From three major unknowns, to zero. Raise a glass with me!

A little while ago I wrote about having three major unknowns in my life, causing me quite a bit of angst (and weight gain).

The first was about Will and his job change. That worked out okay, as he hasn’t sued me for child support and his job hasn’t yet required him to make major life changes. Although it’s been an adjustment for both Liam and I to be back to week on / week off parenting, it’s much better for Liam and ultimately, for me.

The second was about Tony, and what the hell I was going to do with him. I ended things with him almost two weeks ago – am 99% sure it’s permanent – and so at least resolved the stress of the unknown. Even though I’m still sad and angry at times. it’s all natural, and I’m feeling all the gross feelings and working through it, day by day.

The third was about my job. It was resolved at the end of March, in the form of being made redundant at work, which I suppose just replaced the unknown with a known which was even worse.

But today, I am beyond thrilled to say I am no longer redundant. I’ve been offered a position with the same company, and it’s a great opportunity. I’m thrilled. While I was willing to find a new home if necessarily, I really didn’t want to. I’ve been on the change train enough the last 18 months.

So I think a few drinks are in order; weight loss be damned for the moment. Cheers!

Ann xo

53 thoughts on “From three major unknowns, to zero. Raise a glass with me!

  1. I’m raising my glass in a toast to you, Ann!
    *spills on pants*
    Sorry, I started a little early because I knew things were going to work out for you.

  2. YAY!!! That is great news!
    And considering my life seems to develop similarly to yours in oh so many ways… maybe it’s a good omen for me too? 😉
    Nah, I don’t think that’s how it will work out for me, not that easily, but I’m not (quite) redundant, so that’s that!
    I’m really thrilled about the new position. I’m not thrilled to read you hurt about Tony, but that was to be expected…
    Ok, I’m starting to not make sense, must be time for bed on my side of the Ocean 😉
    Dink a glass for me, I’ll be dreaming of it 🙂

    • I think it’s a good omen for you too my darling!!

      I had several glasses of wine, a few too many actually. I did something dumb. But not horribly so… will write about it shortly!

      Yes, the pain over Tony is bad. I’m not surprised given how much I care for him…and although the therapist said I sounded like it had been a month and not a week, it’s still really, really hard.

      • Ooh, I haven’t had time to sit at my laptop all day, but I’ll go check the post you have probably published already!
        I know the feeling. About a month rather than a week. I think I experienced something similar when I broke up with G. It doesn’t mean that it doesn’t hurt! Good luck!

  3. I’m so glad the job situation worked out for you! Nothing worse than being in limbo. I can handle just about anything, as long as I know what is going on

  4. Congrats Ann! I “knew” it would work out for you, just had a feeling. As for Tony, I feel your pain and the process is slow, but you definitely got your groove back in some ways! (I was lurking through the Unicorn series) 😉

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