Thank you for your feedback :)

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Thank you sincerely to all of you who gave me feedback on how you traverse (or don’t) my blog contents.

I made some changes over the course of the last few days and thought I would share them here. This delayed me writing a post about Tony and the great sex we had a couple of days ago – but I figured that could wait πŸ™‚

Here’s how my stuff is now structured:

Categories | I created a few new categories that better break down the type of writing I do. They are:

Affairs: The three relationships I had whilst in an open marriage.

Blogging & Opinions: Musings & opinion pieces, search term summaries, awards, and summary posts.

Dating: The stuff between my one-night-stands and my relationships.

Dating Fails: Online dating comedy, awful dates, and generally bad experiences.

Family & Friends: Post-split adventures, my son, stories about friends.

Marriage & Divorce:Β  My ex-husband, my marriage, and my divorce.

Quick & Dirty Encounters: Short-term sexual or dating experiences.

Relationships: Posts about longer term dating I’ve done, or boyfriends I’ve had.

Sex: Stuff about sex or my sexual encounters.

I’m afraid not all of the categorization is perfect yet, but I’m working on it. Feel free to point out any errors or weirdness you find by using my “contact me” page.

Tags | I realized instead of my updating the “lovers” pages going forward with posts written about them, I could simply use tags for the key relationships worth collecting in one tag. So far, I have tags for:

Faraway Lover (my first real affair)

Johnny Id (A fellow blogger who for almost six months was my long-distance boyfriend. Our relationship was a romance, drama, and tragedy all rolled into one)

Tony (Posts are temporarily hidden…I’m fine and I think he is as well, but I need 24 hours or so before I bring them back up. Let’s just say my Google+ account has been permanently deleted as punishment for its great integration ability with other websites).

Pages | I have updated my “About Me” page which includes the content above and a link to the back story I wrote when I had my blog anniversary.

And some of my pages will eventually be retired as my categories and tags take over. But for now, they also list all the posts I wrote on these subjects:

Marriage & DivorceΒ | My Lovers | Johnny Id | Quick & Dirty Encounters | Not all Sex, Here | Awards & Nice Things

I also updated the Awards page with two pieces of writing that I inspired. Hope you enjoy.

And finally, I added a blogroll of sorts – instead of listing all the blogs I follow, I listed the blogs of my most engaged commenters (as reported to me by WordPress). I will update it on occasion, should anyone manage to overtake them!

For those of you trying to find my old stuff, I hope this helps a little bit. And if not, well for once I may not want to hear about it, since this shit is really time-consuming. If WordPress could design a way to bulk remove categories and tags from posts (without deleting the category / tag) that would be really swell πŸ™‚

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  1. I love Allie. After I read her book it got passed on to my sister. Then to my other sister. (Even my daughter, who may or may not believe me to be crazy, read it. She wasn’t going to, she was only looking at a couple pages) I haven’t seen hide nor hair of her (Allie, not my daughter, I see her daily) lately….

    I read yours like a junkie. I like when you link the story line, so I don’t wander off somewhere before reading in order and I appreciate the tags. I should probably just take a vacation and start from the beginning.

    • My son (6) loves the “god of cake” story and now he can read so knows when there are curse words. It’s pretty funny trying to answer the question ‘why does she use a bad word Mummy?”

      I absolutely love her and yes, I don’t know that she’s writing still either.

      I am so flattered to hear you are addicted to my blog. And especially glad to hear you like when I give you the story line. I will try to continue to give you stories worth reading!!

      • something tells me you don’t have too much to worry about there, unless you just stop writing/posting. Sometimes I wonder if you are making stories up. Then I decide you aren’t. then I tell myself you could be, this could all be fiction. Then I tell myself it doesn’t really matter, where is the next part? Hahahaha!

        I like all of Allies stories. I can relate I guess. My kids thought ‘stupid’ was a bad word. I just didn’t want to hear mean words come from my babies mouths. Gradually, as they got older we talked about it, and they understood where I was coming from. I still laugh when I would mutter ‘stupid’ under my breath, as in “I can’t get this stupid thing…” and I would hear “aaawwwwwwww! Mommy said a bad wooooooorrrrrrrddd”

        • That’s so funny, my son does the same thing. He thought stupid was the “s” word for the longest time. Now we have a distinction between “curse” words and “bad” or “mean” words. Stupid is the latter category. It’s helped him sort it out, and gets me in less trouble.

          But with regard to my writing? I appreciate you think I’m talented enough to make this all up!! But for good or bad, these are all my true and unembellished stories. When early on my readers started referring to me as a writer, I would say all I know is how to speak in my own voice, so I’m glad it resonates.

