Summer to-do list update | Week 2 Update (June 25)

I’m going to update this weekly to help keep myself on track. Knowing I have to report back is helping me knock this stuff off the list. This is as of Thursday June 25. Yes, I know it’s already the following Monday…but I got a little distracted and forgot to post this.

Lose at least 10 lbs. My real goal is 18 but at the very least I want to fit into a particular suit and dress, and I know 2 lbs a week every week is not going to happen.

UMMM… | Have to say I failed this one, 100%. My weekend away with Hy was filled with copious amounts of alcohol and food. Not low-cal. Didn’t even get my trainers out of my suitcase.  And I have another weekend away coming up.

Now, to be fair – I did really well with food since I came back. And alcohol only the one date night.

Sell the pile of Liam’s clothes that have been sitting in my office for months.

Not yet.

List and sell all of the wedding silver on eBay.

Not yet.

Stop staying up too late during the week.

FAIL | Again, my weekend away was bad for this. As was Monday night because I had that kissing-in-the-rain date. And then the follow-up OMG look at what he has in his pants date on Wednesday night.

Start doing yoga again at home, at least once a week.

FAILNot. at. all.

Go to the gym three times a week.

FAIL | Nope.

Settle on the dates for vacations with certain family friends.

HALF DONE! | I booked one of two trips. Back to one of my favourite cities in the whole world, where a friend has a flat. And even better for my financial goals, I was able to book my flight on points so it barely cost me anything.

In a couple of weeks we will plan dates for a big trip. I am so excited at the possibility. But I will probably have to wear a head scarf the entire time lest I be traded for a herd of animals.

Buy a bike and ride it with Liam on weekends.

ON TRACK | Found some places that carry the bike I want and plan to call them next week.

Have less owing on my line of credit.

ON TRACK  | My weekend away was not helpful for my expenses. There a few things I simply had to have, like those Pink Floyd undies. But it was all worth it. And bringing my lunches to work has also helped.

Book the meeting with the financial planner.

ON TRACK | Still waiting for a date and made no further progress on that damn spreadsheet of expenses.

Book (and do!) the boudoir photo shoot I just bought on Groupon. Yes, again…I let the last one expire.

DONE – WAITING | I booked it for August 22nd. Gah!

Update: I plan to do another shoot with the FetLife photographer. Perhaps as early as Jun 30.

Finalize my updated will and powers of attorney.

DONE – WAITING | still waiting for the lawyer.

16 thoughts on “Summer to-do list update | Week 2 Update (June 25)

    • That’s fantastic!! My weight loss has been stable. In that there’s no loss. Lol. But no gain, either. I really need to get off my ass and exercise. My food is better but right now I’m drinking due to being slightly morose. Post to come tomorrow…

      • If I had wine in my house Id be shitfaced due to this cheating student who is causing me all kinds of problems. I didn’t have time to write anything tonight or exercise like I had intended. Too much stress in the past couple of days over my job(s).

  1. Have you discussed your employment status? What’s going on with that? I’m reluctant to ask–it feels like an intrusion into your personal affairs–but you did put it out here, so I’m curious.

  2. That’s awesome! I have found that actually writing down my short term/ long term goals have helped me stick to them verses just saying them to myself. Looking forward to your check-ins 🙂

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