The story of my masturbation journey

This post chronicles a bit of my masturbation and sexual history. Upon re-reading, I chuckled that I didn’t want to mention how many men I’ve slept with, because of course I later wrote three posts listing every. single. one. (which makes me realize I should probably start post number four).

I’m surprised every time I read another bloggers story and its similar to this – stopping masturbating during an unhappy marriage. People are still shocked when I tell them I had a sexless marriage (defined as less than once a month).

But I turned it ALL off. And now that’s it’s back on, it’s still going with a vengeance.

My Masturbation Journey

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  1. Wow! Again, so similar to my story!
    I lost my virginity later and didn’t stop masturbating until around that time. But throughout my marriage I didn’t really masturbate much. I didn’t have the time (or is it I didn’t want to take it for myself, felt guilty about that?) nor the inclination.
    I only started doing it again around the time I had my FWB, when I rediscovered that I was a sexual being and it was Ok…
    Now I do it more than during my marriage, but less than immediately after I left it. I guess I prefer my skin to be on someone else’s skin πŸ˜‰

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