Might I have a man choice on my horizon?

I didn’t think I would have this problem. And I’m going to make this post quick because a very wise New Yorker suggested perhaps I write a little bit less and focus on other stuff (he said health, but I’m going to use the found time to get my turntable fixed so I can play the albums my father gave me at Christmas… his ENTIRE music collection).

Last night I was texting Tony a little bit and I sent him a picture…not particularly naughty, but I did think it was sexy. It was of my shoulder, neck, and breast (covered with my hand) showing him that the bruise from last weekend had faded.

He didn’t exactly respond in a manner I thought befitting someone who had just received said photo, so I asked him what he thought and he said:


Pretty damn awesome response to a question I hadn’t asked… but of course had wondered.

So, this is good. We have no plans for this weekend other than a tentative one that he may come by after my son is asleep, either Saturday or Sunday night. And I’m strangely okay with that.

But wait! There’s more. That’s not the complicating part.

I mentioned in a holidays post that I have been in touch with The Comedian (just search “comedian” in my search bar to find the posts about him). He’s been rehearsing his show and dealing with family and other stuff and has been rather busy. I never worry about it because we’ve known each other for 26 years. So time is relative.

Occasionally he will send me a text saying he wishes he was kissing me or that he thinks I’m “fine” (meant in the good way) or some such sweet and romantic thing. But I haven’t seen him since our lunch date.

He’s now rehearsing his show for the next month in a different city. Then he’s off to yet another city to do a pre-run of the show before it premieres in the theater town. All that to say, he’s not in my city for perhaps the next year, depending on how well the show does.

Last night, after I had put my son to sleep and was ready to go to bed myself, I got “hey. I would like to touch you” from him. We texted back and forth for a bit and then he said “I would like to consummate our relationship”.


This is something I have wanted to do since the first day I met him all those years ago.

Later, he followed with:


Meaning, it’s never happened and it should have. He called me on my phone and we talked for almost an hour. He’d been drinking, which I think is when he gets up the courage to say these things to me. While a gregarious and hilarious performer, he’s different when he’s not on stage.

He joked that it has taken him 25 years to ask me to sleep with him. I suggested that pace is slightly slow.

After we hung up, I realized that I can’t remember the last time a man said such wonderful, complimentary, and romantic things to me. He spoke about how much he has liked me since he’d met me all those years ago, how smart and beautiful I am, and how he’d like to be next to me, hugging me, kissing me, and making love to me. I need to write more about this, because I have a brewing conflict in my head. But the reality is I know what I will do if I have that opportunity with him – I guess one question for me is whether I make that opportunity.

Off to deal with my turntable. Mark, I hope this proves some progress on my part to you… I’m 400 words less than my usual πŸ˜‰

52 thoughts on “Might I have a man choice on my horizon?

  1. Definitely a slow pace! You know, every person and situation is different, but for me I feel like raising the caution flag. I had someone since 8th grade who I was “in love” with (and who returned the sentiment many times – verbally) – but it never culminated into anything – seriously, not even a kiss until we were 22 – and even then he still had a girlfriend he said he was unhappy with. Bottom line, in the end he never left her and we both went about our lives and continued the flirtations via letters until it died out. At some point in my “real” adult life, I realized I was never a priority for him. I’m not suggesting it’s anywhere near the same… I just think caution should always be exercised in these cases of long-term friendships. I’m a total stranger but I want a happy ending for you – you deserve it!

    • Thank you Tara, and I definitely understand the caution you are putting out there.

      The reality for us is that he was in a significant relationship from when we met (became his first wife) until last year (second wife), and I was also in a 15 year relationship. So it’s the first time we are both single at the same time.

      I don’t really have any illusions about us ending up together, but there is for sure something unrequited that I’m pretty sure we are just going to have to, well, requite. If that’s a word πŸ™‚

  2. That’s it. Baby steps. Work up to it. Stopping completely for 72+ hours would be a shock to the system. Yours. Ours. WordPress’s.

    “Consummate” sounds kind of clinical to me. Like it’s a medical procedure.

  3. What a terrific gift from your dad! I still regret the day dh decided to get rid of clutter, including all of our lp’s…even the carefully selected and stored box that held my favorites from my deceased dad’s collection. Hope the turn table is repaired toot suite so you can spin away…

  4. Well, I definitely like Tony. I like the Comedian too, but I’m thinking, considering your need for a relationship, for frequent fucking and keeping in touch, he may not be the best option!
    Now, fucking him once in a while, if Tony doesn’t have a problem with that? Yes, by all means, I’d go for it!
    Mind you, right now, I’d give anything to feel a man’s hands on my skin and his cock in my pussy, so… ok, TMI. Sorry, that’s the combination of illness and horniness… πŸ™‚

    • The advice was in response to my attempt to find time to deal with my health. I have written every single day for many many months, and while I write what’s on my mind and it’s theraputic, it does take up a chunk of time to do it.

      I’m simply trying to find a better balance but when I have something to say, I will definitely say it πŸ™‚

  5. i can’t shower you with romance, but wonderful, complimentary things?
    I’m all over that!
    But I’m happy for you, Ann. Here’s hoping this year is filled with many awesome choices for you!

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