The dog trainer f*cks like the dirty dog he is

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I decided I was going to fuck the dog trainer. The dude was good with his hands and I figured the rest would follow. I wanted to see what the sex was like with him since I had some reservations about his Dominance and whether he would be able to respect me in the bedroom.

He was relatively fine with my not showing up at my front door as requested. I explained to him my butt plug has a recently-discovered-by-me design flaw which is the handy loop at the bottom is squishy and if I sit on it, it goes in too. (Yes, this means I had to fish a butt plug out of my ass. Thank god for the loop. I didn’t really want to do that again.) 

I showed him the butt plug and he laughed and said – what the hell, it’s the same size as my finger. He was right.

And I wore no collar because well hello! I have a cough and anything around my throat makes me feel like I’m about to hack up a lung.

We kissed. He got partially naked. I poured him a glass of wine and invited him up to my bedroom.

Oh! I totally forgot. Dude never wears underwear. NEVER. Random factoid.


Upstairs in my bedroom, we kiss, he puts his hand between my legs and starts rubbing.

Hmm. Okay, so honestly guys? Straight to the p*ssy (sorry J Blondie) is not quite the way to go with me. You need to kiss me a little bit, feel up my boobs, undress me, touch me in other places.

I wish I would have stayed up and written this post after he’d left, because now all the sex bits are confused in my head. I suppose I don’t need to provide a play-by-play since that’s not my style anyway. So here are the highlights:

He started off with some worship of my lady bits. He used those massive fingers (take note, UVM) to bring me to orgasm a few times over. He has this great move of putting the fingers of one hand inside (he knows how to find my g-spot quickly), and putting his other hand flat out over the lower part of my stomach, between my pelvis, and pressing down. It felt amazing.

Then he wanted me to use the big butt plug to try to stretch myself so I could accommodate his entire hand. Which I did. He lubed it up and watched me take it (well, as much as I could…have you seen that thing?!). Then he told me to get on my hands and knees. Which I did. He put his finger in my arse. It felt good. Then he fucked me in the arse.

Despite any early concerns I had about his size, they were long gone at this point. He has girth. So there was some pain. I told him to stop and you know what? He did. I told him I needed a moment, which he gave me. He provided some instruction to make it easier. He wasn’t an asshole about it (okay, using that term in this context made me giggle). We tried again, and he said he would go slower. He did at first and then it was fine…and he fucked me until he came.

I included that tidbit because the narrative about him is not just about him doing what he wanted without my consent or input. He did listen a few times that it mattered.

However, I have never gone there right to anal sex with someone (exception being Andrew in the threesome). It’s been something I’ve done after I’m comfortable with a lover. In a sex session, I prefer to work my way up to it. I don’t yet cum from anal sex. Mentally, I was actually rather uncomfortable.

He fucked me with my Hitachi with the Gonzo attachment. I had a very intense orgasm with it at a certain angle.

He did more with his hands. Tried to fist me (we managed only all four fingers which I gotta tell you, was a feat). More orgasms.

He grabbed my biggest dildo (9″) and fucked me with it. And wow, it felt crazy good. Even more orgasms.

However, his cock had yet to enter my p*ssy. Realizing that started a buzz in my brain. It occurred to me that perhaps he couldn’t or didn’t like it and that was why he didn’t try the first time we met. I asked him to lay down on the bed, which he did.

I kissed him all over. Gave him head. He wasn’t really coming to life the way I wanted. Now the buzzing in my head grew louder. I mean, can you ask a guy in a moment like that “Hey, am I not good at this? Do you need a moment? What’s the problem here?” Nope.

Eventually we got him there and I said “can I climb on top?” He got a funny look on his face and said “ah, I don’t like it so much”.

Cue the scratched record player sound.

“What?” I said. “Why not?”

“Too dominant a position for the woman” says he.

“You are kidding me.”


“It’s my favourite position.”

“Well okay, then, hop up”.

Which I did, and at first it didn’t do anything for me. He obviously wasn’t all that into it, but he enjoyed playing with my tits. After a while we did get into a good rhythm and for a brief moment I got excited I might have that full body orgasm that eluded me with Andrew. But nope, it just wasn’t going to happen.

