A third date with Mr. Fox in three days. 

I am so fucking behind in writing. My third date with Mr Fox was 12 days ago. I’m going to give some short versions of my stories so that I can get back to doing what I prefer – writing in real time.

Here goes:

We met again for our third date over lunch near my house didn’t have sex and he took forever to really touch me but he used ice on my nipples finger fucked me to orgasm and then had to leave for a meeting. The End.

What, not enough?Okay, I’ll give you a little more context.

Our second date was quite lovely. I’m working at letting myself ease into things. Just like I took some time to decide I’d give the Accountant a second chance, I’m working at deliberately trying to change my patterns of behaviour. I know that just because there isn’t immediate crazy fireworks on all fronts doesn’t mean someone isn’t worthy.

My friend Katharine is dating a great guy who’s nickname was “slow burn”. She gave him a chance and we are thrilled she did; she’s very happy.

There was more discussion with Fox. I worked from home the day after our second date and we managed to coordinate to meet at a local burger place for lunch. I wanted to have an opportunity to explore him a bit more physically, even though I also wanted to perhaps wait to have sex. So we ordered our burgers and I suggested we take them back to my place, as it’s about a 1 minute walk.

We did just that, and sat side-by-side at my kitchen island. The conversation was the same as the date before; it was fine, but not as good I’d wish for. He loves music and craft beer. He talks about food a lot. And that’s pretty much it. I know the man must have other interests – right?

So I figure it’s either that he’s only got those things going on, in which case I’d rather poke myself in the eye with a fork (not because I don’t like those things, but I prefer a partner with a variety of interests, not a one or two trick pony). Or, he’s just nervous and is relying on his default conversations with me.

Time will tell.

We didn’t get into anything physical for a while. He did eventually kiss me heavily, and then started on that tongue fucking thing again. He broke away and said: “I’ve been told I use too much tongue”.

To which I replied “well, not normally, but putting your tongue deep down my throat should be done sparingly”.

He proved to be able to take direction well. This was a good sign.


Fox is not a makeout-for-five-minutes-then-get-me-undressed kind of guy. On the one hand, I like this. It shows a level of maturity and respect. On the other hand, it’s highly frustrating when I’m wet and horny and really want someone to fuck me.

Back to that pattern breaking, I just went with it. I tried to revel in his backing me up against my kitchen counter, pulling down my top, and putting an ice cube on each nipple. I liked that part.

I reached the point of no return and asked him to please come upstairs with me to my bedroom. He did, but just as he had pushed me down onto the bed he looked at my clock and said “oh shit, I have a meeting I have to get to in 30 minutes”. So no first time sex for us. But he did put his hand between my legs and bring me to a lovely orgasm. He was good with his hands.

Back downstairs, kissing goodbye, he put my hand on his crotch so I could feel how much he wanted me. He made a move to undo his pants and I quickly got to my knees and helped him release his cock from his boxers. I was not disappointed. Of course, if I compared everyone to Lewis, most cocks would be a letdown, but generally I just hope for a decent size. Fox is wonderfully average. My cervix will be preserved.

I knew we both wanted a fourth date, but it wasn’t going to be until Sunday.

10 thoughts on “A third date with Mr. Fox in three days. 

    • I was impressed he mentioned it as well…it was a gentle way to ask whether I liked it… and I wasn’t about to not take him up on that opening!!

      He’s absolutely stopped the tongue fucking stuff which is great. A big relief because – just no.

  1. I am amazed with the lack of comments on this posting…It sounds like the chemistry is starting to build and he definitely has qualities you are into. Fingers crossed that it will continue in the right direction! But seeing we are still not caught up, I am sure there must be another story about him coming up…

    Just for my own pervert curiosity…Did you return the favor and release more than just his cock from his pants, or did you tease him so he would want it more?

      • Ah, they’re always important, aren’t they? Still, I would have been a couple of minutes late… and, yeah, smelling like you when I got there. His… restraint is admirable and, yep, I have the “advantage” of knowing you better than he does at the moment – and that’s why I would have been late for that meeting – you’re worth getting fussed at, IMHO.

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