My time keeps on slipping | an update post

Here I am, thinking my last summary post was about two weeks ago. Nope, turns out it was last month. But I guess a lot has been going on which also makes me think slowing down with men is not a bad thing. Here is a not-so-wee update, with links.

My last summary post I was in the midst of things with Andrew. Those of you who have been reading for a while know that it’s over now. You can catch up on how it ended on my Lovers page. Andrew how has his own section.

I have been 90% good about not contacting him. I did send him a text to tell him I found his collar stays and didn’t feel right about throwing them out so would leave them in an envelope in my mailbox for him to pick them up. He said thanks and that was it. He still hasn’t picked it up.

I confess to looking at a couple of the cock shots he sent me (after my asking why he never sent me pics, and he said he thought I didn’t like them, and I told him uh, no, I love pics) and I do so miss that cock. BUT I’ve done nothing about it.

Next topic.

The Dog Trainer. Oh, he was fun. He’s not around anymore – my choice yay – but got me thinking more about spankings. So all is not lost. And like Andrew’s cock, I found myself musing about the Dog Trainers hands today. But again, that’s as far as it went. I have even resisted my natural caregiving urge to text him and see if he’s feeling better.

FetLife. Yeah, yeah, not a dating site…but I still get hit on a lot there. There were some comical first interactions which of course I documented for amusement. There are three men I have been messaging off and on since I joined. One is a 28 year-old and yeah, if I decide to meet him it would be with a subsequent hookup in mind. One is my age and seemingly many of the things I would like in a partner, although he’s only looking for an ongoing sexual relationship. I may meet him for a drink to satisfy my curiosity. The third is not a hookup potential but he’s a Dom and I would like to pick his brain about some things.

And of course, given this is me we are talking about, there are also:

Random musings from my world:

I had dinner with a good friend whilst on vacation, and realized how I would like to be treated on a date | Dinner with a real gentleman

I saw a guy again I’d seen twice before. The sex wasn’t great (and yes I’ve given him another chance and that will be an upcoming post) | A sexual lunchbox letdown & realising the word is small

A really shitty thing happened and it made me write this | Newsflash: I am not infallible

I thought I might have sex with the really hot colleague but it didn’t happen. Still could, I suppose | Oops I did it again….not.

But I was honored with an award (and got it again but haven’t put up another post yet!) | I’m a bad bad girl blogger.

I tend to see patterns in things. And comments from my amazing readers also really get me thinking. So I may be entering a thoughtful phase (who, me?) | A round up of the horses in the stable | What the heck do I want, anyway?

For the record, I have not texted The Lawyer since our exchange. Nor have I said anything to Hot Actor after my last “Good Morning” response to him. And the Comedian and I have also had full silence. So I’ve been sticking to the plan so far.

Some of you were surprised I responded to P / Shenanigans when for the first time ever he said he needed to talk to me. I thought perhaps he had an STI but nope, it was something else entirely | Sweet bloody hell. I’m your dating counselor now?

And of course I will close with a repeat plea for help… | Please help make me famous. (the links are also at the top right of my page…so you can just go there too).

Oh, and I reached over 100,000 views this weekend. I’m not even sure what to say about that other than, wow…didn’t see that coming.




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  1. Lol you live quite a life ;), good for you on going no contact with Andrew. 90% is not bad. I am about 50% with my Napoeopn, and that 50% where I do contact him can be quite dire and Embarassing. And yes, you should go on lovely dates where you are treated like a lady… The not so ladylike sex can be after 😉

    • It is hard to not contact Andrew but I know he would respond out of courtesy and nothing more. He knows where to find me and as much as I wish he would be into me, clearly he is not. I also have to remember that he wasn’t a slam dunk for me either…even sexually there were things I didn’t get from him.

      And i totally understand that embarassing 50%…. Totally.

  2. Trends indeed, Ann. Reflection is always a good thing (unless your’s looks like mine…then, it is best to just skip the mirror all together). I do rather enjoy your summaries!

    100K views? How long have you been blogging on WP? I am more curious about visitors, visitors:views and comments. Then there are followers. After all, conversion (engagement) is a better performance indicator than just straight-up views.

    Here I thought that reaching 20K views in 7 months was good, but it truly is the connection that people have with your content that shows you how your stories impact them…that is absent minimal for what I write (but Savannah’s posts, on the other hand, seem to resonate with audiences better).

    • I technically started last September, posted infequently, then stopped in Nov. I re-started the beginning of March again…so I guess 8 months?

      I think number of followers is indicative but not the only thing. You can have been blogging for 2 years with 600 followers but many of those people could be no longer active.

      That’s why I look at views and how they are trending. But I ignore anomalies…like my best day of 1,898 views. Sure I have had a few like that but they aren’t “normal”.

      Nobody ever talks about comments. As of right now I have 8,156… And have nothing to measure that against.

      And 20,000 is great! There is no point obsessing. I think it is fun but there is always someone with more views or readers etc. Unless its the reason you blog, I wouldn’t worry about it.

      • I don’t worry about it, at all. I am fascinated by the numbers (remember, this has been a significant element of my career) yet have no baseline from which to measure against. Analysis of the stats is something that I am compelled to do rather than my seeking validation in blogging. I would still be writing about these topics if no one read my posts.

      • Good point about the followers. That 8,156 is an interesting detail that tells me a bit of a different story about my blog. Here, I thought that my audience participation was minimal, but at present, the comments:views for the WC blog is 6.14 or 6% (a few points less than your 8%) . But the interesting stat is that more than 25% of the viewers comment.

          • I don’t know if that is a good performance indicator or not.

            As you stated, I just need to keep things in the proper mindset as I am not blogging for stats. This is all in fun!

            I appreciate you sharing some of these details. It certainly gives me something to help make sense of what is happening on my site. If this was a corporate business site, I could delve into the details. I am also considering customizing my site to get a better feel for user behavior. Good Lord, am I obsessing? 🙂

          • Yup, that would be obsessing. Because ultimately I’m not sure what it tells you. I looked at # of readers at first but chose to focus on the # of views per reader, because that (and comments) demonstrated engagement.

            To be honest if I had only 25 readers but they were all engaged in my story and providing input and advice and helping me with my journey, I would still be happy. I see blogs with thousands of viewers and very little meaningful interaction – and that’s not what I want at all.

            I like data as well so I *do* get what you are saying, however 🙂

          • That would tell me that I crunch numbers and that I probably need to figure out a better use for my time. 😉

            Meaningful interaction…yes, that is the most revealing and quantifying indication – validation, if you will – metric.

  3. I am definitely not near that number, so congratulations!

    Funny enough, a search term came up on my blog yesterday “Yep I’m sex online”. Hysterical since I have no sex life to speak of at all right now, offline or on.

  4. Completely unrelated, but I like it when your posts don’t get truncated on the page and have that “Continue reading” link. It just makes it so much easier to scroll through and read.

    I figured length is what triggers it, but maybe not?

    • It depends on the platform you use to read.

      I put the “read more” into almost all of my posts because if you go to my main page (not on a mobile device) it can be annoying to have to scroll a lot to find the next post. This way yes, it takes an extra click, but if you want to find something I wrote a few days ago it’s much faster.

      Mobile devices automatically truncate, for the same reason.

      • Ah gotcha, I’ve been reading on a laptop so Its not been an issue.

        BTW, I have to say, you’re very good at making sure you’ve linked all your previous posts when you write up a new post and make reference to an old reference. Takes a lot of patience and time, so kudos!

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