He gave me my first ever spanking. I had rolled over after a particularly intense set of orgasms and had asked for a break. Lying on my stomach, he smacked my ass. I groaned. He did it again. And again.

With each smack, he would take a second and gently rub the spot he just hit. He moved across my ass, alternating spots. It didn’t hurt the way I feared it might. The touch after each smack started to feel better and better – but it is hard to describe how I felt. He was obviously skilled.

I actually really liked it. Hmm.

After I was thoroughly worn out, I made him two peanut butter and jam sandwiches. We talked and hung out in my bed. I fell asleep beside him then curled into my favourite spot so my head was resting on the nook of his shoulder. I feel asleep like that. Every time I woke up coughing he would say “are you okay, baby?” He left at 3am since he couldn’t leave his dogs overnight.

Here’s the thing. On the plus side, I definitely got a lot of pleasure out of our sexual encounters, I find him attractive, we have seamless conversations, he’s into me, and he’s keen to do nice things for me. He wants to spend time not just having sex.

But here are the negatives: there will always be a tension between the things we want to do sexually. I’m nowhere near as kinky as he. Reading his FetLife profile I think I am not the kind of woman he will be happy with.

I could probably deal with those negatives, if he can demonstrate patience. But the real dealbreaker for me? He’s moving WAY too quickly.

That night, he mentioned a few times how he’d like to take me shopping. He checked out my closets to see the kind of things I liked. He was flipping through a magazine and mused out loud what things he thought my son would like for Christmas. He said he’d like to go to the toy store with me for my son – and when I asked him why, he said it was because he was a big kid and he knows what kids like.

The day after, he called me first thing in the morning; I missed his call as I was asleep. He called me again shortly after I texted him a “good morning”. He called me again later in the afternoon. He was horny and I knew he wanted me to send him pics or have a hot chat. I had my son with me and just couldn’t. When I told him I had to go he sounded petulant to me.

This is the other extreme, and it’s very frustrating. I DO NOT want someone who moves this quickly. I do not want someone calling me several times a day. Making lots of plans. Insinuating themselves into all aspects of my life.

So I’m afraid I need to give this big dog a call and tell him he’s moving too fast. Perhaps given the combination of moving too fast AND the high likelihood of sexual incompatibility, I should just tell him he’s not the guy for me.


I will report back once it’s done.

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  1. aha intense ass whooping haha. oh how blood rushes through the slapped spot making every touch is felt through the sensitive skin with a little more fragrance.

    I smiled at reading this. How I missed your lovely encounters. ANd respect is a big deal within those dominant submission plays.

  2. Ok, so you really hate us, don’t you? To leave us hanging like this?
    But at least, we got to read about the encounter. And he didn’t come on your face, was able to take no from you and give you some time with anal and even accepted to let you go into one of those positions where he feels more vulnerable. Because that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it? His need to control women is just him controlling his insecurities!
    Now, when I continued to read the rest… my eyes opened as round as they would go. He is considering not only buying your son a present for Xmas but taking him to the store? I mean, come on, he’s only seen you twice! Who does he think he is to assume you even want him in your child’s life?
    I know my situation is different because my divorce isn’t over yet and we’re not local, but I’ve been with G for 10 months now (yes, I have a hard time believing it too), we know all about each other’s children, but they don’t know anything about us. And it’s not happening any time soon that I can envision, since it would mean acknowledging there is someone in my life and I’m kinky enough that I can come multiple times just hearing him on the phone. Ok, that’s me starting to spill my life on your blog again. Sorry.
    But bottom line? I would freakout as well. So between everything that you wrote, I would still be ready to give him a call for you if you haven’t (hadn’t?) already done so 🙂

    • First of all my dear you can talk about your life here anytime 🙂

      And seriously the post would have been 2,500 words which is way too long!!

      Yes, he was not as douchy as I thought he might me. It was actually mostly fun. BUT that didn’t erase what my gut was telling me.

      Only one thing to clarify – he wasnt going to buy my son a gift. Just wanted to come with me because he thought it would be fun.

