An Introduction & Summation

I’ve made some great in-person friends through blogging, but this is the first time an in-person friend is making the jump to blogging.

I posted one of her stories here a while ago and many of you said you loved it.

I’d like to introduce my amazing friend, Madame. Please show her some bloggy love, visit her site, sign up as a reader, and enjoy.


Secondly, I’ve been blogging at weird hours lately – usually I write in advance and schedule my posts for 8am EST since so many of you are from that time zone or close to it. But lately I’ve been writing and posting immediately.

In case you’ve lost track of me, here’s some of my recent stuff. There are two men in the mix, Mr. Fox and Fourteen. I’m closer to real-time and hopefully will get caught up real soon – actually not much has changed from my last post.

I have Liam for 11 days straight and work has been insane (finally!!) so my writing time has been greatly diminished. I am also going to sleep earlier so I don’t have to say fail again on my “to-do” list.

8 thoughts on “An Introduction & Summation

  1. That is some nice writing!
    Around here, on the other hand, I’ve met quite a bit of the fellow bloggers, and some who actually stopped blogging. πŸ™

    • I’ve met a fair number of people I’ve met through my blog. But she’s my first friend that is now a blogger. It’s fun… she said to me yesterday she’s glad I blog because she’s caught up on what’s going on with me πŸ™‚

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