A unicorn walks into a swingers club…5 & Final

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I think it was another first. Not just a new partner, but a completely anonymous partner. I didn’t get his name. He didn’t ask mine. He pounded away while I simultaneously orgasmed and thought that the edge of the platform was going to leave a nasty bruise on my legs (it did: several).

Dale and Jason were watching me, as were others. Jason said later he particularly liked the contrast between his dark skin, and my light.

Two funny things happened. While I don’t think he came, he just decided we were done after one of my orgasms. Perhaps he didn’t care that I could keep going – but to be fair, he would have been waiting a long time. He wandered off and I commented to Dale, Lisa, and the others, that “I guess we’re finished”.

Later, he came back to ask if he could fuck me again.

This time, he had a female companion with him. She watched us go at it again, and then pleaded to him to spend some time and pay attention to her instead. Awkward! Jason and I had a little giggle about that, but I felt bad for her. It wasn’t the last time that night he approached me.

Jason and I also had a little debate, as he insists there were two different dark skinned men I had sex with. I insist they were the same guy. But to be fair, he is probably the better judge since he could see everything and I, on occasion, was preoccupied.

The second time, also bent over the platform (my toes barely touched the ground), suddenly there was a man in front of me, with his cock in my face. Thinking it was Jason, I took him in my mouth, then noticed he was brown-skinned (Jason isn’t) and Jason was sitting in the same place.

I didn’t like that. They are supposed to ask. Perhaps he asked the guy pounding me from behind, but I have no idea. I pushed him away from me and after a minute, he got the message and went away. I guess I demand some manners.

At another point, when Dale was fucking me, I could hear Lisa say to him “you can cum, baby”. I have no idea if he did, but when he finished with me he put her on her back and started with her. He grabbed my hand and put it over hers as she was fondling her pussy. Another first. I wanted to grab a breast with my other hand, but didn’t.

Jason and I decided to have a change of scenery, so we went to the next floor. It was more crowded. One room had mostly couples doing their own thing. One couple caught my eye as they were fully dressed and he was fingering her furiously for what seemed like a half an hour.

The other room, if you can call it that, was just one big bed. More couples, but lots of women going down on one another. It was a mess of bodies and hard to tell who was doing what. Not surprisingly, there were lots of spectators there.

Jason and I didn’t do much on that floor, but he was keeping an eye out for candidate men he wanted to watch me fuck. The guy from downstairs came up and we chatted with him for a bit – he was avoiding his girlfriend, who wanted to leave (not a huge surprise). Then we got propositioned by a relatively low-key looking couple – Jason was interested and they led us up to the private room.

The man started kissing me and I could feel his wife’s hands on my back, neck, and ass. Jason started kissing her and in short order, we were on the bed, side by side, facing opposite directions.

This guy knew how to fuck. Looking to my right I saw Jason’s ass, so put my finger up it. Another first.

(And while I think about it, I suppose I should mention that everyone used condoms – varieties are all in containers in every room. I hope that’s obvious, but realized I didn’t say so).

When we were all finished, the man stood up, said something about that being lovely, he and his wife both kissed me, and we went off into the club our separate ways.

Jason and I did our own thing for the rest of the night. I told him I wanted to try out the swing in the dungeon so we did that. He fucked me on a desk. We got busy in one of the other rooms, but it was just the two of us.

When I was on the swing (which was rather awkward, and I’m not sure why), Dale came up to me, kissed me on the cheek and said “it’s time for Lisa and I to go, baby, we’ll see you soon”.

Shortly afterwards, Jason and I decided we were done for the night. It was 2am. I was exhausted, sore, feeling a bit strange, but very, very content.

To read about my first swingers club experience, read this post.

47 thoughts on “A unicorn walks into a swingers club…5 & Final

  1. You are going to need some rest after all that Ms Anne! I’m glad to hear it was all safe sex. So now thT you’ve tried it, would you do it again? Or was this a one time experience?

