Battered and bruised…

I have lots to write. I’ve fallen behind. So I will leave you with this…. 

Since Tuesday, I have done the following:

  • Bruised my cervix such that it’s taken three days to feel better.
  • Experienced the largest penis I’ve ever been with.
  • Been put on the back burner, where I’m unhappy.
  • Talked to Tony for an hour.
  • Saw Tony.
  • Was reminded how much I love Tony, and learned how much he’s missed me.
  • Have NOT fooled myself that much has changed with Tony, if anything.
  • Went for dinner with a girlfriend.
  • Spontaneously went to a swingers club (a new one) with Jason who arranged for us to meet a couple.
  • Kissed a woman for the first time.
  • Had a woman go down on me for the first time.
  • Was beaten for the first time, on a cross, with an audience, by a real Dom (one I’d been talking to for months who just happened to also be at said club).

So yeah. There’s this:

[I deleted this picture. Seems it was a bit much for some of you, even from me. I’m sorry. I’m sad if I offended anyone. Let’s just say my ass is bruised and marked and it was all just fine in the moment and I was surprised at how it looks in the aftermath.]

Oh, and I may be seeing Tony tonight. If I do, it’s likely he’ll see my ass. I guess I will be telling him a few things about my sexual journey.

I promise to write more. I’m just leaving for a first date and arranging a second one. Perhaps I will have some down time by the end of the weekend πŸ™‚

87 thoughts on “Battered and bruised…

    • Yes I did see him. Started off as just a phone call. I don’t regret it; I’m not fooling myself and don’t think this are back on or okay or anything like that. It was good for me to hear and see how he was doing… And I will write more about it πŸ™‚

  1. Your behind looks so nice. I showed my wife and she said it looked like her work. She said that she’d like to kiss it and make it better. That is until she got out her crop. LOL Hopefully you’ve told the guy who deep dicked you to hold back just a hair. That is unless you liked it and if so Tally Ho! I’ve learned to ignore girls who ask for it all until I find out that their addled brain understands their cervix’s limits. As a guy I love to hit bottom but realize that often we want something that we really shouldn’t ask for. πŸ™‚

    • Yeah. He didn’t really listen to me actually… Told me to “take it all”. Maybe being on the back burner isn’t so bad.

      Your wife scares me lol… This Dom was pretty great actually. What a difference to be with someone who’s a real Dom and not just a controlling jerk.

      • We guys are not the sharpest knives in the drawer and when the cock fairy is good to you, he should also tell you how to properly use it and not abuse it. When I pull your hair and tell you to take it, I always keep a little in reserve. If the guy’s long then reach behind and hold your fingers around the base to not let him go all the way until you’re sure you can take it. Guys who just ram it in and pound away can screw it up for the rest of us.

      • Wifey is really a sweet good girl except when she pulls on those thigh high leather boots and the leather bustier with the 1/4 cup bra. And sometimes I think her subs screw up on purpose, just to get punished. LOL

  2. I am in the minority here…not much into this…seeing makes me want to kick the crap out of the dude who did this…but, I am not a violent person. πŸ˜‰

    • Will, the guy that did this was one of the most respectful and considerate men I’ve met so far. He was a true Dom. He explained I had all the power in the situation. He told me what words to use if I wasn’t comfortable and if I needed him to stop. He checked in with me constantly to ask how I was and whether it was too much. He stopped when I asked. He made sure I was fine afterwards. Etc.

      He was great and I would trust him to again give me the experience I was looking for.

      • I understand, Ann. I just have a difficult time with women being beaten. I had planned to eliminate my (then) stepfather who routinely beat my mother, hitting her with a pistol. I know this is nothing in the vicinity of similar, but it still evokes harsh reaction inside of me.

        • No, it’s not similar at all. And I requested it. I had all the power which is 180 degrees different. But I understand why you may have more difficulty with this.

          • Sorry, my mind and heart were in a very difficult place for the last week. I probably should have stayed off of WP entirely (including comments). I didn’t meant to sound judgmental…it wasn’t my intent at all.

