A small thing which I find exceedingly annoying (Shenanigans)

Last night I was at a friend’s house – we had a playdate with our children including dinner and watching part of the Oscars.

We caught up on life, work, her dating updates, the delight of the beginning state of my relationship with Tony, and the insanity of Will’s potential job change. She kept asking (rhetorically) when Will’s mid-life crisis was going to end.

As we watched all the ridiculously beautiful and thin actresses on the red carpet, she mentioned that a few of my “former guys” had reached out to her on the dating sites. She occasionally checks in with me to see if I know the guys that are reaching out to her.

I said “oh that’s funny…who?”

Now, I forgive those of you who are newer to my blog for not immediately guessing… but those of you who have been around for a while? The scenario might ring some bells.

Yup, ShenanigansΒ (if you haven’t read his story, you can start here).

He texted her again on the dating site – something like “hey looking good how is your Thursday going?” It’s not even the second time…I think he did it again a few months ago.

What the hell does he expect? She’s going to be so impressed by my stories of his prowess that she’s going to reply? Or that she’ll pass on his hello to me and I’ll be jealous? When he pulled that stunt last year, going so far as to mention my name, he first tried to say he was just being friendly. I called bullshit and he then admitted that yeah, he was hoping she might respond and be interested.

After our last time together (which was the first time in many months), we didn’t text each other. Ironically the last time I was out with her I mentioned I hadn’t heard from him – and I guess I put something out into the universe because later that night he texted me. It was innocuous and boring and although I responded a few times, the conversation trailed off.

A part of me wanted to text him and ask him what the fuck he thought he was doing by reaching out – again – to one of my best friends. Then I realized no matter what, a response from me wouldn’t do me any good. I decided to not give him the satisfaction.

But it still pissed me off.

I’d be interested in any theories to explain his douchebaggy behavior…

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  1. To be honest, although I’m not too familiar with the details of the story, his behavior just seems a bit sad to me, and wasting your time opening up to him to be debilitating and counter-productive. Despite what it says on the label, there are a decent number of men who do not date one and make a pass at her friend to add variety to their physical agenda.

    • I agree on the sad part. I was thinking about it today and realized it’s such an idiotic (or super egotistical) move. To me, he looks like a douche because um, hey, she’s one of my best friends, and he’s trying to get her to respond when he’s not also talking to me right now?

      And to her, he looks like a douche for the exact same reason – she knows the entire story and what does he think, he was that much of a stud that friendships be damned?

      I dunno. Just reinforces my general belief that’s he’s a bonehead that doesn’t understand women. The move is one to further guarantee he won’t sleep with either of us.

      Thanks for the reinforcement…I decided to not send him any kind of communication. Not worth my time πŸ™‚

  2. Its the penis doing the thinking, not the head πŸ˜‰ he’s obviously wanting to get more action from every possible angle. If he was genuinely interested in a LTR with someone, he wouldn’t have messaged her.

    So: horny, desperate/such a player that he messages just about everyone with no real care to who it is.

    • The thing I keep thinking about it how nervous / awkward he was when I met him that last time. He isn’t smooth and confident, but he acts like an arrogant prick much of the time. It’s misplaced with him. Arrogant yet insecure.

      Classic, methinks.

  3. alright my overactive imagination went to work on this one and because you wanted thoughts here ya go.

    Katherine and Shenanigans are secretly dating. That is why she brought him up because she was feeling you out on your feelings about him now that you are with Tony and things are going good with him. Its why he text you the day after you mentioned you hadn’t heard from him to Katherine, because she told him. They don’t know how to break it to you but they are secretly and madly in love with one another and it is why he keeps popping up and will continue to do so until a) they get the courage to break it to you or b) another of your previous suitors comes in to sweep her off her feet.

    Are you laughing hysterically right now? πŸ˜‰

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