    • I confess to not doing much of anything the next day – except sleep and masturbate – a lot.

      I would do it again for sure. Can’t see it being an every week thing…but yeah.

  2. I feel totally exhausted after reading all that you accomplished in that one visit. So many firsts! So glad you had an amazing experience..it sounds so fun!

  3. Good girl, I’m so proud of you. I wish wifey and I had been there to watch and maybe tag team you! Sounds like you really didn’t get to try out the girls and I was looking forward to seeing you come over to the dark side. My wife would have loved to have shown you the way!

    You did right by pushing the guy away who didn’t ask. I know girls who enjoy it more if it is completely anonymous and some guy just walks up and sticks his dick in a open hole but IMHO until you know what a girl is into, then always ask. We know one guy who is a nice guy but just wants to fuck and will just walk up to someone at a party and ask do you want to fuck? He is the only guy I have ever seen who is multi-orgasmic just like a woman, he will cum about every 15 minutes and you can always recognize his howl. LOL I would have never believed that if I hadn’t seen it.

    Keep the adventures cumming!

    • Forgot to add, isn’t it amazing that you can screw non-stop all night and then come home and act like two rabbits in heat? I don’t know what it is about the party scene, maybe all of the naked people and sex, but it just puts your sex drive into overload.

      • And yes, it’s like that with any kind of sex for me. If I don’t have it for a while (like in my marriage), things kind of slow down. In my marriage my sex drive was completely off. As you may have read, it was bad enough that I thought I had no sex drive at all and went to a doc to discuss it. It was all mental, of course.

        But yes, that night I just fell into bed (it was 2:45am when I got home) but the next day I was alone and I must have masturbated 6 times. I contemplated going back to the club just so I could get fucked.

        I really need a boyfriend who can be around a lot. Sigh.

    • Thanks Larry – would have been fun to have you guys there πŸ™‚

      I’m still open to exploring with women but will definitely be an “in the moment” kind of thing. Dale & Lisa have subsequently communicated and said they loved being with me and want to see me again.

      I had a guy who was multi orgasmic – Ariel. One of my first dates…the one that turned into having sex 15 times in 24 hours. He was awesome.

      The one thing that gives me the heebies a little is that in my city the incidence of oral gonorrhoea is increasing – because people don’t realize what can be passed with unprotected oral contact like that. Now, I did it anyway…but still, it’s on my mind. And yeah, I want to be asked. He may have asked the guy who was fucking me at the time.

      I will write about what I plan to do next – and think you will be proud πŸ™‚

      • I’m always proud of you even in the dark times. it’s certainly been interesting to read about your adventures and expanding your horizons. It’s unfortunate that so many people (especially women) have issues with sexuality, usually stemming from a religious or extremely conservative upbringing. The fact that you now climax and/or squirt at the drop of a hat only confirms the fact that you are accepting yourself along with your needs and desires.

        I’ve known very few women that squirt and must confess the first time it happened to me I assumed that she had climaxed so hard that she could hold her bladder. I figured out that if I didn’t do her on a regular basis she would squirt for the first hour or so. A few years ago, I learned of the A-spot and P-zone which will typically guarantee squirting at a swingers convention sex class.

        My wife is a good squirter but she has to have a whole series of climaxes in a row to get her warmed up. The only problem about that is she gets exhausted from comming and it sort of turns into screwing an unconscious person, who only wakes up to come and then passes out again. LOL

          • Since you didn’t mention the A-spot then I assume you know about it but the P-zone are two erogenous areas on each side of the urethra (where you pee from). Supposedly massaging them is highly erotic and can lead to squirting. I’ve never tried finding them and can only go by what I’ve read. The A-spot on the other hand is an almost sure fire squirt inducer.

