Sex club aftermath

It’s been a week since my sex club adventures. I don’t regret them for a minute: in contrast, I plan to go again.

Jason felt bad he didn’t engage more at the club. He told me later it was his first time. He also felt odd that I’d had an experience with Dale prior to him showing up. I tried my best to engage with Jason when he arrived, spent time with just him, to ensure he felt connected to me. But it didn’t work, obviously.

He asked me if I would be willing to “take another chance on him”. Yeah, of course!

This club has a gangbang night every once in a while. Andrew was the one who first told me about it, offering to be my companion / protector. We planned to go but broke up right before the event. The next time it worked for my schedule, I contemplated going alone, but chickened out.

While Tony and I talked about visiting a club together, I figured it was maybe not a good first time club experience with a boyfriend. Baby steps.

But he’s not my boyfriend anymore, is he?

So this week, I am going to the gangbang night, and Jason will be my companion. It’s going to be a different experience than the last time, because single men are allowed. The club has an cordoned-off area where women can just pick their partners and no other men are allowed, or you can choose to be in an area where anyone can watch and presumably, ask to participate.

I’m nervous and excited at the same time. Multiple men – as in, more than two – is one of my few unrealized sexual fantasies. I love the idea of having men, a few at the same time, and one after another, until I am exhausted and satiated.

But back to the aftermath…

The day after we went to the club, I sent a thank you note to Dale and Lisa, saying I had a great time with them, I hoped the reverse was true, and I would love to see them again. They responded in kind – in spades. They didn’t think Jason was a good match, however.

Having been with them once, I have no qualms about going solo again, and hope the three of us can play together some time soon.

I was so horny the next day I didn’t do anything except lay in bed and masturbate for hours. I would have gone back to the club that day, just to get laid. Pleasure begets desire.

I don’t regret anything I did. I had a great time.

I got a bunch of questions about some of the tactical parts of the evening, so thought I’d address them here for those who are curious:

  • This club was one where you could have sex anywhere (except the hot tub). Others are different in that you can only have sex in back rooms.
  • People could wear nothing, or everything. The first club I went to, you had to be naked in the back rooms. At this club, anything was fine. So yes, it meant you could be watched by people who were fully dressed.
  • Similar to any other club I’ve read about, there were places that were private (if you shut a curtain) and others where people could watch. A couple of rooms had huge platforms.
  • All the bed surfaces were vinyl, and there were baskets with condoms (varying kinds), and small packages of lube all over the place. There were anti bacterial wipes around as well. The only thing that was gross is some of the guys just dropped their condoms on the floor or beds instead of putting them in the garbage. Really, guys? Come on.
  • All the guys I was with put condoms on without even being asked. But I saw no other safe sex practices like condoms for oral sex, or dental dams.
  • I was only one of a few single women there. Almost everyone came as a couple. That night, no single men were allowed.
  • There was a mix of people doing their own thing versus group play. Basically, if you are curious and want to go but don’t want to do anything sexual with anyone other than your partner, that’s completely fine. Generally speaking, I didn’t see much group play (full swaps, etc) where the people hadn’t spent some time chatting with one another earlier in the evening.
  • Both clubs I’ve been to had a strict “no means no” policy. You are supposed to ask before touching or engaging physically. From what I experienced and what I saw, this was largely adhered to.
  • There is a huge range of body types and ages. Yes, there were women and men with spectacular bodies (gosh, this one woman who worked the stripper pole…yowza). However, there wereย average and overweight people there too. A whole mix. I felt very comfortable.

If you want to know anything else, just ask. I’m definitely not the expert but some of my readers are!!

I’m excited about this week’s plan, but a bit nervous too. While Dale and Lisa aren’t able to come, there are a couple of men I’ve spoken with on FetLife who are attending. One is coming just to meet me. I thought about telling Shenanigans if he’s so interested in a sex club he should come, but I think it might terrify him. Maybe that’s a good thing.

I have explained to Jason what I do not want to have happen: nobody can cum on my face, and while I’m open to DP and DVP, I don’t think I want to take anyone anally except him. I expect him to keepย an eye out for me and make sure nothing is happening to me I don’t want, even if he’s playing with someone else. It’s a bit hard to speak with a mouth full of cock.

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  1. Good girl, have fun with your gangbang and remember not to talk with your mouth full but screaming is okay! You know the difference between a Southern girl and a Northern girl? The Northern girl says “You can” but the Southern girl says “You all can!”

  2. I would like to know more about fetlife… I been thinking of joining but wanted to know more about it…. I was hoping to email you but not sure how?

  3. I’m happy for you that you get to go to a gangbang and satisfy a fantasy of yours.
    I have a reservation though: if Jason felt that you didn’t pay him enough attention the first time when you were only engaging with a few other men, how is he going to react when faced with the fact that you may have more than a few men playing tag (it is fun to play tag with a woman who can go on and on and on like you).
    If he feels forgotten, will he remember to watch out for you?
    If he starts to feel unwell in this sense, what would you rather do, that he leaves by himself, that he tells you because you don’t want to stay if your ‘look-out’ guy is not there any more, other options I didn’t think of?
    Obviously, I don’t need the answers, but these are he questions that come to mind while I start to prepare myself mentally to what I’ll experience in just… 5 sleeps ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • From what I’ve learned from her adventures and personal experience, this seems like an up and up club, where she doesn’t have a lot to fear. A well run club should be watching over the people especially in the orgy or gangbang rooms.

