I’m going to bed, sorry.

I have a post-it note on my desk that says “BED BY 11PM”. It’s been there for 2 nights. Last night it didn’t work. Tonight I simply must sleep. There are dark circles under my eyes and I want to feel great for my date tomorrow night.

I’m super excited to have a real grown-up date where a) we can go out somewhere and b) not have to worry about locking my door and c) be able to hang for a little bit in the morning together.

We are having dinner at my favorite Italian food restaurant at the end of my street – Tony wanted Italian food so I made the suggestion. Then bowling or some other adventure. We are both excited.

But before sleep, here are a couple of tidbits from my week so far:

The last two nights the Comedian has texted me with some very romantic overtures. This morning I woke up to “You are so beautiful”.

It doesn’t feel right, so I need to figure out whether to tell him that I’m exclusive with someone else or find a way to keep the interactions just friendly.

You see, he’s in a different city for probably a year. Our pattern, for 26 years now, has been that we are in contact for a little while then he disappears. So I don’t know if it’s worth having the conversation – but I can’t continue with him being romantic and me not telling him.

And in case you all think I’ve gone just soft and mushy about being exclusive with Tony… this week I had lunch with a man who has worked at my company a few times, as a contractor. We met at a work function. He is literally 7 feet tall. And bald, as pretty much all the men I’ve dated have been. I knew from the night we met he had a girlfriend, but we liked hanging out and so have kept in touch off-and-on since then. No flirting.

This was the first time we’ve gotten together since that party. It was a fun lunch. But here’s the thing…I couldn’t help wondering whether a 7 foot tall man would be larger in all ways. Ahem. I would try to get the thought out of my head, and it kept popping back in (hey, Ann…wonder how big his cock is….look at his hands…).

Oh yeah, and tomorrow I’m filing the affidavit for my divorce. Uncontested, easy peasy. I guess I know Will and I are doing okay when he’s fine with me going into his house tomorrow after I drop our son off to school, opening up the safe, and getting our marriage certificate.

What should I take from his house?


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  1. Height is a good determinant, but there are other factors. If a guy is overweight the penis withdraws into his body by as much as two inches. So he can be tall and have big hands, but if he’s overweight…

    How sweet that you’re using the Comedian as an emotional crutch. I think we all have someone like that, who gives us a feeling that only we understand.

    The expectation of an event is often greater than the event itself, a bit like life.

  2. When it is a bit fickle as in short fun times then long time nothings, I do not think there be more to it. To simply say that it doesn’t work for you that way and are moving on is truthful and easy on him. But that would be me as I could not do with that kind of uncertainty when I feel certain somewhere else.

    On the other note. Have a great time. that is all there is to it.
    Not even going to comment on the size thingie. dang and to say we men are bad…

    • No doubt about a good time!

      And I don’t feel right about stringing along the Comedian. There is no certainty with Tony, but if the tables were turned I wouldn’t want to have hope about someone being able to be with me, when it can’t currently happen.

  3. You do realize that after 26 years, you can actually be candid with the Comedian about YOUR relationship status. What is he going to do? How would he respond? You have been married during those 26 years and still, there he is.

    Oh…and this entrance to Will’s house…you only have to look to the email fiasco to remind yourself of what NOT to do when you are there. πŸ˜‰

  4. I love going out with girls with whom I have absolutely no sexual chemistry with at all. It’s the BEST. You can talk about stuff with girls that you’d never, ever discuss with another guy. I feel sorry for people who can’t maintain a friendship with the opposite sex without fucking it up with lust. The lust is almost always turns out to be misplaced, anyway.

    • Have to admit when I first read this I thought you were referring to a recent email exchange…and I laughed out loud.

      I gotcha and agree, friends of the opposite sex who are truly friends are very special.

  5. In a former life, I worked for an NBA team here in the States. Let me just state that for all of the taller than average men I was surrounded by and exposed to, the majority were average, very average, in size. With the exception of a few. On a similar note, I can also say that certain NBA legends are genuinely the most beautiful specimens of the male gender I’ve every seen. Sadly just see, not touch πŸ˜‰

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