A site question for my readers

This blog now has close to 400 posts, chronicling marriage and divorce, way too many lovers to count (although I suppose I’ve done so), and a range of topics from sex to… not sex.

Since some of you have been around since the beginning and know my story, maybe how my blog is laid out is irrelevant. But I’m sure most aren’t that familiar.

I would like to know what you think the best way is to learn my story and find the content you seek.

Categories: I have categories for sex, marriage, affairs, dating, dating fails, and family. These are pretty broad, however, so there are some with tons of posts that are found this way. I’m not sure if anyone uses categories to find anything.

Pages: I have pages with links for posts on my marriage, lovers (with sub pages for Johnny Id, and the “quick and dirty” encounters I’ve had), the non-sex stuff I’ve written, and an awards page. These take a while to keep maintained and I’m not sure how useful they are.

Tags: I tend to not use really specific tags. However I’ve seen some people use tags by person, which could eliminate my need to maintain pages with links for specific men in my life. Instead, for the significant relationships, I could just link to the tag, and ensure I tag all the stuff about them. As I write this out I think it’s the way to go, but still looking for feedback. And does anyone use tag clouds?

I guess my ultimate question is: how do you prefer to navigate my blog or a blog such as mine?

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  1. I don’t tend to navigate around much. But then I think I’m up to date on a lot of things so haven’t needed to.

    I guess I’m not much have help 😉

    • Nah, that’s perfectly fine my dear! I know there are some of you who know it all, so to speak… but I know when I find a new blogger and there is a ton of content on their blog, I sometimes hope they made it easier on me to get their backstory.

      I’m just not sure if my way of navigating is all that common.

  2. I’d have to say I’m a categories guy, Ann. When I happen upon a blog I like, I go to the “about” page then categories, in that order. Unless there’s a “boobs” page, then I usually start there… just kidding, of course. I’m more of a booty man.

    OK, all kidding side, Ann — categories would be my vote;)

  3. Best thing to do would be to have less posts. Ain’t nobody got time to read all that. If I go to a gas station and find a car at each pump, I’ll simply drive five miles to the next gas station rather than wait. So when it came to your blog, I read what I could. Then five minutes later I drifted over to PornHub and started masturbating (then again, I end up doing the same thing whenever I’m on Google News).

    But I also read fast. So… I know what I need to know.

      • Well, I’ve only just started reading your blog so I haven’t yet plumbed the depths of your archives but I plan on doing this. I would be interested in reading about a particular relationship if it was a somewhat linear narrative found in specific section. Maybe that’s what the “tags” you mentioned would do. But I also have an interest in reading posts that are connected in other ways besides relationships (I’m not being much help). And honestly, if the quality of writing, and more importantly storytelling, is present then I’ll read no matter the classification. And your blog definitely has all of those qualities.

  4. Always keep the ‘about’ page up to date, fresh. I don’t read for eroitca…just update on your progression through life. long pieces do challenge my attention span. I just want your son ok and you learning…best wishes

  5. Ann, when you figure it out, can you please let me know, and also tell me how to improve my page? I am pretty useless with technology. I’ve been wondering how to make pages and such… and have given up, not willing to spend so much time trying to find answers to things I’m not even sure I need… :-/

  6. I like how your blog is laid out. I do use tagS but I understand how it can be exhaustive for someone to read all posts tagged to a specific person often mixed with other people so I’d want to make some pages with a chronological order and little summary like yours (one day I’m not too lazy 🙂

  7. I use categories and tags and while I tag other things as well, I tag the name of the man so if you click on “adam” you can read all of his stories, but those may fall under different categories based upon what the stories are about. Tag cloud works for me. I also have the archive sorted by month, so people could read things in the order that I write them, but I don’t write them in a linear fashion so I think the tagging helps more than anything.

    • I use that archive dropdown but can’t imagine it gets used a lot. I keep it because it doesn’t take up much space.

      I think I will add those tags for the more significant relationships, because there are a lot of posts to keep track of!

  8. Hi Ann,
    I’m giggling from way over here. I just removed my categories widget…last night! I don’t use your categories because I’ve been following for long enough. That said, I DO like your individual pages. Then, after reading Ned, it brought me back to the need for categories.
    I’ll probably add mine back in (Ned is involuntarily my go-to for all things writing!).
    How’s that for wishy washy?
    Bottom line–I love what you do and will always read 🙂

    • That’s hilarious. Seems like many here like categories, whereas if I do so on someones blog and get what feels to be an endless number of post, I get frustrated.

      My personal preference is to have an easy way to read the different aspects of someone’s story, especially if they are talking about relationships.

