Falling in like with bloggers

Since my work dinner last night, I have met three male bloggers. All different, all awesome in their own way.

I have definitely missed grown-up socialization. Not that being with Tony isn’t awesome, but I miss being able to hang with friends and meet new people. I’m making up for that in spades right now.

Last night was a drink with a male sex blogger. His appetite for women is like mine for men. There was no flirtation prior to our meeting although he made sure to tell me on his end it was just because he knew I was otherwise engaged. Which I challenged him on since we first started talking prior to my meeting Tony. But I wasn’t offended in the least.Β 

I could have talked to him for hours. He’s interesting and witty and obviously full of fun stories. I wished he didn’t have to leave for another engagement. He’s one of these men who has a certain magnetism. He’s confident and secure in who he is – which as anyone knows is attractive. He also knew how to treat me to a drink – asked in advance what I wanted and my drink was waiting when I arrived.

This morning was a last minute plan to meet a younger single male blogger who hasn’t been following me for a long time, but we met on yet another’s blog.

We talked for hours – three different sets of people ate at the table next to us – and at times I wondered what the heck they thought as various sexual terms got dropped in conversation.

He’s lovely. Great body – he puts a LOT of effort into being in shape. We talked about blogging and dates and relationships and how dumb women can be about things. Men too, of course.

I got the feeling if I asked him back to my hotel he would have said yes. He’s quietly confident. Flirty in a fun way. He knows I’m not on the proverbial market but enjoys playing around a little bit. And of course I like that. I’m seeing him tonight again along with some others.

He and I took the train together as I went straight from my breakfast to my lunch date. My third male blogger.

This one couldn’t be more different than the others. Older, married, and not a sex blogger. No flirtation between us – he’s married and happily so – but we have shared interests and I adore his writing.

I don’t think he realises how bloody handsome he is. Charming. Tall. Smart. Multiple and varied interests. In theory, just my type, other than the married and in a totally different city impediments. It was a lovely and delicious lunch but he only had an hour.

As we parted he suggested a route back to my hotel and I took his suggestion – he knows his city well. So this finds me people watching in a pop-up bar, on my second glass of proscecco (which I explained to him earlier is “just” Italian sparkling wine), wishing I had my iPad and not my phone to write this post.

These men were all different. Appealing in different ways. Charming in different ways. Sexy in different ways. All of whom I would be pleased to spend more time with – just as friends is fine, to be clear.

I am not “outing” any of them – it’s not my place – but they are welcome to do so. I feel privileged to have met them and have enjoyed each interaction, no matter how different.

Life is fucking awesome.

Tony and I have talked on the phone twice in the last two days. I am quite deliberately trying to stay closely connected to him to reduce my temptation level. Sad perhaps, but brutally honest. I’m in the kind of state where I would happily and eagerly take on three men sexually – so I am trying so bloody hard to be good.

Wish me luck.

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  1. Good luck! That is so tough when you meet enchanting and engaging people and can’t act on it…especially when there is a perfectly good hotel room on hand!

  2. I can see why it may be difficult. Ye,s staying close to Tony at least by phone is probably a VERY good idea!
    God luck πŸ™‚ And keep enjoying !

  3. It just so happens that I met a charming blogger this afternoon as well. What are the odds of THAT happening?! The one I met is clever and can hold-up her end of a conversation, which is the most important thing, don’t you think?

    I’m not sure who these other poseurs are. Pfft.

    I laughed/cried at the “older” comment. This, coming on the heels of my having opened-up to you and reveal how irrationally hung-up I am about my age. I think that’s called passive-aggressive, isn’t it?

    New York: Always Open. Not going anywhere. C’mon back anytime.

    • Okay I should not comment when I’ve been drinking. Let me try again:

      First off, thank you for those lovely compliments.

      The other dudes were lovely as well, just very different from you.

      And regard to your age. You are older than me, which is simply a fact. One of the other ones was younger. Neither age comment was a qualitative statement my dear. My compliments to you were sincere and not just an attempt to get you to pay the bill πŸ™‚

  4. I do love meeting bloggers I know, although I’ve only met two in four years so I’m well behind you. Mind you, my flirting skills were learned at the Stationary supplies department of the Inland Revenue where soothing innuendo’s are hard to learn

  5. I am hating a lot of things right now…WP being one of them. I did write a nice comment for you yesterday, Ann. I see that it is gone or was simply eaten by their lovely ap.

    I am glad that you connected with some bloggers and had a great time! It would be nice to connect with some of my blogging friends, someday.

  6. I’ve met a great number of blogging and twitter friends after 6+ yrs online, it’s almost always fun, I’m glad you’ve gotten the same opportunity.

    And now I’m understanding the context of your comment to me on Twitter!

  7. She was blogging about stuff similar to me – in the end what we blog about is all really the same. Its about relationships, sex, intimacy and life!

    It was fascinating – I’m generally a curious person. So it was great putting a name and face together.

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