          • It’s not a problem, Will. I know you support me on my journey but did want to yell IT’S NOT THE SAME AT ALL. I do get its where your head went but this was a completely different scenario.

    • You need to keep in mind that this is play and not abuse. Her Dom is careful to not hurt her and not leave a permanent mark. She has a safeword to stop everything but I’ll bet she enjoyed every minute of it and will be back for more. If you’re not into it, it maybe hard to accept but trust me I’m sure she loved it.

        • I understand what you’re saying but when you enter this world, a lot of things you have to keep in perspective. Even if you don’t understand a kink or like it, just accept it. I do not tolerate a man hurting a woman but this is punishment for pleasure and a good Dom/Mistresses knows where the edge is.

  3. Well, I’m too late to the show… It’s Ok, I don’t need to see the pic, I’ll take your word for it πŸ™‚
    My week was busy in a different way, not much for me to share on WP except I needed to heal too, but my healing was way less fun than yours πŸ˜‰

    Hope you heal soon and that you know how to ask and get what you want, but only what you want!

  4. I get it about the photo…maybe too graphic for some? But your week was so full and fun!

  5. I saw the picture. I’m not sure why you feel bad about posting the picture. This blog is about your journey. It is part of who you are-have no regrets! And for the record I’m not into that but I was not offended in the least. I read this as I would a friend listening to another. No judgements!

  6. This is your blog–you should feel comfortable posting what you want with no apologies. Some people will love a pic like that, some will hate it and some will be neutral about it. We all have different tastes when it comes to sex. Please don’t be afraid to express yourself as you wish on your blog–it’s one of my favorite blogs and I’d hate to see you censoring yourself or worrying about pleasing your readers.

    • Thank you Holly, I appreciate the sentiment. I generally write whatever the heck I feel like it, but have always been more cautious with pictures. I through caution into the wind with this one and fear I’ve lost a reader who meant a lot to me. Nothing I can do about it, however.

      And I’m so honoured to hear I’m one of your favorite blogs – thank you!!

  7. I just looked on twitter for your pic because curiousity kills the cat and I prepared myself for the worse and it is pretty bad…I think it was a good call for taking the pic down here. I think in the future, if you want to share your journey through pics, you could just leave a link to your twitter page for anyone interested. I read your blog becasue it fascinates me and it’s a life style I’ll never have and obvisously I’m curious…but it’s one thing to be curious and another thing to see the pain (and I just read your above comments and I’m SO glad to read he was a good DOM). Anyways, KUDOS to you for having compassion and respect for your readers and taking the pic down…I applaud you! =)

    • Thank you Lisa – opinions were really mixed on this one!!

      The Dom was great which was the only reason I asked him to do that to me in the first place. I had all the power.

      I was actually quite surprised that I marked the way I did. He said he was as well – I do know I bruise easily, so while I won’t deny he did some things that would seem extreme to most, it wasn’t probably as extreme as my butt would indicate!!

  8. Those were some nice lashes, thumbs and stings… Looks good..
    Take good care of that ass and you might be getting some more.

    It has been a busy time for you, but I am sure it never felt that way enjoying yourself so much.

    • I may ask him to do it again. It was interesting to me – there was only one thing I didn’t really like. I asked him what it was an it was the whip. Words I never thought I’d write lol…

      • Floggers are pretty good also. They look worse than they are because the individual strands are lighter with less of an impact and tend to spread out the blow over a larger area on your cheeks. A properly made double layer leather paddle is probably best because it makes a brutal sounding smack but is more the paddle making noise rather than your behind. Crops or canes are probably the most wicked as the impact area is concentrated and should only be applied by a Dom/Mistress you trust.

  9. Well, damn… can’t let you out of our sight for a moment, can we? I have to confess that while I’m quite okay with a lot of the stuff you mentioned, there’s just no way in hell I could beat on a woman and call it a fun thing to do. I get it, of course, but there are some things you just don’t do even if she wants you to do it…

  10. If it’s the photo you posted on Twitter, know I’m still quite green with envy. I love a good spanking and they’re better with bruises. Fun time for you.

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