          • I’m not sure I know the A-spot either, but I think I know exactly how to trigger my P-zone. Or at least, the Dancer does. Maybe I’ll get to write about it soon πŸ™‚
            Thank you for confirming a suspicion πŸ™‚

          • It’s pretty easy to hit the A-spot once you learn how. Like the g-spot is inside directly behind the clit, the A-spot is above it on the roof of the vagina. Typically take the two middle fingers and push all the way in and drag back towards the front with your fingers in a hooking motion. It’s more or less like scratching the top of your pussy. Generally for most you do it pretty hard and fast but you need to work up to it until you get the right spot and the girl is comfortable with it. You can take clues from most videos that you see of a girl squirting, the person doing her appears to be really rough in most cases. Of course your success all depends on how much you can give in to it so practice helps. Generally it’s been my experience that it almost always requires someone doing it to you rather than trying to do it yourself as you can’t reach up that far. Of course a big dildo will do the trick and it’s always so nasty to see a girl pound a another girl and then pull out the dildo to a big splash of girl cum. Darn, I’m making myself horny!

          • Now you’re making *me* horny!
            And this is my week of dry spell! Sigh!
            I’ll have to try it, the A spot. But I must say I find the P-zone lovely! πŸ™‚

          • With my wife it all centers around her emotions and how turned on she is. When she’s a dirty little good girl and gives completely in, she’s a squirt machine. She likes the cowgirl position or rev cowgirl as it enables her to control where your dick hits and so will drag the head of your cock across the top of her sex and work the a-spot which typically guarantees that you’re going to drown. LOL Of course for this to work, your dick has to be able to hit bottom!

        • I’ve always been able to orgasm easily and from different stimulation – although never realized that it’s rare to be able to do so.

          Squirting, yes, never happened to me before an incident with Faraway Lover. And as you say, with men who know exactly where to stimulate, it happens pretty much every time with me. I was surprised with Mr. Tinder that he was able to make me squirt right away, before I’d even had an orgasm, because usually I’m like your wife and need to be relaxed and have had a few orgasms.

      • Who cares if he asked the guy who was fucking you at the time. He wasn’t anyone to you, so how could he have given consent for you?
        I remember my experience quite vividly, and the guy who didn’t ask at first, the Dancer promptly said he wasn’t sure I was OK with it and that he’d need special condoms anyways. And boy was I glad to have him there to be able to speak up for me, whose mouth was quite busy…

        It’s funny, I can’t even remember for sure whether I blew men… yes, I probably did, at least in the dark area, but maybe in the more private rooms too…

        I am not too worried about oral sex, though maybe I should? I’m not sure. I guess I think that whatever I can get like this is something that can be cured, mostly, so I’m not too worried. Plus I just cannot stand the taste of latex (I guess it goes with the allergy too, it gives me a strange sensation in my mouth) and the other condoms don’t taste real good either!
        Oh well! πŸ™‚

        • Well that guy didn’t know that the guy fucking me wasn’t anything to me lol.

          Yeah, I’m not worried -obviously – but I can’t imagine sucking on latex. Ugh. Totally with you on that one!!

          • I remember last time we went, the Dancer played with someone while I had a group of men surrounding me. He later mentioned she probably was a worker, because she asked him to put a condom on before she blew him… I know that some guys hire escorts to go to couples’ nights, so it may be that he is right πŸ™‚

          • Well, I think everything is worth trying once! I have a vague memory that I did already try the oral thing with a condom. Not happening again, I’m afraid… really didn’t like the taste! I can even taste it on someone’s cock if I give them a BJ after they’ve worn one (for penetration of some kind) πŸ™‚

        • Depending on the type of party, permission varies in my experience. Some parties it’s drop your clothes at the door and get in a pile where pretty much everything goes. While I can get into that type of thing, wifey is not real keen on it so we don’t normally go to those. In our general type of house party, the orgy room is generally ask before you stick your dick into someone or first rub their body and see what the reaction is. Like anything else there is no one set of rules besides no means no.

