I enjoy buying garbage bags for my man.

This happened before our exclusivity conversation.

I like doing nice things for people. I’m not always the most thoughtful and selfless, but I have my moments. Here’s a wee example.

The night Tony made me dinner at his place we got onto the topic of garbage can bags. We both have kitchen garbage cans by Simple Human, and this is not a brand where any generic bag will do. It’s all messy and drives me a little crazy.

Not sure why, but one time at my place I told him about one time when my recycling bin got chucked along with the recycling, leaving me needing to buy a new insert for my bin. I couldn’t get it delivered to my country so had one delivered to a family member in another country… along with 200 of the garbage bags I needed. They are expensive in my country and a pain in the ass to buy.

So at his place, he mentioned he was frustrated because he was almost out of bags and they were hard to find.

I know, I know… you are thinking “wow such exciting topics Ann… no wonder you can’t keep a man”.

Move on.

Fast forward to a day last weekΒ when I’m at one of a handful of stores that sells this brand. I texted Tony mentioning I was at the store and would be happy to pick some up for him if he liked?

Now, I hate it when people say no to that kind of thing, when I know they could use the help. It’s never a bother and I ask because it’s a nice thing to do, not because it’s a big deal for me at all.

I was half convinced he would say no. Because I keep thinking that’s how the narrative of our relationship is going to go.


I know I need more excitement in my life when I was happy he said yes, I could do that little thing for him. So I stepped it up a notch and – wait for it – we had a conversation about BATHROOM garbage cans.

Whee!! The thrilling and scintillating Ann St. Vincent, ladies and gentlemen.

Again, it had been a topic of conversation. The man doesn’t have garbage cans in his bathrooms and I explained this could be a problem for female guests. We giggled about scenarios.

I happen to have the perfect and inexpensive garbage can for between a toilet and a tub / wall. They also sell them at this store. I sent him a pic and said “hey they have these if you want them”. Again, he took me up on the offer.

It was a little thing, but it made me happy. While I don’t want to read too much into it, I liked that he let me do it.

Now, if only I could see him to be able to give them to him!!

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  1. I’m like you, not overly selfless all the time but I love being able to help and give in little ways. And it’s nice when the little tasks of real life are fun! There is something heart warming in being able to do something small for lover, knowing it makes things a bit easier for the other person even when it may seem like not a huge deal. I like (and “liked”) this post.

  2. Well to start with I soooooo want that bin, but secondly allowing someone to give you a gift or do a little something for you, is in itself, a gift. And I think it’s often hard to do, simply because we don’t always realize what it means to the other person. To allow someone to pick up your dry cleaning might actually be a huge thrill for them. Sometimes we just have to give, by being willing to receive.
    Of course nowhere is this generosity of spirit more prevalent, then in the simple act of us men allowing someone to suck their cock. Yes, we’re all give really. xx

  3. this is where I’m working the most on my self – being myself with men and letting the chips fall where they may – I know it’s sad that it took me over 40 years to discover that in order to have a healthy relationship I need to stop trying to be who I think I should be or they want me to be and just be me but better late than never!

  4. It’s the little things in life, isn’t it?
    I agree, letting someone do you a favor is a gift in itself. It shows you are letting them into your life. It’s important πŸ™‚

  5. Your stories always make me laugh out loud. What country do you live in? Let me guess. New Zealand? Only place I ever heard of that has so much trouble getting common things.

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