FetLife Flounder No. 3 | Looking for a real b*tch

More FetLife fun!

So while Mr. Whoops I’m Married was out of the picture, at the time I was still talking to the Cynic Hater. Then this lovely gentleman showed up in my inbox. A 28 year old Dom.

His opener was nice enough: “Nice eyes i must say…now you mentioned you have some junk in the trunk. you should have had some pics up …most men are assmen after all.”

Alright, I will play. I asked why my picture of my ass with bruises (yes, the very one that’s on this blog, password protected) wasn’t enough. He says “No that was just to highlight the smacking your cheeks got..it doesnt show the ass in full effect. if you were standing and back was facing to the camera…so i can admire all the junk.”

I wasn’t about to put up a straight-on butt shot, so I changed the subject and asked him what he was looking for, and I get this wonderfully romantic response:

“I’m looking for a nice looking girl, who is in reality a bitch that needs to get slapped and violated. i want to take that lil woman, use her mouth as i please, and her ass as i please. just 2/3 of the holes that a bitch has, she can keep her pussy to herself, but i want to own the rest. you mentioned you are on some vanilla dating sites as well…do you have an active profile there as well, because i am on some too.”

Um… nope. Sorry. I laughed out loud at his asking if I was on vanilla sites – I can only imagine.

No, I didn’t ignore him. Who knows what kind of further creep this guy could turn into. I said:

“Based on your description I can tell you I am not the right woman for you. I am not a submissive. I am not looking to be “slapped and violated”. I am not fond of being called a bitch. And I kinda like a guy to want my pussy.Β I have no doubt, however, that you will find what you are looking for. Best of luck.”

Unbelievably he responded again:

“anyone who has brusies on there ass is submissive and has been violated. well to me it is…so i dont know what you picked up based on your definitions.Β you like sucking a rock hard throbbing cock between your lips dont you? you like that ass being rubbed dont you? there is much to share… we can still create awesomeness between eachother.”

The beauty of his prose is preserved just as I received it.

I suppose you could argue that my spankingΒ at the hands of the Dog Trainer was a violation. But it didn’t feel that way to me. I liked it and let him do it.

Having only a couple of days earlier dealt with the Dog Trainer’s attitude of someone thinking they knew better than me what I liked, I decided that was the end of this fine fellow (well, in addition to the obvious reasons). I unfriended him and ignored him. He at least had the smarts to not come back again.

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