    • I got to thinking about it because I realized if I have new readers there is just way too much content for someone to slog through from start to finish (although that’s how I read new blogs lol)… so wanted a relatively easy way for them to catch up on the stories I’m telling. It was the “faraway lover” story in particular that made me think about that.

      But it’s bugging me now that I’m sure I have miscategorized posts :/

      • Haha I feel your pain. I slog through new blogs start to finish too. Luckily getting through your stories wasn’t a problem for me because I am caught up!

  2. Don’t get me started with things WP could improve. Starting with the ability to link posts into new ones or keeping the formatting I work at in the draft. But for now, I don’t have any luck with either. I’m hoping one day I understand what is going on.
    I remember how time consuming it was to clean up a bit after I moved blogs, and I am not ready to do it again any time soon. I probably should take the time to tidy up around my house first :-/
    But I’ll have a look at yours. πŸ™‚

      • You seem to have been able to link. I am still unable to do that. It may have to do with the fact my OS is outdated. But it is getting really tiresome! I preferred the old stats page, I didn’t ask them for any fancy refurbishment, and I get something that doesn’t work any more. πŸ™
        Frustrating, to say the least!

        • I don’t use the iPad or iPhone app to complete my texts, because of the linking. But I will sometimes write text on them to get started – but I almost always finish them in the original dashboard.

          • I don’t use any app to post, and I mostly post from my laptop. But it is an old Mac. I am wondering whether that has anything to do with it.
            I’m talking about not being able to get the layout I want in my post (case in point, my latest post. Yes, I did write in paragraphs) nor being able to link back to even my old posts, I’m not even talking about linking to anyone else’s!
            As I said: frustrating!

          • I have noticed that the app sometimes strips out formatting…but don’t know exactly the conditions.

            I can link in the app but I have to know the url – it won’t allow a search, even when it’s connected to the Internet. Is that what you are referring to?

          • No, I cannot link at all. I can search for the urls or know them (copy paste), it doesn’t make a difference. In the end, the link is not active.
            As for formatting… It happens all the time. But this is more crazy: I’ll spend time formatting something to my requirements, then save the draft and BAM!, I’m back to whatever was before (particularly if I inserted pictures). Or in my latest post, the draft shows paragraphs, but the post doesn’t have any. I try adding empty lines in the draft (return key) with no change at all to the published post.

            I sent an email to WP with no reply.
            I’m telling you, quite frustrating! πŸ™‚

  3. If you have your blog hosted on a server outside of WordPress you can actually update through the database without opening all the posts. If you host through wordpress you are screwed like I am. I am trying to put a feature photo and simplify my tags as well.

  4. Dammit! This is what happens when I don’t check my favorite blogs every day. Apparently I missed a great Tony story and now I have to wonder what the hell until you unhide the posts! I’m assuming he discovered your blog? The suspense is killing me!

  5. Damn Woman! That is a lot of work right there, I am impressed. Sorry to hear about you being a victim of Google+. I hate that synchronization stuff. Every time an app asks me, I’m all NO, NO, NO!!!!

    • Thank you ‘Tis! Yeah, it was a lot of work πŸ™‚ and I’m sure there are now things that are miscategorized. I know you can relate to how irritating that would be!

      I wrote a post on the Google+ debacle. I think I am unscathed… but I’m feeling pretty dopey.

      I also subsequently deleted my Facebook account for my blog, which I never used anyway. Because sharing that with all my Facebook friends would be horrific!!

      • Yeah, you know to be honest my blog is the one place that I give myself permission to be messy so to speak. I have no categories, a gazillion tags, no rhyme or reason to any of them other than it is what suited my mood at the time and I don’t link it to any outside sources like FB, Twitter, Tumblr, etc… I just don’t see a reason to do all that when really the entire reason I have the blog to begin with is for me, myself and I. Doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate feedback I just don’t care to share with the masses.

        Matter of fact I finally just figured out how to disable the darn share buttons from my posts after all this time so others couldn’t share them on other social media sites. I don’t mind a reblog, and I know anyone can copy the url and share it that way but I just have a preference that it all stay in house so to speak. I actually go back and forth quite often about just privatizing my site out of concern for my job more than family or friends finding it. It would probably be a 50/50 split of those who would be mortified and those that wouldn’t bat an eye. lol

        • Didn’t think about the resharing thing but I totally see your point. I have stuff that gets shared on Twitter sometimes, but never on Facebook. I’ve disabled linkedin because it seemed rather inappropriate πŸ™‚

          I hear you on categorizing. It wasn’t a priority for me at all and I still write for me…but you know, I kinda like organizing things πŸ™‚

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