Online dating sites aren't for job hunters. Really.

Unbelievably, the same day that I got the FetLife job seeker email, I got this one on OK Cupid.

As I’ve said before, I’m ignoring most of the annoying or unappealing opening lines I get. But this one I couldn’t help but respond to… I mean, the kid is 19 and SOMEONE should probably tell him this is a bad idea.

OK Cupid Job Seeking

For the record, I didn’t respond again.

Last night while catching up on the Walking Dead I decided to open up my Plenty of Fish profile again. It had been a long time and there hasn’t been any cream rising to the top on OK Cupid. On FetLife I’m having an interesting conversation with a cross-dresser and learning a lot. There is also a younger man who I may meet for a drink after work next week, but that’s it.

This morning I woke up to a whole bunch of “so-and-so wants to meet you” emails (clicking on “want to meet you” is the laziest form of letting someone know you are interested), and a few messages in my inbox. One from an attractive, tall Italian man who also proved to be rather witty. Instead of constantly texting him, I told him I had to get back to my son and we would connect later. Last year I would have kept up an ongoing conversation throughout the day.

So yes, I’m on WordPress right now, but I’m leaving y’all as well to go back to wrapping presents with my son. It’s my last day with him until Christmas at lunchtime and I’m determined to make the most of it!

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  1. awww, I hope you and your son have a lovely day. Mine will be here for Christmas this year and with his dad the rest of the break. I’m glad he gets to spend extra time with his dad, but it is always hard to miss them!
    I almost opened OK Cupid last night out of boredom and avoidance of what I should have been doing (grading exams.) But, then I remembered how limited the profiles are around here and decided against it.

    • It is hard – I am not looking forward to not having him…but I have close family and friends who will fill the gap 🙂

      Good call on OKC. I will give it a few days and see how it goes.

      • Sometimes I like to be on those sites not to really find anybody, but because I get bored and the interaction is fun. I have the same problem as you though where I’ll reply back to someone all day and then you feel as if you know them when you really don’t, or you get your hopes up, or you discount someone for moving too fast when if you’d have met them normally you never would have communicate with them like that…so basically I shoot myself in the foot every time. Rural western Kansas just doesn’t have the dating pool that larger areas seem to be able to provide.

  2. Have fun with your little man! Boys are so very special to us mamas. Not that girls are not, but there’s something different about a boy’s affection for his mother. It’s like we’re their first true love. So sweet.

    • I have to disagree there… But that may have been due to the fact I was highly depressive and somewhat abusive most of my son’s young years, so he learnt to be weary of me… Not that there is no love there, it’s just not as warm and fuzzy as what you describe :-/

        • Oh, it’s Ok, I don’t feel too bad. I only wish I could have been a better mother to my child. But this is part of what happened, there is no way to change that, and that’s life. All I can do now is love him. And he knows I do. And support him. And he knows I do that too, to the best of my ability.
          I know you didn’t intend on making anyone feel bad, you were just commenting on your lovely relationship with your son. And I’m happy for you it is such.
          Enjoy it 🙂

    • I agree, SFL. To see my son with my wife at this age (he is a teenager) and that he still has this affection towards his mother is heart-warming. They have had a special and unique bond. You and Ann should savor every moment that you have with them -especially at this age.

  3. I guess I can understand someone taking advantage of linkedin for dating opportunities, but a dating site for job opportunities? Hahahaha that’s creative!

    Enjoy the evening with your son! 🙂

  4. You know, as an HR professional, I am seeing a huge opportunity for job advertising on these sites. Alongside the ads on the side for webcams and phone calls.

    Or not. 😀

    Enjoy the time with your son! 🙂

  5. How freaking odd…people really should check their boundaries. “I guess I think outside of the box.” Umm nooo…’re a weirdo.

    Have fun with your tiny human-Merry early Xmas to the both of you

  6. i wonder if that dude had any luck at all finding work…. someething tells me he not going to have much luck on OK Cupid!
    Enjoy your time wrapping presents with your son, I love this time of year. I can’t believe 10 more sleeps until Christmas!

      • I know it has come up so fast. I am not feeling so Christmasy right now ’cause I am away for work but I go home on Thursday, back to Mum and Dad’s and my Mum always goes Christmas crazy so then it will start feeling like Christmas! I do love this time of year!

        • Well I’ve had a tree since Nov 30 ’cause my son wanted one. We’ve been listening to christmas songs and all that… but I just miss all the other social stuff I used to do with friends and family. I’m working on bringing it all back.

          And I can understand how for you it would feel odd until you are with your family <3

        • Well, yes, still 11 sleeps, barely as it is almost time to go to sleep here (probably has been for a while for most people!). Sigh!
          At least I got a lot of my Christmas shopping done today. I ‘only’ have to find things for my kids! Lol!
          Well, the hard part is first finding out what they want!
          I think tomorrow should be present wrapping time at mine, since the kids aren’t here, leaving only the very last minute presents to wrap. At least that’ll be that. And I know I should have started on it a long while back, but I’ll work on the mince meat tomorrow, to make some mince pies before we leave for my mom’s. Sigh. As Ann says, that extra day may be needed! 🙂

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