A summary post | What the heck I've been up to

I know I’ve been posting sporadically lately… not every day (egads!!) or at weird times. I haven’t done a summary post in a while so thought it was time.

I’ve been dating a dude exclusively. His name is Tony (yes! I’m using tags now for my men). Shhhhh…but I’m in kinda in love with him. He may get back with his wife, for the sake of their son. This challenge has yet to be resolved. Here are some highlights:

There’s some other stuff going on as well. I’m stressed out about it and trying to manage as best I can. Other than an increased intake of alcohol and sugar, I’m doing well.

I met some bloggers when I was on a business trip recently. It was loads of fun, but of course there was a bit of drama as well.

I had some reflective moments.

And of course, I made a fuck machine. You know, just another normal day 🙂

Last but not least, I got around to thanking some award nominators and paying it forward.

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