What's old is new again 2 | Another chance to call a man out on his BS

I wrote about one of my first dates and how I got the opportunity to tell him he got no more access to my sexiness unless we were actually dating. It felt so awesome to write that message.

Some of you thought he would reach out. I knew he wouldn’t, and he hasn’t. So fucking telling, no?

But guess what?? It happened again. This guy I also wrote about – he went silent after some pretty hot phone sex.

He sent me a message on OK Cupid, and I responded politely. But after his second text I just had to say what was on my mind. 

I took screen captures so you can see our exchange in all its (brief) glory:


image2 IMG_5054

Now, I wasn’t angry before. But I have to say, his dismissive comment made me want to reach through my computer and strangle him on the other side. It reminded me of a few men I’ve come across who, when a woman tries to stand up for her feelings / needs, or calls him out on some bad behaviour, he will dismiss her as being “high maintenance” or “dramatic”. It’s fucking bullshit.

This guy bailing on me was probably a gift, because although I’ve wasted too many words and thoughts on him, I couldn’t imagine actually dating him.

He also got fatter in the last 18 months. Just sayin’.

27 thoughts on “What's old is new again 2 | Another chance to call a man out on his BS

  1. I just got done dealing with one of those – and we hadn’t even got to the phone sex stage. I asked him to clarify a statement and he responded that I was “apparently thin-skinned” and had “taken offense.” Well, neither of those are true – I simply wanted him to clarify what he was saying because I wasn’t sure I was understanding him correctly. When I called him on his attitude, he responded with the same sort of shit again! Needless to say, I’ve deleted him from my contacts and won’t be responding to further messages.

  2. I’ve schooled a couple Tinder boys on how to approach women in a respectful way and usually they realize they’re in the wrong and try to start over. And I’m like nah.

  3. I love your response so much! I hope that when I get a similar message I have the ovaries to respond in such an awesome manner!

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