      And thank you so much for letting me know that no matter how much I may screw up my blog’s navigation, you’ll be here for me 😀

  9. When I first become familiar with a blog, I look at the categories or the pages and decide what I would like to peruse. Once I follow a blog, I tend to try to read it all. I’ve enjoy reading your words, along with the emotional changes you have been through over the months…. I don’t see a lot of changes needed, but then, I tend to read those I like and don’t go searching through the masses…

  10. If you make your blog as orderly as YOU need it to be, like having multiple categories, tags, pages, then okay – some folks need to break the many things they write about into nice and easy “chunks” so they can keep everything straight and, yeah, make it easier for people to tap into specific things about your blog.

    I know I just recently added another category after three years of just writing under a single category so I’m trying to see if doing that makes a difference or something like that.

    As a reader, if I see that someone has links to different aspects of their blog, I’ll check them all out… and just because the author put them there and that never bothers me nor do I ever complain about someone’s writing being too long because it’s their blog and they can write as much or as little as they see fit.

    Overall, it is about maintenance. I’ve resisted breaking down things in pages because keeping track of them and deciding what goes where takes away from me just sitting down and writing whatever’s on my mind at that moment. I click on one of the two categories I have now, throw in some tags, and get to writing.

    • Thank you for your feedback!! It’s the maintenance that I worry about… I know that there are posts I haven’t put up, so using tags appeals to me. I will do that to some extent, but overall I aim to make it easy for people to find what they want to read about, however they search for content.

      • To quote Captain Scott of Star Trek fame, “The more they complicate the plumbing, the easier it is to stop up the drain…” Sometimes the less time you spend on management gives you more time to write…

        • Yes!! Tags for the specific dudes are the way to go, so that I don’t have to keep updating. Now just trying to split my “dating” category into the ones that were relationships (or at least, ongoing) and those that were one or two-offs… any suggestions on a category name? 🙂

  11. You will be surprised how often the same tags get the same category. tags is just more distinguishing than the category does. The category by choice is in most cases also most relevant to the biggest tag.. Or so that s how I used the both.

    Funny how we all use them differently. And though I am a category guy,i can see how you like using tags as to distinguished your topics more. Having sub categories… Johnny ID under main category Lovers is also an option. it gives the reader two options.. either on the person or all lovers.

    Top it off. when reading lover (category), one might immediately think relationships, sex, friend with benefits, escapades and god knows what else.Those would be tags right.

    Just a thought on the matter.

    • Yes, I totally see what you are saying. With the feedback I’ve gotten, I’m debating separating my “dating” category into stories about relationships or those I dated for a while, and those that were one time things. Now I just need to come up with a good term… escapades might be a good one 🙂

  12. I have already looked through everything and read up so I can’t say I care one way or the other. However, I will say that I find categories easier to navigate if I need to go back and read something to remember back story… that I WILL do! 🙂

  13. To heck with organization, lol. Be totally random and spontaneous….I think I get to know you better that way. Little interesting tidbits at a time and its up to me to piece the puzzle together!

  14. If you subscribe to any of the usability experts, you’ll discover that metadata and content classification (from your audiences’ perspective) should heavily factor into your user-experience (UX) driven architecture. Nielsen/Norman Group has a bevy of information on inter/intranet design. In perusing their site, you’ll note the near-absence of blog design documentation (in contrast to all of their other content) which should be an indicator that UX experts don’t give much consideration to the free-form nature of blogging: http://www.nngroup.com/articles/weblog-usability-top-ten-mistakes/

    In my estimation, you (we) should leverage the keywords and categories and be more prudent with consistency. We should employ a strategy for categories and strict adherence to them while allowing the keywords to enhance and to provide more gap-coverage (if our content falls outside of the categories). Keywords are interactive on WP which means that you can incorporate them as hyper-links which allow the platform to pull together all the content with those KWs applied by simply creating a hyperlink (rather than creating special page to perform this task).

    You should also have some top-level pages to present more evergreen content (you already do this, well!) which then give the navigating readers a clickstream through your site.

  15. To be honest, I’ve been following along for quite a while now, so I don’t peruse your old stuff since I’ve already read a bunch of it. So I guess how you catalog your site, in my opinion, should be however it’s easiest for you.

  16. I believe Sharn is onto something. Scott said as much, as well. From my own, admittedly, unscientific research and a study of my own stats, (not to mention my own behavior) I don’t think people tend to venture off the landing page very often. Nobody digs through archives or clicks on categories. I tend to read new post, comment if I am moved to do so, and move onto the next blog. All of my old posts and categories lay there like beached whales. I wouldn’t put a lot of thought or effort into it unless it’s something that pleases you.

    • I have a lot of traffic to many of my old posts, which people seem to access via some key tags or categories or the pages where I have links… which is why I want to make sure they are organized in a way that makes sense!! And yes, it pleases me to be organized 🙂

  17. The tags would work because i git confused. Also relTed stories works but i dont know if tjey show up i. The reader. That is how i am doing mine now and only using a few tags per post. The theory bei g when you read a post where i am doingsomethi g in my kitchen tou can see related posts about tje kitchen. Rhe problem i am having with that is finding a quick way to do the clean up…i havent found one and it will take a while to do it. Everything is searchable so related tags would work

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