Music for men who crossed my path.

I love music. I choose it based on my mood. It is almost always playing in my house – even more so now that I have a new turntable and my Dad’s vinyl collection to discover.

The post about Andrew and that Bruno Mars song got me thinking. For some of the men who have crossed by path, there is a song I associate with them. Perhaps just for a short period of time, perhaps forever. Time will tell. The songs that remind me of Faraway Lover are still vivid memories of our time together – I’m starting to think that will never fade.

Here are the boys and their songs. If you don’t know their stories, go to my “Lovers” page. But please don’t pick apart every lyric and test the applicability…my brain doesn’t work that way.

Naked Ironing Man – “Say Something” by A Great Big World


The Giant – “I’ll be Your Lover Too” by Van Morrison


Johnny Id – “Just Give Me a Reason” by P!nk


Will (my ex-husband) | “When I was Your Man” by Bruno Mars


The Dog Trainer | “You Don’t Own Me” by Lesley Gore


Andrew | “It Will Rain” by Bruno Mars

I wrote about why here. It’s not that I associate the song with him because I felt this way about him, but because he freaked out about listening to it during sex.

Faraway Lover (Four songs, actually)

 “Here With Me” by Dido

“Try” by P!nk

“You and I” by Lady Gaga

Note: if you haven’t heard this song before, I encourage you to first listen, not watch, the video. I’ve never had someone unfamiliar with the song guess it was her. And the video is well, a little odd.

“Oh Darling” by the Beatles

We heard a cover of this song played one night when he (and others) visited me in my city. It was a great night and one I now always associate with him.

And since I’m on a roll, one of my favorite break-up songs:

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    • Thanks Hook! I know this is different from my usual stuff, but one side effect of having fewer men in my life, and way less drama, is I can write about past stuff (wasn’t inspired to do so this week), really deep stuff (which I’m thinking about), or different stuff… so I chose the latter. xo

  1. Thank you for this. You got me singing along to the songs I knew the lyrics to (and boy, I love singing, and it makes me feel great!).
    I tried to watch the video to try. I had to stop mid clip. I listened to the whole song, but watching the video hurt. I am in a phase where I recognize, research, work on the abuse I experienced. Watching it on video, even in the form of dance, was just too violent for me. :-/
    I didn’t know the break up song. I like it 🙂

    • I really like Sara B – she has a song called “Brave” which I am also addicted to.

      Glad you liked the songs. Try is an amazing video and it’s actually P!nk and a professional dancer. I would love to look like her. I think she’s fantastic. But I haven’t ever been physically abused so I don’t have that on my mind when I watch it – completely understand that it would be different.

      • I agree, it was impressive to see her dance like this.
        I need to make something clear: I was not physically abused in my marriage. At least not in the fighting way depicted in that video. But the violence was just too much to take for me, even though it didn’t directly remind me of anything. Or is it that it reminded me of the way I felt as a girl when my dad was physically abusive, even if, again, not in the same way as depicted?
        One day, I’ll heal. 🙂

  2. This is so much fun! I loved this post. “You and I” would be my song for Brad for sure. I swear he text me every single time heard it on the radio, or bits of the lyrics (he was a huge Nebraska fan, and I became one too, so he loved the “my cool Nebraska guy” lyric).

    • I absolutely LOVE that song. I first heard her do it acoustically and it was such a departure from what I’d known her songs to be like. I imagined that it was what my relationship with Faraway Lover might end up like… never being together that way but years from now, having the time be right. I know now it’s not going to happen that way, but there is so much about that song that resonates for me.

        • As I mentioned in one of my posts about Tony, we made out to one of my Dad’s old Ray Charles albums. I didn’t listen to the words (I was preoccupied) but it was so sexy. I will definitely listen to it again on my own…

          But I also know there are songs I hear that make me think of the future with someone like Tony. Especially lyrics and rhythms that I feel a real connection to… it’s a powerful combination 🙂

          • Ray Charles is definitley sexy time music. The song, and especially the vidoe to Little Texas “What might have been” always makes me think of John. I feel like we will bump into each other when we are elderly and stll feel the connection and feel sad about all those wasted years. Of course, the people in the song were seperated by war, not because he js a man-child who won’t grow a pair.

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  4. Ive already given you my one in your other entry, but “When I was Your Man” was also another of mine.

    I went through an Ellie Goulding phase for a month or two.

    Ahh forgot a few others (for the people that dont read back)
    J Holiday – Bed
    Bobby Valentino – Slow Down
    Trey Songz- Neighbors Know My Name
    Bob Marley – Is This Love (my ex’s favorite)
    Bob Marley – Waiting in Vain
    Plies ft T-Pain – Shawty
    T-Pain ft Wiz Khalifa – 5 o’clock (from all the times I used to come home after midnight from working insane hours)

    There’s a lot more that hit home. And no, you won’t ever forget the memories that they invoke.

  5. I have a soundtrack playing continously in my head when there is no music. If there is a word, phrase, a tone or a vibration, corresponding music comes to mind. A few terabytes, over 1,000 CDS and more than 100 LPs, music books (sheet and tab), several guitars and amps, keyboards and a violin…in our multipurpose/music room.

    Did I mention that I love music? It is central to our lives and is the same for our kids.

    I wonder if Savannah could pin one song to me? I can’t with her.

  6. I enjoyed your playlist! It’s funny how a song can instantly send my mind spinning to a very specific memory and time has no impact on the vividness of that memory. I’m sure it happens to many people, but it always amuses me.

  7. I love the breakup song! I hadn’t ever heard it before. I’m woefully out of date when it comes to music anymore. I’m sure if there was an association of retired radio DJ’s, I would have been kicked out long ago.

      • Girl, I was a DJ for 16 years! Right up until I was just about to deliver my now 20-year-old son. I thought I was getting too old to be a DJ anymore – plus, the people in that business are certifiably crazy! Of course, I now realize I was in the prime of my life back then – and that crazy people abound in any profession.

          • I miss aspects of it – but the pay was shit and, as I mentioned, the people are a strange breed. I occasionally think of getting back into the business – just on weekends or something, but technology has changed so much in the past 20 years, I would have to learn everything all over again.

          • I have similar thoughts about my former theater job (something to do when I tire of the corporate grind. But everything is computerised now and it would be very different.

  8. “…that I have a new turntable and my Dad’s vinyl collection to discover.”

    I love you.

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