Apparently I'm "almost" perfect. Oh, and something funny for your day.

I didn’t have any time today to write a blog post because I was a) working, b) getting my eyelashes tinted and brows waxed (one of my few girly girl things), c) buying liquor, and d) getting ready for my date.

Therefore, perhaps I can make you laugh. I liked this so much that I may have snorted my proscecco whilst watching. A peek into what I find funny:


In other news, apparently I’m almost the perfect woman. According to (which is kinda like selling women but who am I to judge), based on a survey of 100,000 men, here are the characteristics of a “perfect” woman:

  • blonde hair >> check!!
  • blue eyes >> check!!
  • slender body >> um…
  • non-smoker >> check!!
  • social drinker >> check!!
  • graduate degree >> check!!

This is such a sad state in the world when perfection, apparently, has nothing to do with personality or character.

(and for those of you who don’t know me all that well, I am joking. I am so far from the perfect woman, and I know it)


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  1. Oh Ann…I have so many doubts about my self image because of sad truths such as this. I am glad, however, that you are able to take advantage of possessing these traits. Blonde and blue eyed or not, you are tremendously appealing!9

  2. I’ve never heard of
    Get paid to date, because it’s completely different to prostitution.
    Oh. Sorry. It was the Russell Brand video we were supposed to find funny. I guess I have a twisted sense of humour. 😉

  3. Who knew I would wake up this morning to find out that I was indeed the perfect woman. Crazy! Eyelash tinting sounds quite interesting, I don’t think I’ve ever known anyone who has had it done. While I’ve always had blonde hair (though darker through the years naturally, but lighter thanks to my hair dresser) I have always had thick, dark lashes. There are so many things I didn’t like much about my appearance in my twenties (what was I thinking being so critical?) so I was always grateful for my eyes and eyelashes haha. Really for years that was the only thing I liked about my appearance. Then, I grew up and realized I was stupid, haha. Hope your day went well!

    • I am a very light blonde and my eyelashes are also quite light. So I tint them so that when I have no makeup on I still have some definition. It’s super easy – first time I did it I was in Hungary with a friend!

      I’m only now really comfortable with how I look. Being really tall and not skinny has always been an issue for me, but now I’m better at embracing it 🙂

    • I’m not sure – I think real life is different. Now that I think of it, I wonder if the survey was open question or multiple choice. I would be surprised if the former, that those would be the results.

  4. Hey Ann – I haven’t been about in a while, thought I’d come by. And what did I find but a non-post? But that’s okay. Honestly, if I posted every day, I’d probably pop… I don’t have the brain activity to come up with that many ideas but glad folks like you do.

  5. Oh, Ann! Thank you so much for all that information! You will be happy to know I used to be almost perfect! That checklist was so very helpful! I only missed out on the graduate degree!

    Now, what have you done to your eyes? I was so confused by that whole thing! I kept looking at comparison pictures of her and didn’t see anything significant. Apparently that would be another strike against my alleged long ago perfection, although I do tend to notice details that many miss…..

    • I thought that survey was bizarre, coming from a website that pays women to go on dates. Sheesh.

      What I do to my eyes? Tint my eyelashes…otherwise they are too blonde to be seen 🙂

      And Ms Renee? I think she lost the squinty look. But I’ve lost no sleep over it!

  6. Some day a girl told me in chat that to her I’m perfect. I told her then that there were just two probabilities: as nobody is perfect she would hate me when she discovers my defects; or she never goings to discover my defects so she would abhor because perfection always is quite boring after a short time.
    I think it would easy to think for several gentlemen that you are perfect (I don’t know someone who could check so many options)

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