Sisterhood of the World Award

A big thank you to Serins for nominating me for this award. I love being part of a Sisterhood!!

My last award was dedicated to the men in my blog life because I knew this one was for the ladies.

Serins questions for me are:

1. What is your favorite position?

Anything that involves me, naked, and a willing and able lover πŸ˜€

2. If you and your ten-year old self would meet and have a talk, what would she be telling you?

While I don’t know that she could articulate it, I would see in her a girl unafraid to lead, unafraid to speak her mind, to dress the way she wants and to be the person she wants. It’s taken me a lifetime to get back to that.

3. What is the first bit of writing you did outside of school/homework… ?

I have kept a diary since I was 9. I stopped from 1998 until I started this blog.

4. What’s your favorite song now?

I have so many I love. But the last song I bought on iTunes yesterday was a dancehall song called “Buss a Wine (Remix)” by General Degree.

5. If you could tell the world just one thing what would it be?

That we are doing a really shitty job of respecting our common humanity.

6. Which period of history had the best clothing?

I love the Victorian era but not the corsets. So I would have to go more recent and say the 1950s. I like the shapes of the dresses and I love stockings πŸ™‚

7. What makes you suddenly and disproportionately cross?

Racism. But I don’t think it’s disproportionately cross…but I will immediately respond very negatively to racism or sexism.

8. How good are you at keeping secrets?

Very. But I don’t like having to do so.

9. Do you have a pet? Tell us about her / him.

I grew up with cats my whole life. The dog I had with my ex is a whole drama unto itself

10. If you could invent anything, what would it be?

Something inexpensive and easy to build (therefore accessible to many) that could desalinate saltwater.

I’ve been thinking a lot about this award and who to nominate. I have decided to completely disregard whether these bloggers have received this award before from others, or if I’ve nominated them before, or any other some such criteria.

I am keenly aware that it’s hard to not be chosen for something, which is why sometimes I’ve picked based on most recent commenters, or followers, or other more neutral criteria.

This is the least neutral I’ve ever been. These are the women who have inspired me. Who have supported me. Challenged me. Who I have been honored to know or consider my friend, even if they are no longer in my life. I am not going to list why they are on this list. It’s personal, and I hope they know why.

This is my sisterhood. But not all of my sisterhood. My world only becomes more rich as my relationships expand, and I look forward to welcoming more of you into my fold.

Ladies, I don’t want to make more work for you. While the standard rules of engagement are:

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and link back to their site;
  • Put the award logo on your blog;
  • Answer the ten questions sent to you;
  • Nominate seven blogs; and
  • Make a list of ten questions for your nominees.

The only thing I ask is that you pay this forward. Don’t worry about answering questions unless you want to…if you do, use Serins’ great questions above.

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  3. omg – how did I miss this? Thank you so very much! I have to get on this! I feel very honored!

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