I invited the wrong man to a party

Let this one be added to my list of f*ckups, which notably include pooing during a threesome, sending my ex husband an email from my blog address, and forgetting to check my chin for hair (who knew?!).

My “boyfriend” Tony is away for 13 days. I’m determined to keep myself busy so I’m not concentrating on the fact that I haven’t heard from him since he left. Also, now that Will is back home and will soon be taking Liam on a week-on week-off basis again, I’m starting to re-engage with life and make plans with friends.

Earlier this week I texted the Comedian, who has been away practicing for a show he’s in. I hadn’t heard from him in a while but was wondering how it was going. Turns out, he’s back in my city. Although he didn’t reach out first (classic behaviour over the last 28 years) he asked when he could see me.

A long-time friend had a birthday party last night. It was to be controlled chaos with 22 adults and 17 children.

I thought – why the hell not – and invited him to come with me. He said sure, he’d come for a while. I knew it wasn’t going to be a particularly boozy party. It was casual and fun and thought it would be a nice way to reconnect. I was planning on telling him, should he hit on me, that I was dating Tony exclusively. The Comedian and I have known each other for so long, I want to still be friends with him. If the timing ever becomes right, we can take it from there.

Fast forward to early yesterday afternoon. Given I had no meetings (whole lack of work and all) I took the day off. I checked my phone and realized that all my messages to the Comedian were being sent as SMS messages, not iMessages. So I scrolled down on my phone and found our last communications that were iMessage. I fired off a quick text.

I think it’s better for you to just read for yourself what transpired:

Mistake Text 1

Okay. I know he doesn’t have twins, but his kids are pretty close in age and he’s a funny dude so figure he’s just playing here. So fine.

I don’t hear back from him all afternoon. It’s not quite like him but I know he could be in a recording studio or some such thing. The party starts at 6pm so at 5:22 I follow up:

Mistake Text 1b

mistake text 2

Oh sweet god what have I done. I know INSTANTLY. Because I deleted all dudes from the past out of my phone, except a select few, and this guy was one of them.

Remember my FetLife adventures? This guy is a Dom with an open marriage and a girlfriend, and I liked his profile. I was interested in meeting him not so much as a potential lover, but as someone who could tell me a little bit about D/s relationships and perhaps be a very safe person to show me a few things. He’s one of the ones that bailed on me at the last minute due to his wife having an accident, and then we never really connected after that.

Sheesh.mistake text 2b

And yeah, I lied about the “twins” thing, but it was shorter than explaining why I thought it was just a funny comment.

The wrong guy with the exact same name was very gracious about the whole thing. We texted for a few more minutes to catch up on life and left it that we’d find some time to meet.

But then, I was running late and trying to reach the correct date to no avail. As I texted my friend telling her about my cock up, her response was “that’s one for your blog!”

The party outcome was interesting, but I will save that story for another day.

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  1. Totally sounds like something I would do! 17 kids at one party sounds like complete chaos, controlled or not. I hope there was lots o’ booze!

  2. You need to have a blog category for these – since you seem to be repetitious with these graceful moves! The fun part is how you maneuver your way out of the sh!t once you discover that you’ve entered it.

    • Yup, pretty darn embarrassing. I though it was hilarious, as did he. Thank goodness πŸ™‚
      Well actually given I hadn’t met the wrong guy yet and wasn’t particularly planning to, there wasn’t much at stake. This time!

  3. Oops

    A few years ago I had a relationship with a woman who had the same first name as my sister. While I didn’t actually send my sister an extraordinarily inappropriate text, I came damn close!

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