He forgot his aunt was dead.

After asking for feedback on how you read the content on my blog, I found myself lost in the management of categories and tags. So I didn’t get either my next Faraway Lover post or Tony posts finished today (and if you click those links, you’ll see I now have tags for them!)

BUT I thought I would recount a brief story Will (my ex) told me yesterday.

Two weeks ago he was here for the weekend as it was a milestone birthday for his father. Will is not known for being close to anyone other than his immediate family (minus his Mother, from whom he is estranged), and doesn’t retain information he deems unimportant (but he retains all kinds of facts and trivia, so go figure).

At the party, he sees one of his first cousins who he doesn’t cross paths with very often. Here is an excerpt of their conversation:

  • Will: Hey Bob, nice to see you again. How is your Mom doing?
  • Bob: Will, my Mom passed away two years ago.

There’s an embarrassed pause. Naturally.

  • Will: Well, I guess she’s the same, then.

Thank goodness his cousin has a sense of humor and followed with “yes, her condition is stable”.

When he told me the story I laughed so hard I almost peed my pants.

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  1. First of all, I love that you guys still talk and laugh. It doesn’t always work out that way.

    This reminds me of when Martin Short went on the morning talk show hosted by that dim bulb Kathy Lee Gifford. Gifford prattled on and on about what great personal friends she was with Short and his lovely wife Nancy. Short sat there squirming uncomfortably because his wife had DIED a few month earlier.

    • Oh goodness, that’s terrible…especially when I’m sure she has people to prevent such major gaffes.

      My ex is just distracted.

      And yeah, it is nice we can still talk and laugh. A lot like my parents actually. I still remember a time I bought a bike with them, after their divorce, and they joked around so much I was embarrased.

    • OMG! Kathy Lee Gifford is a twit to begin with but that kind of fopaux I can only imagine what he said to her once they were off camera. He is a good guy but I’m sure his ire was raised at her presumptuous statement… what a bitch! :-/

  2. Will (your ex) sounds like someone that I used to be related to…in fact, we have the same parents in common (or we did at one time). The one difference is that this person would have found a way to ensure the cousin knew of the disdain within.

        • He was witty, intelligent, charming, well-mannered, financially secure, curious, and said he was interested in lots of different things.

          He is a conundrum, for sure. My Mom and I have even talked about it recently – how someone who at times is so generous and kind can also be such a careless and self-absorbed asshole.

          • Sorry, Ann. It was more of a rhetorical question. I don’t mean to dredge anything up, though you are a self-reflective soul and constantly analyzing.

          • No need to apologize at all. Yes, I’m self-reflective AND constantly analyzing… so I’m cool with that.

            As I think I’ve said before, I don’t regret my marriage. I wouldn’t have my son otherwise. What I’m focussed on is not making the same mistake again, and rebuilding the things I’ve lost.

  3. My ex would have been the same, minus the sense of humor. I find it almost pitiful, so I’m not going to comment any more on your post.
    I’ll rather write about something I just noticed: I’m on your blog roll, as one of your most frequent commenters! Wow! I don’t know what I should make of this. I guess it goes to show a few things. 1) I just cannot keep my mouth shut 2) I spend too much time on WP and/or 3) I do relate to so much you are writing!
    I really think it’s a combination of the three 🙂
    So thank you for writing it!

  4. +1 to Dawn. My x is the same but it disgusted me when we were married. But now that he has forgotten two major life events in his own family since separation…I just get a laugh at it. No one to blame but himself.

    I will say his return was excellent rather than an apology!

  5. It is a good thing you two can laugh about something together. It will, in the end, be better for your son that you remain civil to each other. I have a couple of friends who can selectively decide what to forget and what to remember. I DO NOT understand how/why they do that, but it works for them. I would have been mortified if I had made such a blunder but it sounds like he handled it smoothly! 🙂

    • Yeah, we have a pretty good relationship. Only a couple big fights (one was over the holidays and I haven’t written about it) which is great, all things considered. It’s very important to both of us that we model good behavior for our son.

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