Selfie Sunday | Wherein I learned from the master

Last Sunday morning, I was in Hy‘s living room as she ordered me around:

Stick your ass out.

Move away from the candle.

Don’t hold the phone that way.

Twist to the right. More!

Lower, that’s nice.

Take shots constantly!

Laughing the whole time, I was trying to learn the fine art of morning window selfies. As anyone knows who follows her blog, or Instagram, or Twitter… she’s a bona fide master of beautiful selfies. She’s crazy fucking hot and many of us are addicted to her boobs.

We had gone underwear shopping and the two of us – I’m thrilled to say – both have matching panties. You thinking they are some fancy lace thongs? Nope.

“Dark side of the moon” Pink Floyd underwear. Rock on.

At one point the night before we joked we needed to take shots of both of us side by side in those panties. But we never got our shit together to do it.

But, I wore them the next morning and managed to capture something I kind of liked, with her patient coaching. So here, my friends, I present my first attempt at a Hyacinth Jones approved selfie…completely unretouched. I have a way to go, but I will get there:

Dark side of the moon

81 thoughts on “Selfie Sunday | Wherein I learned from the master

  1. Why this wasn’t in my reader? I have no idea.
    Possibly I didn’t notice because my head isn’t quite yet in the game, other things on my mind…

  2. From an avid Pink Floyd fan (I listen all day on Pandora), Thank You!

    Have a Great Day! I know I will…

  3. I don’t think I’ll be able to hear Pink Floyd again without picturing you in these panties. And, btw – I want my own pair!

  4. I need to get my eyes checked. When I first saw the picture on my feed, I thought the panties said, β€œPink Flow” – and I was all, β€œWhat an interesting choice for panties – I’m not sure I would celebrate my monthly like that.” LOL!

  5. Thanks for sharing your dark side. Very sexy! Pink Floyd is one of my all-time favorites. An ex girlfriend had a large pink dildo. I named it Floyd.

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