The best sex yet was with my kid downstairs.

Last week from Tuesday through Saturday I was away on a trip for work. It was an annual awards event for a few divisions in my company. It was great fun but exhausting.

I hadn’t seen Tony in almost two weeks (not since the debacle with my son in the middle of the night). I was three time zones away from home and up late partying most nights. My Mom had been staying overnight at my place while I was away. On Saturday, my plane was delayed and I didn’t get home until 9:45pm. I missed putting my son to bed, and I was disappointed about that.

My Mom and I chatted for a few minutes and she asked me if I was having company – and I said yes, Tony was coming over shortly.

Then she told me I looked exhausted. No question, I was.

My son was fast asleep upstairs. Once he’s asleep, he’s done. He has slept through the smoke detector going off in his bedroom.

Tony arrived at 10:30. It was a great feeling to wrap my arms around him, under his jacket, and be enveloped by his arms and his warmth.

He had asked if he could bring anything but I missed his text as I had been brushing my teeth and changing my underwear. I was pleased he asked since I firmly believe you shouldn’t really arrive empty handed to someone’s house.

He brought wine gums and beer, just in case I didn’t have any. We sat at my kitchen island and decompressed. We joked about which flavors were our favorites. He drank water and I drank sparkling wine. We would chat and kiss and chat some more. Then repeat the whole process.

I like how he is with me that way. He is affectionate, but it’s a good balance between that and knowing he wants to talk to me too. I don’t know how else to explain it – but it’s a super nice feeling.

But at some point the touching and kissing takes over, and then the heat and intensity builds. He holds me tight, kisses my neck. He runs his hands through my hair and holds my face as he kisses me. Sigh.

I ask him upstairs.

There is unhurried undressing, and jokes about cool underwear (his). My pink lace panties start to come off with my jeans and he mutters under his breath that he had planned to keep them on for a bit longer. It’s these kinds of moments where he feelsΒ real.

I feel him hard against my leg. It stays longer than before, but doesn’t last. We have sex, it gets better each time, both in knowing each others bodies and also from his ability to keep things going. Afterwards, we stay wrapped up tight against each other. We murmur to each other how nice it feels.

But we can’t fall asleep that way and break apart to crash, exhausted.

I had warned him in advance that my son was home and asked how he wanted it handled if he woke up in the middle of the night. He knew what happened last time when I tried to get my son back into his bed. Tony said he was fine to have him with us in my bed, should that happen.

Thankfully there was no middle of the night wakeup, but at 6:45am, that uncanny ability I have to know when my child is there, woke me up. Sure enough he was there, in his shortie pyjamas, about to crawl onto Tony. I whispered and course corrected him so he came on my side of the bed. He crawled under the covers, we said our hellos and I missed you’s and kissed and cuddled.

I was in the middle. My son looked over my shoulder when he was awake enough to realize Tony was there. I explained that he had missed me too and come over.

My son seemed perfectly fine. Tony stirred and looked over at us. They said good morning to each other in bed. It felt weird and lovely at the same time. I was contented. It’s been forever since I’d enjoyed a moment like that.

My son asked if he could go downstairs and watch TV. I said “sure”. A few minutes later I heard one of his favorite shows.

I backed into Tony so we were in a close spoon on the bed. Our hands started roaming, he teased my neck and shoulders with kisses, and we just got hotter and hotter. Shortly afterwards he turned me onto my back and pulled himself on top of me.

For the first time, I got a real sense of what his cock could offer.Β 

My internal monologue was going a mile a minute and I was shocked I could even orgasm. It went something like this:

  • Wow, that actually feels really damn good.
  • Crap, I’d better keep my covers over his ass in case we get caught.
  • What would this look like from my bedroom door, anyway?
  • I know the kid is glued to the TV, there is no way he is coming upstairs again.
  • God damn this guy is hot.
  • How crazy is it that this is the best sex we’ve ever had and my kid was in this bed not 10 minutes ago?
  • Wow, he’s actually kinda decently sized.
  • It is really hard to stay quiet whilst cumming.
  • Shit, was that the television?
  • Whenever I look at him, he is reallyΒ looking at me. Intently. Cool.

The sex was the longest duration yet and better yet, felt great. He finished himself off manually – perhaps another insight into his issues – but I can imagine it would be hard for anyone, knowing at any moment a kid might catch you boning his Mom.

Shortly after, he got dressed and I got a bathrobe and slippers and we puttered downstairs. I made him some espresso, we ate soft boiled eggs and toast, and my son did magic tricks for him.

He was comfortable. Not running to get out the door or to avoid engaging my son.

I really, really, liked it.

And the best thing of all? When I asked my son whether he minded Tony being there when he woke up, he said “no Mummy, because I still got to cuddle with you in your bed”.

52 thoughts on “The best sex yet was with my kid downstairs.

  1. This is just awesome and sweet and wonderful all the way around.
    Sounds like you have two fantastic men in your life, Ann. I’m doing a little happy dance at my desk right now. xo

    • Thank you so much!!!

      I would like to have him *more* in my life but I know it’s just not in the cards right now.

