Sometimes, progress is marked in small increments

In the fall summer (wow how time flies) I wrote a post about getting lighter.

I guess it’s a constant journey. My weight went back up after my surgery so the weight loss goal was a bit of a bust. I think I’m back down a bit again, probably due only to a lack of drinking in November and December when I had pneumonia.

When I bought garbage cans for Tony I stood in front of the hanger section realizing I needed more hangers. Then I realized what I needed even more was to get rid of the clothes in my closet that I never wear. I put the hangers back and made a resolution to get to the purge.

Two weekends ago I had a girlfriend visit. She is one of my closest friends and lives several hours away. We went shopping because she needed some things, and I ended up buying 7 separate items of clothing. All casual – sweatpants and a sweatshirt (I had none), a warm long-sleeved top, and a few other things.

That Sunday when she left I tackled one of the two closets in my bedroom (they aren’t that big, even though that statement makes me sound like I have a big bedroom – I don’t). I tried on every single jacket, suit, skirt, and pair of pants in that closet. I even tried on some of the shirts, too. The few things that didn’t fit went to the side. They aren’t that far off weight wise, so they are staying.

I got rid of four big bags of clothes. I counted (naturally): 11 pants, 8 jackets, 3 suits, 2 skirts, 2 shirts. Some shoes and a purse as well. It felt wonderful.

You know what felt even better? That almost all of my suits fit. I have been in such a clothes funk since my surgery that I was convinced nothing fit. Trying things on and having them not feel right is enough of a horrible feeling that I had no inclination to do that every morning. So I’ve been wearing the few I know are right, or dresses.

But this week, I rocked some of those suits again.

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  1. Good for you! For the purge AND for the no weight gain!
    I need to do that. And also switch from summer clothes in my closet to winter ones… One day, for sure 😉

    • Thank you Dawn!! I am still motiviated to get those 7-ish pounds off so I can fit into a few of the things I bought last summer. It’s close, so small changes like less alcohol, bit more careful on food, and increasing my activity level will make a big difference. I’m cautious to set a goal for myself that I know is unrealistic…I’m not going to be able to dedicate the time required to get as healthy as I’d like.

      I found an entire container of shoes under my bed (all summer) that I had completely forgotten about. Didn’t miss a single pair (and there were probably 20 pairs in there)….thinking perhaps a shoe purge is in order!

      • Wow! I don’t think I own that many shoes!
        Though I just bought some new party shoes, just because my one pair is getting really old, and I’m also considering buying some good looking boots that will still keep my feet dry and warm when walking in the snow or following muck. That will probably up the number 🙂
        I must say that I survived the spring and summer with two pairs, not being able to wear any heel due to my injury… I should think about replacing these as well I guess 😉

    • Appreciate the encouragement… I have lots of pretty things already, so my goal is to streamline so everything I have are things that look and feel great, whether casual or formal. But then I also know there are some “gaps” (like, who doesn’t own a pair of sweatpants?) but they are minimal. I’m trying to be mindful with what I buy – more than I’ve been in the past – and ask myself whether it’s something that really fills a gap, or something I absolutely adore.

  2. That’s awesome, Ann! I rotate the same few pants throughout the week because the others don’t fit me. I wear skirts when it is not freezing cold here because they are more comfortable, but I refuse to buy bigger pants! I must get this weight off. To most, I would not appear to be overweight, but I am not losing for anyone but me. I don’t want to be all skin and bones either, I just want to fit back in my pants and see some definition in my abs. 😉 I think a good closet purge is good for the soul. Even pieces I really like, I figure if I haven’t seen them in a year…chances are they can be replaced and out they go! We are prepping for a spring yard sale so I’ll do another just before then…hopefully shedding pants that are too big!

  3. Isn’t it amazing the lbs we pack on with alcohol? I mostly drink red wine, but I notice a significant difference when I don’t drink it. I go through my closet often now, discarding the stuff that is too big as well as somethings I purchased and thought I’d like but never wore. If it’s been in my closet for more than a year, I take a serious look as to if I need that Item. Also amazing how many hangers you have when your done… LOL
    Kind of like Hollie, I rotate about 5 or 6 knit pencil skirts every week, with different tops. But that’s just for work. Anyway Ann, keep up the good work!

  4. I love purging! I recently became addicted to it over the last few weeks and have done pretty much a whole house purge. 20 bags of garbage and five runs to the second hand store with a van full of items to donate each time (at least 40 large garbage bags). Turns out I had a lot of “stuff” and I can’t even tell you how much bigger my house feels now that there is not so much…and it really didn’t look that cluttered to the casual on looker…but clearly it was! feels so good to be rid of things you don’t need!

    As for losing the last 7 lbs…small changes see big results… need for drastic changes you can’t stick with! you will get there!

    And for anyone wanting a good ab routine that brings back some definition…I suggest “300 abs”…its a routine I found on pinterest and I love it…and it does a great job of bringing back the abs!! (sorry for the unsolicited advice!!).

