everyone else.

  4. As a tennis fiend myself, I found myself getting excited to hear about the tennis part. But then again, I’m a kinky bastard like that. 😉

  5. I think you had me at the Frye boots – my favorite brand, if only my DH would let me buy/wear them. While he was away most of the time (driving a truck up and down the state) I had 2 pairs of Frye boots and wore them all winter long, then hid them in the dark recesses of the closet all summer and when he was home. Yep, happy marriage, unrepentant shoeaholic that I am, I was hiding boots from him; he hates boots, period, so kind of sadly I have him at home now and sold both pairs of Frye boots.

    But it sounds like a lovely evening, Ann. Looking forward to part 3.

      • I’ve got to get to writing .. The sex…the sex is just sooooo good. He says he wants to ease me in, that he doesn’t want to scare me off…which seems like he might have some kinks he wants to play with. I’m not scared a bit, I’m so exited. I trust him already which is crazy but that means we can explore some new territories and it will be mind blowing. Seriously, Ann, I feel like I hit the jackpot 1 week ago today when he asked me out!

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