A selection of pictures for your amusement

No, not pictures of me. You are saved from that.

I was finishing up a post recently and went into my blog’s “Media” folder on my home computer, where I save images I think are funny or interesting that some day I plan to use for a blog post. Well, several have been sitting in that folder for a long while, so I wanted to just go ahead and share them. Enjoy.

This is the usage panel for the toilet in a popular restaurant where I live. Women can spend a lot of time in there but sadly, it’s not powerful enough for me.my favorite toilet

ย I’ve been waiting to use this line on someone: ย  tumblr_m8i9vyvQci1r1zo04o1_500

I took this picture as the sign struck me as hilarious. Perhaps I see dirty where it doesn’t exist, but I’m pretty sure some of you will be with me on this one:

use the back door2

This makes me giggle every time I see it. I grew up with cats and it felt like this most days: youre not my real mom

Iย used to be a power user of the whole Microsoft Office suite, but still have to admit this happened to me pretty damn frequently: image321-620x

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  1. The toilet controls are a hoot, but try using a Toto overseas, with Asian language pictograms to determine what gets cleansed, where, at what temp and exactly how zestily it is cleansed, while partially drunk after a 14 hour flight.

    To this day she never writes, she never calls….

  2. Where I used to live in the the midwest, Planned Parenthood was in an office complex on the back side of the building. They had a sign out front that said “Planned Parenthood Entrance in Rear”. LOL

  3. I am truly laughing because they are all funny… but I have actually taken an entire college course on Microsoft Office! A whole semester AND I made an A and this crap still happens to me!! HA HA HA!!

  4. When my folks built the Dream House, they included a bidet in the master bathroom. This was in a tiny town in Utah โ€“ no one even knew what a bidet was! Only after reading this post did it occur to me that my mother may have wanted the bidet for another use besides the cleansing of nether-regions.

    • Thats great! I remember seeing them in France when I was little and being confused.

      What inspired your Mom to have one installed?

      Its one thing I miss from my marital home. We had one installed when we renovated… And the only thing I used it for other than cleaning me, was cleaning my baby son!

      • I have no idea why they decided to have a bidet included โ€“ but they are devout Mormons who wouldnโ€™t even contemplate buying something like a vibrator. Perhaps this was the acceptable way to get a littleโ€ฆextra stimulation? Come to think of it, their shower had a handheld shower head โ€“ before that type of thing was commonplace. I guess Iโ€™ll never know for sure ๏Š

  5. I just saw one in a brand spankin new village police department. It just strikes me as so funny! The sign was posted on the wall above the toilet. “Not potable–Do Not Drink”. They also had them in the mens room, above the urinals. Really? I worry about a place that has to put signs in the restrooms telling you NOT to drink out toilet. What kind of people you got using the facilities here??

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