A unicorn walks into a swingers club…4

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I went to my locker to get changed. Not into the dress and heels I brought, but a dress – if you could call it that – given to me by someone at the club. It was essentially a bunch of string woven into a cool and very revealing pattern.

While I am definitely into sex, and feeling sexy, I have never been one to wear anything particularly revealing or what could be called slutty. This “dress” was the epitome of slutty. And I mean that in a very positive way.

So getting dressed was a rather quick affair. Arrange the outfit over my body. Ignore my underwear and shoes. Leave.

I did check my hair and makeup in the mirror. There wasn’t a whole lot of makeup left on, which I didn’t care about. I didn’t even add lipstick. I’d just been fucked quite well and felt great.

Back down at the bar, I showed Dale and Lisa the snack I brought for us – a bag of cherries – saying I felt it was appropriate given the circumstances. They laughed and dug in. My outfit was admired and commented on.

Dale and Lisa knew everyone that works at the club. They were greeted by many as they arrived. Two other women they know also showed up, and we were introduced and commonalities established. One wore something similar to me, and the other was naked from the waist up.

It could have been any other location where friends met to hang out, if not for the naked people, porn on the television in the background, the occasional sex act on the couch, and the frequent discussion of who had a big cock or a funny sounding orgasm.

Dale was occasionally attentive and would come by and put a hand on my waist. I watched how he greeted some of the other women, obviously past or current play partners. The vast majority of people there were couples – as far as I could tell, it was only me and the other woman Dale and Lisa introduced me to that were there solo. She and I chatted about dating, being submissive, and her prior experiences at the club.

My large breasted friend had disappeared hours ago. I didn’t see her again that evening.

Despite downing several glasses of sparkling wine, I seemed incapable of getting anything other than a happy buzz. I eventually gave up and focussed on having water, since I had already lost a bit of fluid during our time in the private room.

The downstairs bar got busier, I chatted with random people, and before I knew it, Jason had arrived. And the subsequent events are a bit mixed up in my brain. I remember most of everything that happened, but not necessarily the order in which it occurred. Not that it matters particularly.

I introduced him to Dale and Lisa and the other people I’d met. I gave him a tour of the place and tried to get him to have sex with me in the private room. He needed some time, and a drink.

I didn’t realize until later that it was his first time at a sex club. I knew he had played with other couples, and that he was interested in coming to this club, and just assumed he’d been. So he was actually rather nervous, which I didn’t pick up on at the time.

We got him a bit more comfortable and we set off, wandering around the premises. I have no idea how it all began, but at some point we ended up in a large room where half of it was a platform bed, covered in vinyl. It’s where Dale and Lisa and their friends were hanging out. The other single woman was being pounded by a guy while everyone else watched.

She got very loud, and that was commented on. It was actually incredibly comical – not just her orgasm, but imagine this: you are having sex, and a bunch of your friends are hanging out watching you, talking about what you are doing, then how the show “Mad Men” ended, then how you sound, then how to make a nice risotto. It went on like that for much of the night.

I think Dale grabbed me and started kissing and teasing me. I don’t recall if I’d had sex with Jason yet at that point.

At some point, I was face down on the platform, head toward the open part of the room, as Dale was fingering me and making me squirt over and over. I looked up and there were maybe 20 people watching us. I laughed, said “hi everyone”, and went back to focus on what was being done to me.

I soaked my outfit and a very large portion of the platform. I was told I was a good girl. One of the women stated even she couldn’t do that. I was being admired for my sexual production, which made me giggle. Again.

Another time, I was on top of Jason, riding him, as he tried to focus on the task at hand instead of the laughing and commentary occurring beside us. He couldn’t really do it…but I heard Dale murmuring something, then he came over to where we were, and the next thing I knew I was being double vaginally penetrated (DVP)…which felt great for me and for Jason, even though he wasn’t completely hard.

The commentary then started in about us – as the rest of the people on the “bed” wondered aloud whether Dale was doing me anally or if it was DVP. They came to the right conclusion. I have no idea who was watching, or what people could see. I didn’t care.

Jason observed, for the most part. He was standing across from the platform or sitting on a chair, staring at me. He said later he loved watching me get fucked – he found it incredibly hot.