  5. Congratulations!!! What a cause to celebrate!! I too have been loving the experience of discovering clothes in my closet that haven’t fit for years now fitting. It is even better than buying something new! I had suits with the tags still on it because i had bought them thinking, “i just need to lose 5-10 pounds and this will motivate me”. Now they fit great…even a little too loose…


  6. The great purge! It is amazing how fast stuff accumulates. My kids are flooded with gifts from their grandparents and if we didn’t take proactive action, we would have to buy another house and keep this one for the stuff. We took bags and bags of clothes (mostly kids) to the donation. When I dropped the weight, I emptied my closet – 11 bags. Some fat dude was the recipient of a few nice. rather spendy suits along with a lot of really nice clothes. I had to start over with my wardrobe.

    Now, I have more cycling kits than suits (I don’t have need in my current role) as I ride almost everyday.

    Books? Holy molely – I have a lot that I need to start parting with, pairing down to just the vintage 1st eds and rarities. I am like George (in the Seinfeld tv show) that I have this need to keep the books that I read. During a previous garage clean-up, I found a box full of my college text books from the ’80s. Why? GONE! I also got rid of every graded paper that I wrote. What the hell was I keeping this for?

    If you want motivation for purging, clean out the home of a family member who experienced The Great Depression. The accumulation and saving is insanity. Live light.

    • My husband was sad I purged his calculus books from University. And he could also not explain the rationale for keeping it. I assured him that when our kids go away to school we will likely want to get them the latest edition in text books…not “dad’s old books”. funny the things we develop attachments to!

    • So great you were able to do those purges as well. I still have a few of my papers 🙂

      And yes, very true with people of a different generation. Whole different mindset to keeping things. But they also I’m sure re-used a lot more things, and didn’t treat as much as disposable. Right?

      • Savannah was a little pissed at me for trashing my papers, but over the course of several decades of sitting in a box and being moved without ever seeing the light of day, what was the point? I needed the garage space much, much more.

        • I actually digitized all the old papers I wanted to keep – even old school certificates and the like. There was no need for me to keep 99% of the stuff I had… but just in case I want a trip down memory lane, I can do it digitally.

          Over the course of several weekends I would sit on the couch in front of the scanner, watch a movie, drink wine, and scan documents.

          I am now pretty much paper free at work and at home. Kids artwork is a bigger challenge given the size of my scanner…but that’s for another day.

          • The kids art – Oh my goodness! This is insanity! Early in my career, I spent time in graphic design (an enhancement to my photographic interest) and still bring that to bear for personal uses. I have made Savannah some nice Mother’s Day books that have been combinations of the kids’ art and photographs either shot exclusively for the book or some of the better pics snapped throughout the year. It is fun to tie pics to art, extracting and combining the emotions of both. It is fun to see the tears of joy (while I get to part with the mountains of art).

            We will keep some of the better, more emotional pieces, but this is a good way to keep all of the other ones.

            I did think about digitizing my papers….for about 1/1000th of a second.

          • Well consider digitizing for the other stuff you have… it makes a huge difference in your storage needs. And I use OneNote for some things and Evernote for others (recipes, actually) and then you can also access all your records across multiple devices.

            Oh whoops this isn’t an organizational blog. I shall stop.

          • I use OneNote quite extensively. I never considered this route. Perhaps I should have listened to Savannah and scanned representative work. Hmm. Too late for that now.

            I do use the cloud for a lot of this sort of content. Flickr for my personal and professional photos has been a great tool. I use One Drive for my documents (and I have a back-up of my home computer drive). I use Google Drive for a lot of my writing (it is great for peer review of manuscripts!!).

            All of these are accessible from anywhere and are platform/device agnostic.

          • I have separate workbooks for different types of content. For example, all of my son’s records (school, immunization, etc) are in one tab. All of my travel information (past trips, research, etc), is in another. All my tax information has a separate section where I dump all the stuff I need for each year.

            I found I had paper stuff and electronic files on my work computer, home computer, etc., and it was terrible trying to find anything.

          • I look at this in terms of security. What content requires what level of protection? How do I trust what measures are available? Do the device apps have direct access (i.e. stored authentication – which is not good for protection) or will I be safe if my phone should fall into someone’s hands if it was unlocked? Content organization is also part of the equation.

  7. Weight loss: pneumonia’s silver lining. That goes double for heartache.

    I am sorry you were in a post-surgery clothing funk, but you could have been in a much worse funk than that post-surgery. For shizzle.

  8. I have clothes ranging 4 sizes in my closet. A few years ago I had lost a lot of weight and bought a new wardrobe. I gradually put at least half the weight back on that I had lost which is discouraging but I started doing something about it Jan 5. I have lost 7 lbs and I have 30 to go… at least. But I feel better. I recently purged my closet also. I figured if I get small enough to wear those clothes…I doubt I would! I will go out and buy new stuff. Sooo.. I got rid of A LOT! Kept some things like pants and a few shirts I adore. But the rest is out of here. And…like you, it started with needed a few more hangers! 🙂

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