      10 months wow!! It is perfectly fine to not let your kids know. My son had trouble understanding why he couldn’t skype with Johnny anymore…so I can see why it is good to wait!

      • Hi!
        I’m sorry, my broadband has been playing tricks on me yesterday, I wasn’t able to respond to comments easily (I can do a smiley or a lol from my phone, but I don’t want to write much more than that!).
        What’s wrong with a 2,500 words long post? Ok, Ok, I know! I try to not do that either, but I don’t usually look at my word count before I publish, I’m not used to it yet…

        I’m glad it was mostly fun. I didn’t expect that sort of fun, but hey, why not! I love being spanked, though I’m not sure how I’d feel about the sort of bruises you have. I once got bruises on my legs from my FWB, though it was more from a deep massage than a spanking. But I remember how I loved having them. Every time I’d see them, I’d be reminded of how I got them. Every time I felt the dull ache when I touched them I’d think about it too… so I get it. But I’m not sure how I’d feel about getting them from someone I already know I’m going to bin 😉

        The fact he didn’t want to buy your son a present is reassuring, but it was still a big assumption to even imagine you’d introduce him to your son so soon after having met him. Not to mention just before Christmas!

        Yes, 10 months. It’s a long time, isn’t it? I didn’t see it coming, nor did he I think. I cannot imagine the pang you must feel every time your son asks to talk or skype with Johnny, the reminder that of the past relationship and so on. I know I have trouble dealing with my kids asking questions about my marriage, the divorce and so on, and I don’t really want to have anything to do with the guy any more. I guess the hard part now is to answer their questions while retaining some objectivity… not bashing at their dad, because he is their dad and they love him.
        Relationships are a complicated thing already, no need to involve the kids in them right away!

        Plus in my case, I don’t really want my ex to know about it, and if my kids do, he will too sooner or later. So they have to stay out of the loop. :-/

        • About the bruises, I am totally with you. I LOVED the ones I got from Andrew but these I didn’t have a strong response either way, because I knew he wasn’t the right guy for me.

          I suspect the stuff with my son was him trying to show friendly interest. It just whigged me out. I suspect, since he’s not a parent, that he doesn’t realize how you need to treat carefully with that kind of stuff.

          I had to explain that Johnny and I weren’t talking right now and so it wasn’t a good time for him to Skype. He said “but Mummy you have fought three times before”. Sheesh. I wish my kid didn’t have such a good memory. I think children just don’t have as much stuff in their heads!!

          And yes, very true about kids and passing information on to one’s ex. Especially at my son’s age, because stuff gets all mucked up and seems much more extreme when he tells it!

          • I’m glad to see the thing with the bruises isn’t just me. Savannah, maybe that’s one more thing for you to explore 😉

            Yes, it is sometimes hard for non-parents to understand how protective we can be about our children, especially with who we introduce into their lives.

            Yes children are very astute in some ways (they’re more in tune with their intuition than we are I think), yet struggle to understand other things because they lack the wide range of emotions we have been exposed to and lack the words to express what they can sense. So it can get pretty ugly when they describe something to the other parent. Also because we all have a tendency to interpret what we’re hearing with our preconception about the other person…

          • Of course!! My ex and I are pretty good at knowing we sometimes need to check in with one another when our son tells us things that seem a bit off. Which is at least a good start 🙂

          • Yes, a better place to start than where I’m at… Or rather we’re at. I may be guilty of reacting too strongly at times, but I know that his family encourages him to run with it without ever stepping back to check…

          • I agree and know that. He doesn’t seem to realize it. Or doesn’t want to realize it.
            For all of our married life, he has kept telling me how much he missed his family. It hurt, because his family (wife and children) was right there with him. But we were never really his family, that was reserved for his mom, siblings heck, even remote cousins! We were just par for the course… So he has a tendency to depend heavily on ‘his family’… 🙁

  3. I’ll say my peice and butt out.
    Even though he’s been a bit more willing to accomodate what you want, I still think he sounds dangerous. The sort of dangerous that will get harder to get away from the longer you stay within reach. Good sex is great, finding new kinks too, but don’t let that cloud your judgement and dig yourself into a hole.