      But yeah, in that moment with them on either side of me in bed, I thought it would be terribly awkward and it was sweet. Saccharine, actually.

      And although my son did do some acting out later, classic Freudian stuff, it seemed to pass. I was sure to spend a TON of hands-on time with him afterwards.

  2. “He finished himself off manually – perhaps another insight into his issues – but I can imagine it would be hard for anyone, knowing at any moment a kid might catch you boning his Mom.”

    Glad the situation worked out to everyone’s benefit, Ann. You deserve all the happiness life can afford, babe.

    • I’m glad too… it’s a weight off my shoulders to know that Tony isn’t freaked out about being around my son (not that I’m at that place where I want all of our time to be that way) and also that he still thinks I’m hot even after he’s seen me in “mom” mode.

  3. There is so much good in this night/morning, Ann!
    I might be forecasting a bit, but I am thinking that the hydraulics issues are going to waned the more Tony’s comfort increases. I have a sense that the change from his long-term marriage to someone new, the feelings that he has for you, the new surroundings, etc. are all factoring into his restricted blood-flow conditions. I see this continuing to improve for you both.

    The kid in bed…this is such an odd yet sweet scenario. Perhaps it is due to ours never actually climbing into our bed with us…especially if either (or both) of us were sans-fabric. It wouldn’t bother me, thinking about it now, retrospectively. It is cool to see your son having no concerns.

    Savannah and I have also had some of the best sex with the risk (of being caught) looming over our heads. I should write about the time when she manually stimulated me (to completion in her parents’ living room – with everyone present – while we were snuggled under a blanket on the couch (we were in high school). I digress.

    Back to your story..

    • Oh!! I had on a nightgown and he put on his boxers. Probably should have mentioned that. I’m not all weird about being naked in front of my kid, but given the potential circumstance I felt it more appropriate.

      I’ve come to the same conclusion as you have about the source of the issue. I think there may still be something there that needs to be addressed, but the fact it’s getting better means it’s partly mental.

      Ah, high school. That’s a funny scenario… I had a simlilar one in the back seat of my parents car.

  4. I don’t agree with this situation being a “mom fail” at all. As parents, sure, there are some things we don’t want to expose our children to before we think they’re ready to deal with them, oh, like Mom is a human being with needs. As parents – and depending on the age of the child/children in question, we think that they wouldn’t understand, that coming into our room and seeing us all cuddled up with someone is going to just ruin their lives and, sometimes, not give them credit for being smarter than we think they are.

    Yep, sometimes, this can turn out to be a disaster… but since it didn’t, you shouldn’t treat it as one or think that you did something wrong. If you’re gonna be involved with Tony, you just are not going to be able to keep hiding it. Yep, being discreet about it is good but if you get busted, you just get busted and because it might happen, your efforts would be put to better use preparing to explain it to him instead of feeling like you screwed up and failed as a mother.

    • Thanks for this comment… I do agree with you. I think that we can sometimes get all worried about what is “appropriate” but ultimately, I want my son to be exposed to healthy and AFFECTIONATE grown-up relationships. My ex and I were not particularly demonstrative with our affection (although both were with our son).

      I should absolutely start prepping for the inevitable. I see some reading coming on… Thank you πŸ™‚

  5. I totally agree with kdaddy. Where do you see a mom fail? If your son had caught you in the act, then Ok, that could have been akward. But the fact you had sex, and even better, the best sex yet, with him downstairs happily watching TV? Where is the problem? Enjoy the moment!
    I am sooooo happy to read this post.
    I totally understand the ‘He is affectionate, but it’s a good balance between that and knowing he wants to talk to me too.’ Yes, this is so interesting, makes it even hotter! I know this is something I will be looking for in a future relationship.
    I really like the fact that it feels ‘real’ too. And the fact that he doesn’t feel the need to flee your son. And that it doesn’t feel awkward to be with them both up.
    I say this is great all around πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Dawn, I really appreciate it. It did feel great all around. Although right now, after we were supposed to see each other last night and his work went far too late (after midnight), I’m a bit bummed that every other week seems to be our frequency. I want more of that goodness :/

      • Ah, yes, I can understand! Good luck in finding he solutions to this problem. Though you are a resourceful lady, so I am pretty sure you will figure something out πŸ™‚

        • We are *supposed* to have a real date (defined by me as where we can go out instead of being at my place because my son is home) next Friday and I am REALLY looking forward to seeing how everything, including the sex, goes πŸ™‚

  6. While I love all your stories, Ann, my absolute FAVORITES are tales that include your son and highlight your relationship with him. It’s also wonderful to read that things are going well and improving with Tony.

    • Thank you for letting me know, Janelle… glad to hear you like them πŸ™‚

      I will probably end up writing more about that, since Tony and I seem to be on an every-two-week schedule right now. Gah.

    • He’s been pretty good at that, I think partly because of the other issues. It’s one of those sexual relationships that surely will get better over time, as we get to know each others bodies better. He doesn’t yet know how to push all my buttons πŸ™‚

  7. Ann my insides just melted, this is just so lovely. I’m going to go ahead and say its my favorite of all your posts πŸ˜€
    Congrats on finding some happiness! I’m so excited for you! xx

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