Home alone last night. Two dates today.

Last night, I reveled in being alone in my house for the first time in a while. My son has gone to his Dad’s until Christmas Day. Here’s what I did:

  • Made nachos
  • Drank a bottle of Perrier straight out of the bottle (oooohhh I know, such a badass)
  • Watched the TV show “Masters of Sex”
  • Made some investment decisions
  • Watched an episode of “Boardwalk Empire”
  • Gmail chatted with a fellow blogger
  • Texted with two men
  • Registered my son for winter swimming lessons
  • Deleted a whole bunch of messages on online dating sites
  • Coordinated with a lawyer and my ex, Will, for getting our divorce papers finalized

Yup, it was a successful night.

I have not heard from Dan in 48 hours. I’m sure the moment this post gets published I will hear from him. That’s kinda how he’s been.

But, today I am meeting two men.

The first I met on FetLife two weeks ago. He’s 44 and a Dom. He’s in an open marriage and also has a girlfriend. He’s one of only two men to whom I proactively reached out. I wanted to talk to him about the Dominant / submissive interactions. He knows his stuff.

So we messaged back and forth for a bit then moved it to text. It hasn’t been sexy talk at all, just some general discussion about “the lifestyle” and his arrangements. We are meeting for lunch near my office. I’m sure some of you are going to ask “why, Ann? To what end?”

Well, I want to learn more. I’m not seeing him as a potential play partner but I suppose it’s possible. I’ve been thinking a lot recently about sex partners versus relationship partners. I definitely want the latter, and am being a lot pickier about who I engage with.

But I also want sex. Pretty much all the time. So as I keep looking for a relationship, I am also keeping myself open to the thought of a play partner. Perhaps only in aย swingersย club scene. No sense getting all messy with emotions.

Who knows, it’s all a theory. But I think this guy can help me understand more about D/s and that’s a good thing.

Then, at 7pm I am meeting a 29 year-old I also met on FetLife (so I guess it’s FetLife day!!). He’s the other I reached out to proactively because he spelled “pique” correctly in his profile. As you know it’s a pet peeve of mine. So I sent him a joking email congratulating him.

We ended up messaging each other a lot. He’s intelligent, tall, handsome, witty, and a professional guy. He is also absolutely not looking for a relationship. He said he seeks novelty.

So why a drink with him? Novelty. I’m curious to see what he’s like. I have no intention of sleeping with him tonight. Because gee – if he is a novelty seeker then as soon as I fuck him, he’s moving on.

He was one of the two I was texting last night.

The other? Well, he’s a new catch. I unhid my Plenty of Fish profile two days ago (I have since hid it again). He caught my eye. He’s 6’2″, handsome, Italian, bald (as they all seem to be…NIM, Jason, Andrew, Johnny, etc…), funny, flirty, and smart.

I will write more about him. I’m hoping to meet him later this week for a date. He has potential but I also think given the nature of our conversation (which isn’t constantly sexy, but he goes there) it’s unlikely he’s serious. He professes to be but I don’t have the balls to tell him that’s what they all say.

Should be an interesting day!

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    • My lunch date got cancelled – he texted to say his wife injured herself. Which as I write this reminds me why i don’t bother trying to date married men ๐Ÿ™‚

      Although to be fair, I don’t want this guy for dating. So I’m nonplussed by the cancellation. And now I can work from home in my jeans and a t-shirt and not have to worry about going outside until my 7pm date ๐Ÿ™‚

      • I was restraining myself from making an issue of the married-man factor and your stance on that. That situation seems to have resolved itself. My curiosity is “piqued” in that I wonder if his wife suffered an injury from his “Dom” activities. Call it morbid curiosity, if you must. I simply recognize the possibility for a hint of irony hiding behind the scenes.

        • Glad you can restrain yourself since I have no interest in pursuing any married men. He’s someone who is in the “lifestyle” and enjoys educating. Doesn’t mean I won’t have sex with him, perhaps, but at least he’s in open relationships. His girlfriend would likely join.

  1. Haha the lustful sub haha sorry. Bet you already heard this, that even in the lifestyle you do not have to do it if you do not feel like it. It is the most common mistake made. as if you area always made to do things you do not like.
    It will be something you will grow into. and it is an exciting world.

    Enough about that, hope you have a great time and time alone is not always bad right.

    • You are quite right – and judging from the Dog Trainers attitude and a few others, I don’t know that everyone remembers that.

      Not sure I’m fully ready for that world. But I’m curious to do some exploration. A cross-dresser is talking to me right now and boy, is that a whole new thing for me.

      • Haha it is amazing that so much honesty can and is displayed.
        It is true that not everyone remembers that or have a different view on the world. Or just use the lifestyle as an excuse to abuse. It is a fair warning. to all new players that even a sub has a choice and rights no matter how weird that sounds. only after submitting she is giving away that right. But it is a choice.
        Just enjoy the conversation. and do not be afraid to ask questions.

  2. Enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚

    I always thought I was the wonky one for wanting it. All. The. Time.

    Not so much for just blowing off steam and getting a quick nut off, but the intimate way of doing things…

  3. Oh and Masters of Sex is a good show…caught a few episodes while waiting for Homeland to come on, and watching it with my friend (his wife and him are quite the practicing Christians), it was kinda…odd..

    • Well to be honest I don’t really see it as a dating site at this point… I’ve had some interesting exchanges but suggest unless you just sincerely want to learn about kinks, OR if you are interested in setting up times to meet people at sex clubs, it’s probably not worth it.

      • I’m looking at it from the kink interest. Just when I think I’ve heard it all, I get thrown a curveball. Kinks, fetishes, and perversions sure are not what I thought, lol.
        I’m taking your advice btw and seeing where things end up tomorrow night. If the man is half as good as he writes…yowza ๐Ÿ˜‰

        • Yay! I will live vicariously through you…. and I hope WE aren’t disappointed ๐Ÿ˜‰

          But yeah, I hear you on the kink stuff. I was honestly taken aback by some of the stuff I saw on the site. I wrote a little bit about it. And I realized I’m pretty damn vanilla outside of my sex drive and wanting multiple men and the occasional spanking.

      • FL never had an intention of being a dating site. rather a site where like minded people could come together and talk about there fantasies.
        I do think it can be difficult for the new and green leaves roaming there as a new member can be bombarded with lots of questions and be taken advantage of being so green.

        • Oh I know it’s not intended to be a dating site, but there are definitely people who treat it as such. Well, hookups, more accurately.

          I’m not being taken advantage of but see how it can happen. I think it also happens more to women who say they are a Sub.

    • FL is a community site so joining groups that interest you get you into the different fora to ask question or advice and talk.
      In that manner exchanges are made and meetings can concur.

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