Skipping work for sex and sushi

To the blogger who said for sure I would see Tony more than twice before my trip, you were right.

I was supposed to go back to work today, after three days at a friends country place. When I looked at my meetings I decided to work from home. Given the news I just received I’m feeling an overwhelming desire to be at home and see more of Liam, which I can do when I don’t have to commute to work.

On the phone with Tony yesterday, I mentioned I was going to work from home. He said “oh really” in a way that made me inquire as to what he was thinking. He said he had to be near my neighborhood and he could swing by. Of course that sounded like a great plan. I knew Liam would be out with our nanny so Tony and I would have a chance to be alone.

Later yesterday night Tony called me and asked if he could come over that night. He said he missed me, wanted to see me, and would appreciate the stress release I would provide. I was so happy to have him proactively suggest seeing me, out of the blue. Unfortunately, work got the better of him and he had to cancel. But I was okay with it. The intention was there. I settled in, quite content, to watch Mad Men from the start of the series (I still have Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad on my list, but I’m pacing myself).

There was still today for Tony. He confirmed that yes, even though we have a date set for Friday (“Friday is Ann night”, he said to me once) he still wanted to see me today. This morning, my meetings started to drop out of my calendar. They were cancelled or rescheduled. Until I found myself down to one and suspected I didn’t really need to attend.

Well…to be perfectly honest, I was the one who cancelled one of the meetings and declined the other. I wanted to not work. I was having one of those days. There wasn’t much critical I had to do (if there was, I would have been all over it). I stayed in my pyjamas and was looking forward to greeting Tony at the door in my slip.

Until he called me, stuck in traffic and hungry. We revised our plans. I got dressed (at 11am, such a sacrifice) and went out to get sushi.

I am hoping it’s not just seeing what I want to see, but I’m noticing small changes in what he says and how he interacts with me. My gut tells me he’s let go of his anxiety and guilt; that he’s opened himself to how he feels.

I’m also trying to talk myself out of this belief because I don’t want to get hurt.

But it’s the little things, like saying over sushi he was thinking about seeing me all morning, that he didn’t have me for three days and couldn’t wait to get to my place. That he was so frustrated when things went sideways for his work, because it meant he reduced his time window with me. It’s him looking at me the whole time we have sex. Trying new things he knows I would like. It’s him saying he “loved” the post-coital spooning we did, dozing in and out of sleep.

The spooning was awesome. His arms wrapped around me, my head in the crook of his shoulder. His strong hands on me. The sunlight coming in through my french doors. It was bliss.

I really hope that it doesn’t end.

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  1. I’ve been wanting to watch the Madmen series as well, I think it is one I would like. I watched the lost series after it ended when it was released and it quickly became all I did. I started watching whole seasons like a fiend!

    • I don’t watch much adult TV these days – I write my blog instead 🙂

      But there are some series I definitely want to watch. I’ve stopped watching a lot in the first season because I tend to like shows that get cancelled (Rome comes to mind).

      You might like Boardwalk Empire because of the historical component. It weaves real life characters like Al Capone into the stories.

      A few series I do record are “Masters of Sex” (history + sex = fun!!) and “Girls”, which is a more realistic version of Sex in the City.

      • I do think masters of sex is perfect for me… But I haven’t made the time to watch. Same goes for Boardwalk empire. One of these days!

  2. Well, I think it’s not just what your gut wants you to see. Little changes like these are actually a huge step. For you who were worried he didn’t choose you, I guess this is as much proof as you need that he chooses you.
    It doesn’t mean that he will not try to go back to his ex, but at least you will know that he really wanted you, wasn’t just with you because it was convenient…
    I’m happy for you.
    And you are absolutely right, there is nothing better than to play hookie once in a while 🙂

  3. This afternoon is dragging. I wish I had been able to stay home in favor of sex and sushi. John likes sushi… Maybe I’ll have to look into that. 😉 He is out of town today and I’m stuck here til 4:30 sadly…

    • That post was about yesterday…sadly today I have work I can’t avoid. But I still did it at home which is just as well because when I saw my Mom today (she picks Liam up on Fridays) she kindly pointed out a hickey on either side of my neck. Thank goodness I didn’t risk that with my colleagues!!

  4. Hmmmmm…. did I predict that??

    I know you don’t want to be hurt again Ann. I have begun thinking again about the universe giving you what you ask for. (or me). I worry that you keep worrying, even with the “things” giving you positive vibes. I don’t want to see this be unintentionally sabotaged. (I don’t know if you give any weight to this kind of thinking or not, or if I do for that matter, but it’s clearly something I consider.) I have been regularly giving myself “there isn’t anyone for you, just get used to it. The kids will move out and you won’t be alone. You like cats” speeches. Guess what? I haven’t met anyone. Maybe I need to change my thinking, but, like you, I don’t want to be let down. (or hurt)

    • It’s a good point you make about sabotaging and I definitely don’t want to do that. I am trying very hard to not assume anything, and to be open to all possibilities, not just a worst case scenario.

      And OMG your “you like cats” comment had me laugh out loud. There may very well be someone for you. For me, I had to know that I would be okay alone, even though of course I would like to have someone in my life.

      • 🙂
        I am happy it made you laugh. It also makes me laugh, although I do worry a little that I have given myself the speech so much that the universe is giving me just that. There may be someone for me, but there might not be, I am getting older and I figure it is time to face that I might end up the cat lady, instead of believing my soul mate is going to find me. Much the same thought. Only I am trying to convince myself that it is ok that there is no one for me, even though I would like someone in my life. After Mr. Wonderful left us, I threw myself into my kids, probably so much so, that it will be really hard for me to smile and kiss them good bye when they decide to move out.

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