Here's your sugar dose for the day.

I am in full-on purging mode (two more big bags of stuff went away yesterday) and am also dealing with the really old items on my to-do list. The Royal Doulton figurines I got from Will’s aunt that I have no affection for and no reason to keep? The pre-amp I no longer need with my new turntable? Hello eBay!!

Tonight I asked my son who he wanted to share his school photos with (yes, the ones taken in September).

Here’s who was on his list:

– Nana and Papa

– Grandma

Colleen and her girls

– His nanny

– My step-brother and his wife, and their kids

– My friend Katharine and her kids

– Tony

Yup, unprompted. I couldn’t exactly tell him that I didn’t think it would be appropriate. He was so earnest. And I suppose since he knows Tony is mummy’s “special” friend (yes, I used those words) then why on earth wouldn’t he want a picture?

I was writing the recipients names on the back of the pictures, so I simply said “oh, that’s nice honey” and put Tony’s name on the back.

The best part? Then my son said:

  • And who is the other one Mummy?
  • Me: The other who? [He gives me a blank look] Another special friend?
  • Him: Yes.
  • Me: Oh, I don’t have another special friend. Are you thinking of the friend who came to visit who I went to school with? The one we had dinner with?
  • Him: Yes Mummy.
  • Me: Oh, he’s a good friend, but he’s not a special friend.
  • Him: Oh, okay.

And on we went with picking names.

I’m debating whether to tell Tony. Not sure if he would think it sweet or weird.

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  1. Child’s honesty how it always surprises us. Dead honest with out a worry in the world. It is a beautiful sight.

    They bring a smile on your face that digs deep into you every single time.

  2. I’d tell Tony. His reaction to this would speak volumes on his understanding of children’s minds. Telling him doesn’t mean he has to accept the pic. It could just be in passing, a way to tell him you had a conversation with your son on exclusivity.
    Telling him only would go to show your son accepted his status in your life. Nothing more.

  3. Correct me if I’m wrong, or perhaps I misunderstood what I had read, but didn’t you recently post about the men in your life and their acceptance/inclusion of your son? I’d tell Tony just to gauge his reaction. Sweet or weird, you’d have insight on a subject that isn’t always easily approached, and WOULD come across a bit weird “Hey, what do you think of my kid?” I can’t imagine him thinking it weird, but then I adore [most] children. Your son sounds very likable πŸ˜‰

    • Good memory πŸ™‚

      I did discuss that recently, so yes, I think I shall tell him – it’s a funny anecdote, nothing serious.

      My son is a lovely kid, when he’s not playing power games with me.

  4. I had the sex talk when I was five. Then when I was seven I pretended I’d forgotten the first sex talk and I asked for a second one. That’s how much I enjoyed hearing about it. Even back then I was a pervert. And I got a second sex talk. It was awesome.

    A few months later my mother’s friends were visiting our house, and at one point during the conversation they mentioned they had a new condominium. My young ears heard the word “condom” as part of “condominium.” Brimming with my new-found sex knowledge, I excitedly piped up, “Oh, are you guys practicing safe sex then??”

    I was ushered from the room immediately. And then I received a third talk which had nothing to do with where babies come from.

  5. I would definitely tell Tony when you give him the photo. I’m betting he’ll think it’s sweet and accept it graciously.

    Thanks for the smile, Ann.

  6. He should think it is sweet unless he is commitment phobic, then it may weird him out and make him run. Nice how you put Colleen’s name in red italics. I could see you hissing her name with your eyes squinted LOL.

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