Mission Accomplished!! Merry Christmas!!

If you didn’t get access to my blog while it was private, you can read Baby Did a Really Dumb Thing to know what the heck spurred it.

Today, my ex-husband Will dropped off my son at lunchtime. I casually asked to see his new phone, saying I was considering upgrading mine. I asked him to unlock it so I could compare apps and the screen.

He was sitting in front of me the whole time. I played around, asked if I could see pics (he said no lol), and talking the whole time, quickly went into his mail app. Couldn’t see the errant email. Realized my hands had started to shake.

Showed him his phone again to ask where a certain app was. Then turned it back so he couldn’t see what I was doing. Found the right email account. Realized he may have deleted it. Sure enough went into deleted mail, searched for it, and found it.

With a quick swipe to the left, the Ann St. Vincent email was gone for good. My hands were shaking.

It didn’t help that I gotten a migraine on my way home, coming back from a friends house, where I stayed overnight. I feel like crap. I haven’t had a migraine in maybe six months. I’m hosting dinner tonight. My Mom and Step-Dad are sick – he’s here but she didn’t come. My Dad and Step-Mom and half-brother are on their way. But my son is so happy, which makes having a hand up a turkey’s ass while in serious pain all worthwhile.

I had checked a log I have of visitors to my blog yesterday and concluded that Will hadn’t tried to access the blog. That he put the email in Trash means he wasn’t suspicious. So, I am ready to open my blog again. It’s a huge relief.

I have stories to tell. It’s been a busy week. But it will wait until later.

Merry Christmas to those of you who celebrate it – and happy holidays to everyone!!


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  1. A happy ending of a different sort.

    This adventure was definitely unnerving and it was difficult to be a bystander and not be able to assist you.

    So sorry about your migraine.and I hope that you will enjoy this day and that there are quiet and stress free days to come during the holidays.

    Merry Christmas, Ann…both Savannah and I send you our love.

  2. I had a spy theme going through my head while reading that. Glad you got it done!

    How are you able to see who visits your site? (no rush on answering, just noticed you said that)

    Merry Christmas to y’all! πŸ™‚

  3. Good, really glad you managed to do it. I still have no way of knowing how much my ex knows about my blog and if he does… well… I don’t know how that would affect proceedings. I don’t talk much about him before our relationship ended, not much sexual either, but whatever I say is not exactly putting him under the best light. :-/
    Oh well. At least I’m happy for you πŸ™‚

    • It’s different I suppose depending where you are in your divorce. For sure it wouldn’t change much for us technically, I just know how much it would hurt him to read some of it (even if I had permission) and he would go crazy with what he perceived to be a violation of his privacy. I just don’t need the hassle at all, or the judgment.

      Thank you – I’m beyond relieved!

  4. Will told me about all that happened and of course, I read your posts. I can’t imagine the shock of your discovery and the concern and worry about him finding your blog!

    You are going to have to teach me some of your tricks!!! I might have a few emails to hide from Will on occasion (I am kidding, Will). πŸ˜‰

    • Thanks. I had some help in thinking through options. I was pretty sure he hadn’t looked at my blog after the email was first sent, but I knew I would feel better if the email was gone forever… the fact that it was in his trash already made me feel even better. When I first met him, he still had love letters from ex girlfriends who later proved to be a bit crazy, just in case they ever came back and charged him with something. So all that to say, if he knew it was me there was no way he would delete that email!!

  5. Sometimes I get so frustrated that men don’t usually process and think like women…times like these, it’s a blessing in disguise.
    He likely saw the e-mail and even if he noticed that it was a different account, probably didn’t give it a second thought.
    That said, always better safe than sorry and nice job on the mission!
    Hoping your migraine went away and that you can have a peaceful, stress-free day today.

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