It was really good, before it got bad (FL 6)

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0 thoughts on “It was really good, before it got bad (FL 6)

  1. You’re becoming very adept at cliffhangers, Ann… damn you.
    Can’t wait to see what happens next.

    BTW… “Me, blindfolded on the hotel room bed, trembling with anticipation and excitement as you kiss and touch every part of my body. Absolutely crazy with desire.”


    • I am so glad you found it hot. As I said it was the first time I ever wrote things like that.

      The whole story has been a cliffhanger I suppose, since I started it when I started this blog πŸ™‚

      But everyone knows it is over – I guess just not *how*.

  2. Damn woman now I’m wet too! Absolutely amazing feelings…and now, I’m finding as well, such a rare thing to have chemistry like that which can rock your world.

    When its happening it really sets you on fire and throws everything else out of focus

  3. I agree with what everyone else has already said, wholeheartedly.
    I thought it was interesting that you hadn’t masturbated prior to this relationship. I was a seriously late bloomer as far as masturbation goes. 35? How much we can deny ourselves is crazy. Why?


    • Fascinating that there are some common experiences with these things. It’s so intoxicating, but people forget it’s not reality. At least what I’ve seen. Look forward to reading your story.

  4. HA! Faraway Lover! I had named him Florida. I thought that sounded like a place you might have been on that first business trip.

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