Baby gimme that title

This week I bought Meghan Trainor’s album “Title” and on my way into the office, trying to not think my early morning meeting with my boss will end in my being laid off, I discovered the title track.

It made me laugh think of Tony and his reluctance to call me his girlfriend. Since I don’t want to write about my intense desire for cookies, my inability to talk to Tony for more than five minutes to get clarity, or that I’m waking up in the middle of the night filled with anxiety – I will just give you this.

Enjoy – it’s light and fun and hopefully will bring a smile to your face as well.



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  1. Golly, I just feel like I understand. Life question marks are the pits. Good luck with your chat, but remember that even better things will come your way when other doors close…at least, that’s what I am telling myself!! πŸ˜‰

  2. Solution – Ask him; how he would like to be introduced to your friends? and when they ask the nature of your relationship, what would he like you to tell them?

    You will get more than the answers to those two questions depending on how he responds. I might also suggest that you don’t go into the conversation with a disclaimer or trying to explain away why you are asking or how you are feeling. Just flat out ask him very matter of fact like.

    If his answers are not what you need them to be, then I would allow the conversation to go deeper and I would share with him that how he sees you two is not how you see you two.

    Ask yourself ahead of time what are acceptable answers, what aren’t.

    Hugs. xo

  3. haha good song! I recently have had the same problem. Pretty Boy has been the second guy to tell me he ‘didn’t want to put labels on relationships’, which basically means ‘I like you, but I am afraid to call you my girlfriend’. It’s so diplomatic.

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