Perhaps the universe is listening.

This morning I’m giving a presentation in a boardroom meeting. My phone briefly lights up with an incoming text message. It’s Tony:

Good morning – hope your day is going well.

I say good morning back when I’m out of my meeting, letting him know I booked us for bowling on Friday at 7pm. I offered to plan our date on Friday, at least part of it, and we’ve been joking about who is a better bowler. My city has a downtown, hip, bowling location that is sure to be fun.

The good morning text pleased me. I had told him a few weeks ago that while I didn’t want to be constantly texting him (or anyone), it was nice to at least get a “good morning” or “good evening” to let me know he’s thinking of me. Since then, I know he’s been trying and he told me as such.

Throughout the day, between meetings, I read all of the thoughtful comments and great advice I’d been getting from y’all. I get to thinking how much I’d just love to be able to talk to him a bit more throughout the week.

At 5pm I’m on a call with a member of my team, working through the language in an email I need to send a bunch of really senior people in my company. It requires serious focus.

In my peripheral vision, I see my phone light up. Look over and see an incoming call from Tony.

My first thought it “oh shit he found my blog and is breaking up with me”. Then I tell myself to chill the heck out. I send him a message “call u right back” and continue with the call.

Half an hour later I call him. He is happy to hear from me. He’s in the car on the way to a sports lesson, and he says “I realized I had some time to talk to someone and you were top of the list”.

It’s amazing how suddenly, things can be a little better in the world.

We joked around about what was happening with my job and I likened it to a few problem solving stories he told me. I mentioned casually I was super glad he called because I missed talking to him – and he said he was feeling bad that he hadn’t been able to connect with me more often this past week.

We solidified plans for Friday night. Who was staying where, if we were driving etc. We hatched a plan and it wasn’t me harassing him to do so. He’s coming to my place Friday when he’s done work. I’m working at home so I had joked if he leaves date planning to me our date will start at 4pm. He’s leaving his car here and we will make our way to bowling together. Then dinner, then a sleepover at my place.

I was amazed how such a small gesture and date planning could make me happy.

Perhaps at times the universe does give you what you want and need.

I got such good advice here today; thank you. I have a couple of days to think about how to broach the discussion.

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  1. Bowling! I haven’t done that in YEARS! The question…do you allow your ultra-competitive side of you shine through and beat him or do you compete long enough to keep him engaged and then leave an open door for him to win? Decisions!!

    I know how you crave contact (texts, calls, in-person) and what you experienced is certainly good to read. Here’s to hoping for an increasing trend!!

  2. It is amazing isn’t it, how easily our moods can be lifted sometimes? Is it the universe? Is it karma? I have seen a lot of visualizing techniques, sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t. Just enjoy it Ann. It is good to see you happy and excited. It’s fun too isn’t it?

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