A fantastic two-date day | Mr. Fox & #14

Mr Fox and I had a great first coffee date and we both wanted more. Our text conversation continued and the next thing I knew he was booking lunch for the two of us the following day. He picked a restaurant near my office and made the reservation and just made it happen.

I liked that.

I wore a short black puffy skirt and a light blue leather jacket, with three inch heels. Given he’s 6’4″ I can wear those heels and still look up to him. It’s nice, actually. There are days when I feel great and know I can strut my stuff and that day was one of those days.

We met at a sky high restaurant in a fancy hotel. Ever the gentleman, he held doors open, waited until I was seated, and made sure I was comfortable. I had meetings in the afternoon otherwise would have loved a glass of wine. 

The conversation didn’t flow as easily as I would have liked. As I’ve written many times, I like to inquire about people and so therefore am never at a loss for conversation – unless they only provide monosyllabic answers. Mr Fox, like many other people I know, don’t seem to inquire a whole lot. Especially when it’s someone I’m dating, I find this rather odd. It’s not as if I just drill someone with rapid fire questions. But as topics come up I will usually ask them something about themselves.

What this date did have, however, was lots of lingering penetrative looks. Mr Fox is a smitten kitten. It feels really damn nice. He would reach for my hand across the table to hold it. He would kiss my hand, back or front. It was lovely.

And during dessert, he reached over, grabbed my hand, kissed my palm, and then put my index finger in his mouth. In that moment I was tempted to book a room, even if just for a couple of hours.

He paid for lunch and we walked to the elevator. Once inside, he grabbed me, held me tight, and kissed me passionately.

But his passionate kiss was the equivalent of being fucked by his tongue. Does any woman out there like that? I’m okay with a once-in-a-while tongue down my throat but not repeatedly. Ugh.

I was so disappointed in that moment. I tried to pull away with my mouth ever so slightly to set a different pace, but he was having none of it. He held my head in a fixed position (super hot, under different kissing circumstances) and I just had to let him do his thing.

We composed ourselves as the elevator door opened and then walked to the street, where we proceeded to kiss some more. I wondered if the bellmen thought I was being paid for my services (Robert Hook…thoughts?) as I caught them watching and talking about us as we made out on the busy street.

This time at least, there was less tongue fucking. I decided I would try to find a time to give him some feedback – but that wasn’t the time.

Even though it was out of his way, he walked me all the way to my office tower. I haven’t been hand in hand with anyone for a long time around my colleagues. He kissed me goodbye (a more office appropriate kiss this time) and bade me farewell.

I was pretty damn happy for the rest of the afternoon. Not just for the great date, but because it was only one of two I had that day.


After work, I was set to meet #14 on my “guys I’ve had sex with” list. He and I both swiped right on Tinder when I was last active there several months ago. At the time, he asked to meet me for a drink, I gave him my number, and never heard from him. We are facebook friends so I could have followed up but now know if a guy isn’t ready, there’s no point trying to accelerate a timeline.

The week prior to our date he texted me, saying Spring got away from him and would I be free to meet for a drink again. Absolutely! I had Liam but said I could meet for an after work drink.

The last time I’d seen him I was still married. I definitely didn’t look as good then. I knew he admired what he saw, as did I. He’s tall, dark, handsome, gregarious, and well-dressed.

The conversation flowed easily as it always has. We talked mostly of our personal relationship journeys. He’s never been married and has no children. He’s had lots of relationships but admitted he was looking for the wrong thing for a long time – he made bad women choices. He also said therapy has helped him work through the issues he had.

I told him a bit about my own sexual journey, including that I blog. He’s interested in writing and I encouraged him to start blogging. But he’s concerned about the impact it may have on his professional life should it ever been found out. It would basically end his career, even if it shouldn’t.

I found myself wondering if this was a date or just a friendly re-connect. He looked at me in a way that told me it was the former, but I am cautious about assuming such things. It came time for me to go home, and he walked me to my transit stop. He gave me a strong hug and surprised me with a firm kiss on the mouth. Not lingering, but his intentions were clear.

My stomach did flip-flops. When he said “I’d like to see you again” and “goodbye gorgeous” I realized that yes, he was interested in doing more than just talking.

I went home to my #1 fan, Liam, and couldn’t help but feel fantastic at having not one, but two, men clearly interested in me. It was a nice change from some of my recent experiences and I was determined to enjoy it while it lasted. 

(and the Avocados picture? It reminds me that timing is everything and you should seize each day)


27 thoughts on “A fantastic two-date day | Mr. Fox & #14

  1. Uhm…the kiss is a bit forward. It should be more of a dance, following leads, feeling the movement, receiving response, giving, taking…balance. Poor Mr. Fox let his arousal overcome him.

  2. Sweet! And having a #1 fan waiting at home is even sweeter.

    The tongue fucking is a big nuisance, guys like that are usually pretty fast in bed too. 😉

  3. I’ll say this, Ann: If they were discussing your possible status as an escort, the conversation would have gone like this…

    “Man, that’s one fine-lookin’ piece of tail! Must have cost buddy big bucks… but I bet it was worth every dime.”

    Most men – and women – couldn’t afford you if you were charging, my lovely friend.

    • It’s pretty horrible… and I forget now if I wrote about it, but he asked me how I felt about his kissing (he did it jokingly, saying it had been suggested to him he used too much tongue, and I said “yes, down my throat is a bit much”) and since then’s he’s completely stopped.

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