A unicorn walks into a swingers club…3

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Dale helped me get situated by the deck. It was the three of us and one other couple. Everyone else has taken a break to go eat, before the real party started. One couple left saying they were going to try out the swing in the dungeon. Advice was shared on which end to put your ass.

I was mesmerized by Lisa’s breasts – also enhanced – as they bobbed as she talked. I didn’t find her particularly attractive overall (and yes, I have found a few women attractive over the years) but in some ways, it helped me be more comfortable. I wasn’t intimidated at all. She was, overall, rather normal.

I was constantly struck by the incongruous situation. The two naked couples were talking about their favourite camping spots, and we could have been anywhere. But given where we were, and the fact that everyone was naked (except me, with my boring black bathing suit bottom) the discussion turned to some questions on the practical challenges of being “in the lifestyle” and having sex in a camper. Because, of course, camper walls are paper thin and the whole thing moves when you are having sex.

I had nothing to add to the conversation, but enjoyed the moment in all of its ridiculousness.

Then Dale grabbed my hand and pulled me over to stand in front of him. He put his hands on my waist, and was slowly and gently running his hands along my sides.

With his wife standing next to us, chatting away.

I kept thinking “how fucking weird is it that a guy is touching me and his wife is right there”. I wasn’t judging it, it was just odd. I had no idea what I was supposed to do.

Dale’s touch was affectionate, not overly sexual. At some point I realized it was all one-sided, so I put my hand on his leg. I didn’t take it farther than that. It was starting to get cold and I wanted another drink. I was completely sober and wasn’t sure that was the best way for me to be (I remained sober most of the night).

I forget the exact order of operations, but we agreed to leave the deck, and Dale – badly sunburnt from a trip – mentioned he brought some mineral oil which he needed rubbed on the spots where he was peeling so he didn’t look too strange later.Β  It was a very smooth transition to the next stage of our adventure. They asked if I wanted to join them upstairs.

Why the heck not.

There is one private room in the whole club, and that’s where we went. I think we spent an hour or so there, and it was bizarre. Lisa left us alone to get a tea. Dale got naked face down and I started rubbing oil into his peeling skin. While older, he has a great, firm body, and it was fun to touch. When Lisa came back, we both did that for a while…first back, then front.

They are very bonded to one another, very casual, and very funny. Their sex talk intermingled with the most mundane topics. We would go from a laugh over peeling the skin off his legs, or how they like their tea, to him saying “I would really like to be eating one of you right now”. She said “not yet, honey”.

But then, things changed. She decided it was time, and sat on his face. His cock, with large metal cock ring, lined up with my face. I looked at her and said “may I?” – she smiled and said “of course”.

And that’s how it all began.

Like a man who has been with his wife for years, he expertly made her cum. I sucked and licked and internally made note of the fact this was the first time I’d been involved in a sex act with another woman. When she finished, he asked for me to take her place. But of course.

At some point in the middle of my orgasms, Lisa said “I’m going to pop down for a tea, be back in a bit”. Um, okay. Again, utterly hilarious.

Some time during our oil application, the topic of squirting had come up and I was asked if I squirted. Dale practically squealed with happiness when I said I could.

So when he finished with me on his face, he told me to lay down. He proceeded to demonstrate his divine skills – with hands and mouth – and had me squirting and cumming over and over. He likes to be an oral receiver when a woman is squirting. He was in heaven. I was feeling pretty good as well.

He said he wanted to fuck me. Absolutely.

He asked if he could fist me (which of course, given my experience earlier in the week, I found hilarious). I said – oh, I’m not sure I could do that, and he said “honey, I already was practically there…I had all four fingers in”. Which made me giggle, naturally. But he didn’t. Take note, Mr Tinder.

This repeated over and over again. Then he asked if he could cum for me. I told him I would like that and asked him where he wanted me. My head in the nook of his shoulder, him kissing me, he told me all the things they wanted to do to me later that night. All the combinations, all the variety, the things with him, and her, and Jason, and both of them…all the while asking me if those things would be something I liked.

On the agenda was a DVP with him and Jason. Either man fucking me with Lisa’s mouth on my clit. He said if we could get the private room he would let Jason suck his c*ck, and maybe do the same for him. So many things to do.

It was super hot, yet at the same time I wondered if it was like that with everyone he was with. He told me how much he loved kissing me, and that he could arrange for me to be at a gangbang night and that he and Lisa could protect me. Pick men for me. Watch them fuck me. Honestly, it all sounded pretty good.

I have no idea how long we were alone for, but I do know that at one point, with him on top of me, his head buried in my pussy and mine on his cock, me in the throes of orgasms, Lisa came back. She likes to watch.

I needed a break. I needed a drink. And I needed a snack.

It wasn’t even 6pm.

I knew it could be a very very good night.

Part Four

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41 thoughts on “A unicorn walks into a swingers club…3

    • I lol’d at that comment Caroline. It was a very unusual adventure indeed. I think sometimes, especially depending what blogs one reads, we can start to fool ourselves that this kind of stuff is common. I know it’s not. It feels very, very, bizarre. But I’m determined to do the exploring I want to do. Just like hitting on that cop who pulled me over for the speeding ticket last year this time – I don’t want to live a life of regrets.

      • You have always been my idol, but in this case it’s because you were so brave to go alone….and because you were with another man..and then some…..I wasn’t able to do that..yet! Crossing fingers for this weekend.

        • Seems like from your second sex club story that you were pretty willing to do quite a bit – what you did with that woman I’m not sure I could ever do. I guess we all have our own unique fears πŸ™‚

  1. Oh man!!! And now another wait for the next segment. You are killing me!!

    And again, the way you describe the club sounds like the one here. But I imagine they all have a private room upstairs, swing in the dungeon and a pool etc. Probably common but I’ve only been to the one.
    These posts make me want to go again.

    • I ended up writing about 5,000 words about the 10 hours I spent in the club. There were details I didn’t want to edit out.
      I couldn’t imagine anyone wanting to read more than 1,000 words at a shot!!

      This club was different from the first I went to for a couple reasons – one, you could have sex anywhere in the club. Two, you didn’t have to be naked to be in the play rooms. The first one I went to, you had to be; I suppose to avoid people just there to watch.

      And I’m planning to go back rather soon, actually… guess I should write about it.

      • It is good having the posts broken up..but I am impatient in general! Lol. The club I went to preferred that everyone upstairs in the play areas be in some state of undress. Lingerie is fine, or a towel, or both! But a full outfit of clothing would not be appropriate. No “looky-loo’s” were encouraged. They did host a Bachelorette party the one time I was there and a group of fully clothed giggling adult women were allowed to tour through and watch for a bit. I didn’t love that.

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