Perhaps I should just avoid all electronic communications.

I didn’t see Tony on Friday night as we had originally planned. His work went later than expected (he had given me advance warning of this) and didn’t finish until well after midnight.

My son was with my parents, away for the weekend. I was to join them on Saturday.

I chose to use my alone time to tackle some crap in the house, and to just be…alone. It hasn’t happened much lately, and sometimes I just need my space. While I appreciated the time alone, I’m frustrated with my every-two-week dating pattern with Tony. We are supposed to have a “real” date this Friday. And he might do a late night visit tomorrow night. I really really hope so.

So Saturday and Sunday I spent with almost 20 friends and family at a rental property a little over an hour outside the city. I spoke with a girlfriend for the bulk of the ride there. One thing I said in passing was it was funny I hadn’t heard from P/Shenanigans since we saw each other last month. It seemed to me that perhaps he just had to get me out of his system one last time.

It’s funny how the universe works. Sunday morning I woke up to a text that he had sent at 1am:

“Hi Ann, I hope you’re well. I’m sure you are.”

I did respond and we had very neutral back-and-forth texting throughout the day. Classic.

When my son and I got home on Sunday, we chilled out in front of the television. As I was making dinner, I heard a familiar voice on TV.

The Comedian.

I told my son I knew him, which he thought was really funny. I took a picture of the TV screen and sent a text to him saying “look! you are in my TV!”

…and then realized I sent it to the wrong man. Another man with the same first name.

My first thought was that it was #63 on my slept-with list. Which would be unfortunate because he wanted to see me again. Way too young for me.

So when he responded right away with “lol” I just said “whoops, sorry”.

He asked how I was and whether I knew the other person that was on the TV. Then he proceeded to apologise for never getting back to me, that his wife was ill and his girlfriend’s mother passed away. In that moment I realized it wasn’t that guy, it was that other guy.


This one was someone I met on FetLife and had reached out as someone who could potentially give me the low-down on submission and an introduction to the Fetish scene. He wasn’t particularly someone I was interested in being intimate with – dude’s got a wife and girlfriend already. He was one of multiple guys who bailed on me back in the beginning of December (he was my lunch appointment), and I never heard back.

So we chatted back and forth a bit and then he asked me out for coffee. I was vague about my schedule (it’s really bad this week, every day is back-to-back meetings) and I am just not feeling it right now. But we’ll see.

I just remembered Mercury is in retrograde. January 21 through February 11. That might explain some things πŸ™‚

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  1. Step away from the phone – very slowly, very carefully. After my cautionary tale of my escapade of sending a nude selfie to my daughter, i would hope you were on high alert…..apparently not so much. LMAO.

    • Same name!! Same spelling!! Sigh. I know πŸ™‚

      Part of me wants to tell the “wrong” one “since you obviously didn’t think enough of me to ever get back to me about meeting, I think I will pass on your offer”.

        • No, because he was never a sexual or romantic target for me. Given his FetLife profile I really honestly just wanted to talk to him about some aspects of D/s. And would rather do it with an experienced Dom who I wasn’t interested in sleeping with.

          But meeting him at this point is very low on my list of priorities. And there is another man I haven’t written about, a similar situation, who is much more considerate and definitely could assist if / when I want my questions answered.

    • I used to put their code names in their contact info as well. And I’d keep the ones I was done with in my phone, if for no other reason than to know who the heck they were when they inevitably texted me again.

      This guy wasn’t even on my radar at all. A while ago I deleted most of the one-offs out of my phone book.

  2. I think Maggie’s advice is good. Step. Away. From. The. Phone!
    God Ann, will you learn before you do something really irreparable?
    I hope you find a way to figure it out! πŸ™‚

  3. Ann,

    Look for a future email for a forthcoming electronic communications strategy. I sense that we need to put together a communications plan to handle your urges.

    One can only skate on thin ice for so long before you find yourself wet and shivering.

    • I am well below a six sigma error rate in my communications… just saying.

      Now, the two previous errors with Will & Tony are granted, bad ones (Severity 1 incidents, I would say) but given how much I actually communicate, and the variety of people I engage with, I have a remarkably low error rate.

      My urges? That’s funny. Nothing can contain my urges. And I would suggest since I’ve done NOTHING to actually act on those urges, other than self-love, I’m doing pretty f-ing well.

  4. Ah yes, the joy of technology and the pleasure of spending time with oneself. Both a mixed blessing. As for mistaking one name for another, I would have gone with “Well, you know, all Brian’s look alike. Sorry! LOL” (or whatever the common name was. Play it cute πŸ˜‰

    • Yeah, there was no harm done on that front, I mean the guy has an open marriage and all that. And he hadn’t ever gottren back to me…so he was just darn lucky I made that mistake πŸ™‚

  5. I’m sorry, I had to “like” this post because it’s something that would happen to me. Maybe not in the same, former lover, potential lover aspect of things but I’ve sent snarky texts during a colleague’s presentation to another colleague, only to realize I sent it to a different colleague in another country. thankfully, they had a sense of humor and a similar challenge with the presentation/presenter *chagrin*

    • I caution all of my team members to read a full email history before forwarding it on… a few have been caught with some snarky notes buried in an email chain.

      It’s so easy to do. Yikes!

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