After finishing with Dale at one point, I sat up with my legs dangling over the edge of the platform. A man approached me, smiled, and – I have no recollection of what he said, but I knew what he wanted. “Sure”, I said, and he pulled me off the platform and turned me around so he could fuck me from behind.

There was more to come.

Part Five

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30 thoughts on “A unicorn walks into a swingers club…4

  1. Super story about your experience at the on premise swing club. I’ve thought the same thing about people talking about straight stuff while you’re doing some girl. A friend’s girlfriend is a screamer and when we are at a house party, I sometimes worry that SWAT is going to show up because someone is getting tortured and murdered. LOL

    • Thank you, Larry. Interestingly, my first swingers club post gets hits every single day; seems that lots of people are interested in knowing more about how they work and what goes on.

      The conversations were hysterical. I was able to focus, but I know it’s a little easier for women, or perhaps, less obvious when we lose our focus 🙂

      • A big majority of guys can’t get it up or keep it up the first few times in a crowd. I have problems comming and unless it’s with wifey or a few girls I know, I cannot get off in a crowd. But on the other hand they don’t seem to complain about me just pounding away! 🙂

  2. The thing that has me laughing is you not recalling stuff – must’ve gotten one’s brains fucked out of their head, did ya? Personally, this is a great experience for you; not so much for Jason, sorry to hear – I know it takes some effort to handle da bizness while a roomful of people are watching and doing a play-by-play – quite different from being in a room with another couple and no one else.

    Bring the rest ASAP! I continue to be damned proud of you, no joke!

    • The next (and last) one is coming tomorrow!

      I absolutely got my brains fucked out of my head. I was at the club from 4pm until 2am, and so there are a few things that I don’t have clear – like exactly how things started off with Dale after our break, when I first had sex with Jason, etc…

      Jason had a good time, but definitely could have been a better time. I saw, for the first time, how he wasn’t always Dominant. When we are alone together, he’s very much a push me up against a wall, or grab my hair and move me where he wants me, kind of guy.

      But he is submissive with men.

      He did just fine in a later session, which is in my last post 🙂

  3. Another great story to start my day! Thanks for getting the blood flowing! Looking forward to part 5. It sounds like your day just keeps getting better!

  4. I agree with Kdaddy this is getting hot and I wish my wifi connection in the bathroom was better! LOL I would have liked to be a fly on the wall when the police showed up! The couple we know live in a condo and his girlfriend howls and screams constantly. I have to steal earplugs from work just to drown out the noise.

    • Hahaha! Yes, wifi in the bathroom is definitely convenient! 🙂

      I’m sorry, I just have to comment, because this all makes me laugh so much!

      My neighbors have not sent the police on me yet… I guess they have gotten used to the noise by now! But I know that last time, I started to scream right by his ear, which must not have been ery pleasant right then and there. Good thing this guy can see the positive in things and see that he gave me a good time, rather than his eardrum just busted 😉

        • I don’t always scream loud, but too many years of being told to be quiet, I decided to let go of that along with the inability to climax…
          But there is the occasional orgasm where I just can’t hold it in. What do you want, it’s not my fault 😉

  5. Well Ann, I can definitely relate to lots of what you describe, particularly the not remembering how things happened or in what order. Why do you think I wrote my post in bullet points? 😉
    I agree, when you spend 6 hours in a club (it was similar for me), so much happens it’s hard to know what happened where with whom!
    I can sympathise with Jason, it must not have felt easy for him at first, but he should have told you before you went, so you could have focused a little bit more attention on him!
    I’m glad I’d had this discussion with the Dancer before we went, he knew my anxieties and made sure I was comfortable with everything that happened. Now, we’re looking forward to expanding on the experience and satisfying a few more of my fantasies if possible.
    I’m not sure we’ll be in a big room or stick with smaller ones with just a couple or so… we’ll see what makes me feel the most comfortable 🙂
    I’m glad you had a great time. Reading about it sure brings back fond memories of when I went, like the time when a woman had one of those loud orgasms in the room just next to ours, and I knew I was getting there too and suddenly it became a duo of pleasure cries. Yes, we laughed about it aftewards, though I have no idea who the other woman was 🙂
    I’m looking forward to reading about the last part, and then… 7 more sleeps before I get to try it again 🙂

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