If there was any doubt as to the power of cookies…

Because I searched online for reciprocating saws to make a sex toy (that I ultimately bought offline), now these saws are cropping up everywhere. In searches, and my Facebook feed (which I’m rarely on).

I know from the work I do that cookies are used for all sorts of things, including to create relevant advertisements online. But this one really makes me laugh.

Like those who said after reading my post they won’t ever look at reciprocating saws the same way (or cucumbers, which I’ve also ruined for some), now I’m reminded constantly of the box under my bed.

For example:

No, that’s not the right attachment.


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  1. NPR had a cyber security guy saying that the most private thing a person has these days is his/her search engine history. When I think about my google searches, I laugh at the thought of friends and family seeing what I’m up to….

  2. Cucumbers, frozen, cold as ice but less likely to break. And it is fun…
    But than again other foods are used to.. There is one I like and it might be Unusual. Ginger LOL.

    Haha, Well we all like to play. though a saw? You would always need a second pair of hands.

    As for cookies. I hate them.

  3. I’ve seen some toys built powered by motors with linkage attached that gives them throws that look adjustable from 4 to 6 or more inches. Sturdy enough to bolt to the floor and really take for a ride. They have cable mounted controls too, so if you’re solo you can diddle yourself to your own content.

    And those cookie based advertisements? Seem to miss the mark. I’m getting ads for stuff I’ve already bought. It’s a neat idea to push ads based on what I’m searching for,. but they need to figure out when it’s not relevant anymore. Micro SD cards? Thanks – they arrived yesterday. Don’t need more adds.

    • I guess now everything is a matter of degrees with me… the saw seems reasonable (lol) but a big box like that? Egads. I’m kidding, of course, I’m sure I’m on the slippery slope.

      I wonder if I would still get the saw ads if I’d bought the saw online. I don’t often pay too close attention to the ads but now for sure I will.

  4. I thought “Mmm cookies”, but I was thinking of the wrong kind of cookies :-/

    You haven’t ruined cucumbers for me, on the contrary, I have delicious thoughts of you whenever I see one, especially a big one

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