Sometimes sex gets better with practice

Dan came over last Friday night. I had thought it would be earlier but in my ongoing attempt to not be a pain in the ass, I didn’t bombard him with questions. He arrived around 10pm and he brought me takeout since I said I was hungry.

I told him I wanted to go out. He told me if I was coughing just from being outside briefly, perhaps that wasn’t a good idea. I think he was being sincere.

We talked and drank a little and he made me laugh. He is a funny and caring guy. There is a genuine kindness that I like and find attractive.

He makes no first physical moves, other than the occasional touch. It is unusual and I hope to understand it better. But he is very responsive once I get him going.

I took him upstairs and we enjoyed the touch of each other’s hands. He told me it felt sooooo good…that at the end of the day he feels beaten up and I felt amazing. So I did it some more, naturally.

I had an opportunity to seduce in a way I haven’t in a while (it wasn’t dissimilar from the last time he and I were together, but the insight occurred to me this time). When I am with a dominant man who is making all the moves, and we progress quickly to sex (which was what it was like with Andrew) there is no time and space to think about what delightful thing to tease or pleasure them with next.

I had time, this time. It was lovely.

The sex was WAY better. I would link to my sexual lunchbox letdown post but the iPhone app sucks. This time I was more vocal with feedback, telling him what I wanted and what I liked. We had sex for hours. He is amazed at my capacity to orgasm. He showed me a new sexual position (ironically one I wanted to try with Faraway Lover), and I achieved the orgasm which has eluded me with the last few).

He touches. Takes his time. Enjoys and appreciates me.

It reminds me of something he said our first night together – “you’ve been neglected”. So fucking hot.

He left at 3am. I have heard from him since, both text and phone. Not as much as I would like, naturally, but I am working on chilling out about the whole thing.

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  1. I’m so glad you got a seeing to! And proper like!

    And it’s good to read that you’re taking it slower and chilling about the contact. Things always have a way of working out in the end, I’m glad you’re letting it flow πŸ™‚

    • Well I am trying. But I’m also reading different articles about why guys disappear and its all about not taking shit… but on the other hand if I get all “this is what I need”…well that seems early too.

      I can say however, since I sent Dan the text that said (basically) please don’t go silent because I don’t want to feel like I’m chasing you, he has been in contact every day, with a phone call or two. Hence the reason I’m a bit more comfortable letting it just happen organically.

  2. Touch is something that is huge to me. I don’t mind a good quick fuck here and there but I rarely can orgasm from them. My body just doesn’t operate that way. It needs touch and lots of it. From the blogs I’ve read and women sharing this information it still amazes me how this gets lost on some men. I’m glad he was able to provide you the care and nurturing that has clearly been missing.

  3. I love this, way to go you!
    I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone recently and struck up a conversation with a very dominant man who sincerely wants the opportunity to pleasure me. And oh my ,the sexting is ridiculously hot. Now I need to work up the courage to meet him. I hope I can be as courageous as you and finally break my 5 yr dry spell with a jolly good rodgering as Hook so eloquently put it. πŸ˜‰
    Here’s to getting what we need!

    • Thank you!! I think what makes it nice is that it takes time… it’s not just a quick fuck. Actually exploring someone else’s body means you are making an investment (perhaps).

      And the other thing I really liked is being able to get into that great spot on a man’s shoulder. To sleep. It was just what I needed.

      hugs right back. xo

  4. I usually think that when you sleep with someone for the first time it is not that good. It take a little while to get used to each other. I enjoy sex with the same person after I have slept with them a couple of times.

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