      A couple we know, the wife had a fantasy about being used and abused so at one of our house parties we told her she was going to be the party favor. We blindfolded her, stripped her, and left her tied to the bed. She was admonished to keep her mouth shut (at least not talk to anyone) and she was not allowed to refuse anyone.

      Then we went to guys and gals we trusted and told them to take care of her and not to talk to her but simply use her in any way they wanted.

      What we didn’t tell her was that she had a chaperon in the room at all times but it was never necessary. It was so much fun and she never knew who was with her and if she started getting nosy someone would stick their dick in her mouth.

      Later on after everyone had had a go at her, we untied her and let her join the main party. All night she was looking at people trying to figure out if they had taken her or not. And that’s all she talked about for months was how exciting it was when you didn’t know who and could not resist anyone. Sort of like Ann when she has those “blank” moments. We are so sick but it’s a lot of fun. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • I can see that this would be exciting!
        Thanks for sharing this story.

        I am not worried for Ann, I know she can handle herself and knows what she wants to try. I was just preparing myself for my own even coming up, I guess ๐Ÿ˜‰

        • It’s always best if you know someone has your back and I realize that your date/partner might be initially uncomfortable with watching you get your lights drilled out. Be sure that they know this is sex and not love, two completely different things. For example if I’m banging some sweet thing, wifey doesn’t bat an eye but if I gave her a foot massage, that might be trouble!

          You might consider asking the host to keep an eye on your even though it’s probably not necessary. It takes a while until you realize that talking about some topics with swingers is completely different than with straights. We laugh and joke with our friends who have pretty serious kinks and no one thinks anything about the fact that midgets in jester outfits turn you on.

          • I’m constantly reminded of how bizarre we sometimes are. One of our very best friends is a cuckold couple and at a house party wifey was making the rounds checking on the towel situation.

            The master bedroom was dimly lit with low watt bulbs and the bath opens directly into the master bedroom without doors just a large opening.

            Anyway she slips into the bath as we stack towels between the sinks. Out of the closet slinks a hand and grabs my wife’s arm. She lets out with a blood curdling scream when the hand grabs her in the dark.

            It was the cuckold wanting to show wifey how good his wife was doing with some guy. Hubby had buried himself in the closet with the door barely open, just so he could peek out.

            Now normally you would be embarrassed to be caught jerking off in the closet while you watched your wife getting her ashes hauled but for our group it was just something we laughed about as everyone knew him and his fetishes.

    • I really appreciate you are concerned about me, Dawn…

      Jason wasn’t at all concerned about my not paying attention to him. He loved watching me with other men. At the end of the night, he tried to find others for me to be with, so he could watch. I was too tired.

      The only thing he said contributed to his discomfort – as it related to other men – was that he knew I had been with Dale prior to his showing up. But it wasn’t a big deal at all – he was explaining to me a number of factors that made it hard for him to perform (including first time at the club, all the discussions occurring around us, etc).

      BUT all that aside, I am having a serious chat with him about what I expect from him, and need from him, when we go.

  4. It’s all very edgy, “dangerous,” and exciting all at the same time, huh? Such things should always include and provide safety for all participants but here’s a reality I experienced: Sex is so damned powerful that keeping it totally contained is almost impossible so if you’re not prepared for anything to happen, ya might want to think twice about going.

    Too many people go to these things with the thought in their heads that if you’re there, you’re there to be fucked and no matter how that can happen… but the truth can be very ugly, disruptive and, sadly, even violent.

    I can understand why Jason got miffed because you dived right in before he got there; eh, sometimes, we just act like that – you shouldn’t be having fun without me being there… but it also kinda teaches one to be on time doesn’t it?

    Why didn’t they feel Jason was a good match?

    • Jason was rather shy and didn’t engage in much conversation with Dale and Lisa. I think that’s the primary reason. He’s also not conventionally handsome or all that confident.

      I didn’t ask them the details, nor do I want to know.

  5. Keep in mind that things are often difficult for us guys. Performance anxiety is a big one plus being able to get it up in a crowd or being afraid that you can’t and will get ridiculed. While this doesn’t happen often (the ridicule), a guy doesn’t want to go soft at the wrong time. A big percentage of first time couples, the guy can’t perform and I think performance is a big part.

    • Yeah, that happened to one of the guys in that group that I was with, actually. I got him hard, he put on a condom, then had some trouble. I couldn’t imagine being able to perform in that circumstance…at least with women, if we aren’t able to focus, it’s WAY less obvious.

  6. Probably over 50% of the time with a new couple I’ve had to take care of both his wife and mine. The sacrifices that I have to make. ๐Ÿ™‚ But then again my wife usually takes good care of his wife, so I just have to watch!

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