    • I completely agree with you. And that is what has my head buzzing that he is not right for me – there is something foundational about how he is in a relationship that I just know is incompatable with me.

  4. Up half the night with my youngest (somehow, your plague made it into our home) and I was able to sleep a few hours. I wake up and think about my day. “Ann should’ve posted her conclusion, by now!” I grab Will’s tablet, turn it on…and, “yep, disappointment.” But it isn’t about doing anything for me…kt is you that I am disappointed for. 🙁

  5. One more thought. I am learning that I lkke some things a little bit rough with Will after all these years. But if he left bruises on me like those in the pic, we would be having some serious soul searching discussions. I saw that pic and I had a very visceral reaction.

  6. How do you have so many orgasms, woman?! When I read your blog or Dawn’s or Savannah’s I feel like I must be doing something wrong. 🙁 Though, I will say that my orgasms are usually full body orgasms and I don’t tend to count the smaller flickers…are those really orgasms? I feel like if I can’t tell then they couldn’t possibly orgasms. I’m reminded of the time you quizzed your readers on their ability to identify real v. faked orgasms. Sigh…what am I doing wrong?

    • You aren’t doing anything wrong. Women are all different as is our ability to orgasm. Assuming you are physically capable, I know sometimes it has to do with whether a woman is fully present or if you are distracted. And this guy knew what he was doing!

      Not sure what you mean by “smaller flickers” lol or why you would discount them?

      • The thing is, I have never had more than one orgasm with a man and I’m certain I’ve been fully present here and there. I do know that I have a long cervix and that even I have not been able to find my g-spot. Also, I’m so incredibly sensitive after an orgasm. I turn into a puddle…how do you keep the momentum going?

  7. Obviously, your relational/sex life isn’t up for popular voting, but you have to at least recognize that there is a prevailing sense that we have. Granted, the only facts that we have at our disposal are provided from you. You don’t have the wherewithal to document every exchange, every nuance and person subtlety in order to help us see him as you do. Obviously, I haven’t been on the receiving end of his abilities to take me to orgasm (seriously…no thanks), so I don’t have much else to process.

    I and seemingly everyone else is entirely put off by this “dude” (not a term of endearment). I am left wondering what you are doing to yourself with a guy like this.

  8. I generally try not to judge people’s personal sexual preferences, no matter how “kinky” they may be (to me), because people like what they like, and if it’s all between consenting adults that that’s none of my business. And I know some folks like the rough stuff, to different degrees, and either dominating or being dominated. It’s not my scene, but okay. But when you got to the part where he didn’t even want you to get on top of him (which, for the record, is my favorite position too) because that’s “too dominant for the woman” I just thought, damn, now THAT’S extreme. He’s that obsessed with being in control that he can’t even enjoy it when a woman happens to be on top of him? Like possibly a sign of serious insecurity.

    Besides, with a little imagination, you can still act like the man is in control even when the woman is on top. Give her an order “Now get on top and ride me, b***h!” Act like he’s “the master” who is just going to lay back and enjoy it while she does all the work of pleasuring him. That should still work, right?

    Anyway, all that other stuff you mentioned about his attitude also signals some little red flags. I think you are right to pull back for now.

    • There are some fetishes that I have some trouble not judging (really extreme stuff, especially about degradation)… but more because I can’t help but feel that there must be something deep seated and psychological about it.

      But generally, yes. I agree.

      The ‘on top’ part was crazy to me too. I even said to him – hey, you can control me from up here, you know. Afterwards when I said I couldn’t believe he didn’t like it, he was all “well I let you, and I liked it, didn’t I?” which just made me think perhaps it was all a bunch of BS…which I hate even more 🙂

      Red Flags Abound!!

      (and thank you)

  9. hmmmmm doesn’t sound like the guy for you-too controlling outside of the bedroom. However…that ass beating…oh my. *Excuses self*

    …ok I’m back.

    The apology made me laugh-as long as you put the asterisk in there I’m absolutely fine. LOL.

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