An early introduction to lying in dating | Getting "catfished"

I just re-read this post and it still makes me laugh. Even in my early dating days, I knew that something that seemed too good to be true probably was. I also knew that 99% of people have smartphones that can take pictures and that there’s only so long someone can promise to be in your city before you know they are bullshitting you.

I never found out what this guy was really like. Pretty sure he’s a gross elderly obese man who gets off on the pictures women send him. That’s my only regret with this one – I sent the guy a bunch of very revealing pictures (never with my face) of a sort I’d never sent before. The thought that he’s still getting off on them just creeps me out. Yuck.

Live and learn.

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  1. I used to do a Google image search with my respondants photos and it was surprising to find out how many liars are out there. One guys photos revealed he is a politician in one state, a manager in another country and all sorts of aliases. I guess I am suspicious so I dig before responding. I learnt that from the show catfished, Those days are over though…got tired of all the BS you find online.

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