In case you are wondering…

NOW” didn’t actually mean now. Tony is frantically getting ready for a big project for work and had no time yesterday to talk, let alone text or visit. It’s not looking good for today either.

And I’m not about to say anything like “I have to talk to you”.

So, it just may happen that I don’t get the chance before my party. C’est la vie.

But on the good news front, I’m officially divorced now. The courts signed back our application for an uncontested divorce. It’s done. I don’t really feel any different, except now I know I’d better get around to revising my will.

And I had my general contractor in today to do some things in my house and he fixed the alignment of my bedroom door so that it finally latches and locks.

So, progress in some areas but not others. Not all is lost.

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  1. I want to say congrats on the divorce Ann. It may not change much in your everyday life, but it is a book that closes, and now you are free to write the next book in your life. It makes me really happy for you.
    And yes, it’s a good thing your bedroom door now closes. Much better for Liam 🙂
    As for the discussion with Tony… IT will happen when it does. It may just be like the discussion I was planning on having with my older kids. I felt an urgent need to talk to them. There never was a suitable moment, and now I don’t feel as much need any more.
    All in its right time 🙂


    • It’s funny you should ask. One of the things I’m having him do is install new inserts for my bedroom doors. There are no windows, just 2 french doors which lead to a small balcony. So if I want any air at all I have to open the doors… and rely, yes, on a door stop.

      But that doesn’t mean I won’t use the door stop when I have the doors wide open 🙂

    • It’s funny, that hasn’t been on my mind at all. It wasn’t a stressor… we did it just because we realised we probably should get around to it. It was a total non-issue.
      And I know I’m quite fortunate to feel that way 🙂

    • Well, truth be told I don’t tend to engage in door-locking-required activities when my son is home. The occasional self-love session which absolutely, I’m glad to have a door lock for 🙂

      The discussion hasn’t happened…I spoke to him for 5 minutes late last night. He had to be up at 5am for work and it was not the greatest time to me to pull out that question. So, looks like it won’t happen before my party.

  2. Your general contractor, h’uh? Did you help him with his “tool”?
    (Couldn’t resist.)
    Great news on the divorce front, Ann. Regardless of the outcome with Tony, the future is bright!

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