Afternoon delight…how to break a sex dry spell

Eight months ago when I first joined FetLife, he reached out to me.  He was my height, built, dark skinned, and well-endowed. He frequents a local sex club; otherwise his life is fairly vanilla. He goes mid-week, in the afternoon.

We simply couldn’t get our schedules aligned to meet, and then I went on a hiatus while I was dating Tony. He was one of the ones (along with Dale and Lisa) I reached out to when I got back online. We’ve been trying to find a time that works for both of us, and it had never worked out.

Until Monday. In the midst of my anxiety about Lewis and whether he was evaporating, I knew I needed to be busier. Work hasn’t really taken off yet and there’s only so much messing about I can do online and avoiding the gym. It’s not that I lack for things to do.

But I was also starting to go a little crazy not having had sex with anyone but my Hitachi and dildos, for 23 days (at the time). Yes, I counted.

So when Joe from Fetlife asked whether I was free to meet him on Monday, I jumped at the chance.

It was the same club I’d been to for the last two sex club adventures. This time, I knew all I had to pack was a bathing suit bottom and some mascara.

The sun was shining and it was hot on the deck; I parked my topless self in a corner and enjoyed the heat. I chatted with a couple women next to me, as the topic turned to the kind of single men that show up on certain nights. I told them about the weirdness at the gangbang night and we had a good laugh about it.

Joe was running late; stuck in traffic. As weird as it may have felt to be there alone, I was fine. Eventually, he walked out into the deck area. I instantly liked him; he had a warm smile and kind eyes. Not to mention he was built like a tank and was only in a towel.

We went into the shade, sat on a big lounger, and chatted, filling in the blanks of things we hadn’t established through messaging. I was keenly aware of the extra bits in my middle and how my ass spreads out when I’m sitting, and realized he didn’t care. I wondered how long I had to wait before I could jump on him and it wouldn’t be impolite. I didn’t have to wait. He grabbed my legs and draped them over him. He started running his hands along my legs, and when I looked down I made note of the gift the cock fairy had again given me.

Shortly afterwards, his hands roamed to my breasts, and he pinched a nipple. I was no longer able to focus on the conversational questions he asked me. He took this as a challenge, and soon relieved me of my bikini bottoms. Before long I was a wet mess. He asked if I wanted to go inside.


He took a few moments to find the right room. He chose a spot on a large platform bed, in a room that had one other couple. The woman was face down, ass up, being tied up. Hilariously, as soon as she started to cum, I knew who she was. I met her the night I met Dale and Lisa. She has a really loud, very distinctive “Yes yes yes” kind of orgasm. She’s damn distracting.

Joe wasn’t plussed at all. We quickly got down to business. His cock didn’t seem as long as Lewis’s, but had similar girth and was one of the biggest I’d ever had. To be clear, I had no complaints. He knew how to fuck. I came quickly and easily. He moved me in a few different positions and then told me to go on my stomach. He took me from behind, and I put my hands behind my back so he could hold them.

It’s funny how certain things just make us crazy. Turns out, that did it for him, and he came quickly afterwards. He apologized for cumming so quickly but said “that thing you did when you gave me your hands; it did me in.”

We kissed and caught our breath and chatted for a few minutes. I spent some time getting to know his body with my mouth, then paid attention to his lovely cock. He fucked me again. Hard. I actually had to adjust myself when he fucked me doggy style, as he hit my cervix.

Is it bad that when one guy is fucking me, I thought “oh shit I wonder if Lewis is going to hurt”?

Don’t answer that.

I was gearing up for round three and he asked me to check the time – he had to go. It was alright; I felt significantly better than I had several hours before.

We took quick showers together; no funny business, and then said goodbye. He sent me a message on Fetlife afterwards that simply said “fantastic”.

I do hope I get to see him again. I think I could use what he has to offer.

21 thoughts on “Afternoon delight…how to break a sex dry spell

  1. Glad to hear that you finally got your lights drilled out, after “23” days. Cue the violins playing in the background. LOL

    Seriously, good girl and I know that you will find yourself a stable of larger guys to service you. It sounds like the cock fairy is working overtime!

    • Yes, Larry… I went much longer than that when I was married. I just turned everything off and it was no issue not having sex for that long. But now, that’s a really long time 🙂

    • Well, we were having sex doggy style. Instead of holding myself up with my hands, I had my face / shoulders on the bed, and I put both hands behind my back. He took each hand and held my wrists… that way, he had more leverage to hold me when he was thrusting into me. It’s also a fairly submissive move because you are completely at the mercy of how your partner wants to move you.

      Does that help?

  2. I read this early this morning and fell back to sleep, and had a dream I was on a date with Usher and I kept trying to convince him I needed to change my dress. I don’t know how this is connected. Anyway, how exciting! Love reading your adventures.

  3. Yum! Glad you had some fun!
    I must admit that the girth you describe does scare me a little. Though it probably shouldn’t, after all, as long as it’s smaller than a baby’s head…Bu it would mean we couldn’t go anal (i’m not there yet), and that is a problem.
    But I must say what worries me most is the length. Hitting my cervix is not a pleasant thing for me…

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