          • Yes, even if you don’t use your words, take cues from physical reactions, so rubbing would be a good one. If I want your cock, I’ll probably rub back. If not… then no thank you!
            I remember how the Dancer told me that I needn’t worry, all the guys that did me were good looking enough. Or had big dicks or whatever. I had to explain to him that this was far from the most important thing on my mind! I actually didn’t care what the guys looked like, most I didn’t even really see, since I didn’t have my glasses on πŸ˜‰
            (yes, blind as can be without them πŸ˜‰ )
            I don’t think I’d like the ‘anything goes’ parties. I like to feel that I have some sort of say, retain some sort of control…

          • For the clubs I’ve been to, they say you always have to ask before you engage at all. Which makes sense to me, because it’s essentially public.

            I should say, I wasn’t terribly upset at the whole thing, I just wasn’t particularly interested in sucking his cock when I hadn’t even seen his face!!

  4. What an experience! Especially for a fist time. It sounds like you have a great time. You have me so intrigued and jealous. With such a cliff hanger with each part I truly thought you were going to end up with a women in the end…All in good time I guess… πŸ™‚ Glad you pointed out the condom use, it was one of my biggest question in mind! Probably keeps things a lot cleaner…lol Is it required? What about during oral? Oh, the questions that are flying through my head…

    Did you have a favorite part? First thing that comes to mind after that long day, or something you keep replaying in your head?

    • I think I will write a post about some of the common questions I’ve gotten. Because people are curious about the clubs and how they work.

      I had my hands on a woman’s clit, another woman touched me, and I gave a guy a blowjob while a woman rode his face… so that was pretty good female involvement for my first time, I think πŸ™‚

      My favorite part was the DVP. No question. I like having more than one man pay attention to me at the same time.

      • I’ve never done a DVP but love to DP a girl. One of my good friends and I like to tag team some poor unsuspecting girl, which is always fun. Another good one that you mentioned was spit-roasting where you both drive home from either end and see if the heads of your dicks can touch!

        • Spit roasting I’m less fond of, but only because I really like to get into the sensation of what’s happening to me. If I’m being taken from behind, or the time that I was being DP’d…I would much rather be kissing someone than focussing on whether I’m giving someone a good blow job. At that point, I kinda think it’s all about me πŸ™‚

  5. Brava, Ann – brava! A lot of firsts – good things as long as you enjoyed them, right? Sadly, in such settings, there’s always this one guy who figures the women there are all fair game and theirs for the taking without asking; likewise, there’s always this one woman who’s there but spends her night insisting that her man spend more time with her or telling him that she wants to leave. These things make for some very awkward moments to see and/or be a part of – but they say this is par for the course at many swinging clubs.

    I have my own thoughts about these things, which I’ll keep to myself right now.

    So when are you and Jason going back? Will you go back? Inquiring minds want to know!

  6. It’s lovely to hear that you had such a great time.
    Glad that Jason had a good time too in the end.
    My next time is coming soon, 8 more sleeps!
    I got to explore with women a bit more than you last time, but I would definitely like to explore more, and I know that the Dancer would like that too. I would also like to get more than one guy at once, and again, he is willing to help me achieve that. Finally, I guess I’d like to try the big scene rather than the more private rooms, though I am glad we stuck with more private places for my first time there.

    I’m looking forward to reading more about what you took from this experience with a little distance.

  7. This is simultaneously rather terrifying and intriguing to think about doing myself. Of course, I wouldn’t know the first thing about finding a club – and I would be too intimidated to go on my own (it has to be reassuring to have someone you know and trust there to look out for you). But maybe someday…if the stars align and I meet someone adventurous.

    • I would take you πŸ™‚

      And if you are intrigued, you should totally do it! Are there any swingers / sex clubs where you live? They are legal in my country so easy to find.

  8. Wow that’s quite the adventure! I”ve wanted to comment on each post – and each post just got better!

    That’s pretty awesome that you went and tried that. I’ve always wanted to do something like this, similar to the party houses in Germany. Something on my sexual bucket list.

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